Review of “Love like you have never been hurt!”

This review is only for first chapter! of ” LOVE LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN HURT “

Normally I do not mention or put any review from other books. But I need to confess that this book is so different of others. It is something powerful- honesty in it that will attract you.

Jentezen Franklin always have been my inspirational pastor. He speaks from his heart. Recently , He just finished his book called ” Love like you have never been hurt “.


His book will release on 6 March 2018. He released first chapter as free. And you can read it here.

As I have finished reading the first chapter, this book is so different from other books he has written. He has so much more life and grace experience. I am going to talk deep about it here further. He put his story in it beautifully with an honest word. It is like He is setting in front of you and pouring out his heart and hurt. Yes , He has been hurt severely. Which I assume it is not separated from all of us. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but that shows your strong and brave to move forward.



Introduction starts nicely with an old proverb. The story of how a dog be loyal when you treat the dog well. I am not sure what he was pointing exactly but it seems it is about life and us.  He gives you small bite of his story  , Cherise ; His wife  is with him long the end of chapter one. I am sure we are going to see her name all over that book. Now in the main story, He is telling us his real challenges. “Life gets real! ” He mentioned. 

Mostly , He talks about His struggle with his marriage – I mean 100 percent of chapter 1 is about how they had really sever life test. Their little young teenage girl hanged out with wrong crowed. One day Him and Chersie drove down – 3 hours about to her university and took her out of that circle. 

It seems the name of book taken from a verbal communication from other people. As he mentioned ” I heard someone told me love like you have never been hurt “. He Nicely pushes us to whatever struggle we us , we need to TRUST. 

Lisa Bever Commented on this book and She said ” A profound message on the power of unconditional love . A must-read ” 

The questions is here. Why Jentezen sharing his personal life struggle with us. Everyone of us in any degree have own challenges. He even shared ” His arguing ” side with his child. The most close answer it would be ” Love “. A father is a father when puts everything first for his child.

My recommendation :

This book is perfect for those family they have teenage kids at home. With this in mind also great for those they do not have any children.


Go to His book page :

Dariush Youkhaneh




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