Because ~ I AM CHOSEN

It is not my fight , It is her fight. If I am weak it does not mean , I am unable. No It means I need to learn to be strong.  We are confused by society, culture and religion. But The simples are simple when we keep them simple. Accept who we are , No one out there like me. I am not the copy but the original. There are so many truth we need to remind our self.


If someone is good at something, No need to condemn or even compares yourself with them. You have some ability the next person does not have. If I have learnt all knowledge of the world, Still there is something to learn. In the similar way , each one of us have a special gift in us. A special talent , A special service , A special beauty inside.

My place here is to give thanks for those abilities. Some hidden some obvious. My place is here on the earth to love others.

 I am not here to judge but to obey.

I am not here to fight but to love.

I am not here to kill but to rescue.

I am not here to be lost but search for the truth and led others too.

I am not here to be down but dance in victory.

I am not here alone but He is with/within me.



I am here to magnify God in my life.

I am here to love myself and others.

I am here to celebrate the eternal victory.

I am here to cry in pain and have joy for the unseen things.

I am here as a human figure to show God to others.

I am here to have joy each day with sorrow.

I am here to break the darkness and bright the light to world.

I am here to be Son< Daughter of my creator.

I am here to be witness

I am here to love unconditionally

I am here to lose and gain

I am here to know Him and my self

I am here to learn to trust

I am here because I AM CHOSEN.


My dear friend, I love you that is why I am writing to you. I want you to know that , In our valley of our life. God is with you. Your willingness is a door for to know him more. Let us lay down all whole being to Him and enter to His wonder place. There is a better place , a sweet no pain location in God. Let us learn to Trust Him , Let us move ahead with Heads Held High.


    Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



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