Can we cuddle rain for this Christmas ?


The four letters are consuming Australia. As my previous post, I’ve seen the urgency of calling my fellow bloggers to have a thought , a prayer for Australia.

Our front firefighters puting everything they have to save lives , animals , environment. This is absolutely an emergency call to prayer. Can you my friend have a moment and just as God to send Rain in Australia? The temperature were too high today. The heatwave has never been seen sever like this in the history of Australia.

I am hoping , I am praying for R A I N.

I want my Christmas gift – a cuddle of rain. I know, you may say this so is simple !

But This is all I am asking God these days. I look above from a small piece of cloud , it is coming I know it is coming. The below photo shows the severity of the Fire.

The reds are out of Control Fires.

Can we lift up are hands high , and open up our mouth to pray over this nation. I know God will help. I know he in work. I know the fire will cease and the rain will come..

Keep Australia in your Prayer..

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh



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