Who are you, Lord? Saul Asked

God is doing great things; when we pause and listen, indeed, we can see and be different. Saint Paul, who wrote many letters to the churches, was persecuting the believers; one radical encounter changed his life. He planted many churches and pioneered and stated many leaders as brought many souls to Christ; He was the carrier and missionary of the Lord for the Kings and leaders of his time. For this very reason, he needed a new eye; God operated his sight three days, Saint Paul was not able to see for three days after that encounter with Jesus at Damascus. If you have that encounter and wonder why you can not see this and that dream, It is okay; perhaps God is doing his operation, be ready for great things ahead.

For three days, he was blind and did not eat or drink anything. Acts 9:9

Jesus has not lost you; you are in his hand. You got a mission; you have a whole life to live for Him; he’s giving you a sight to serve others and love them more and more. As the Bible explained, when we look at Saint Paul’s life, we take many positive points that can be matched in our today’s personal life. His passion to complete the mission of Christ is outstanding; his braveness in standing to proclaim the kingdom of God is stunning. We are even scared to talk about God with our friends in today’s world. We are bound to the world’s system restriction, policy, and other attachments. Our source of strength is Jesus, Himself! Not the system, not the world – only Jesus- He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We receive a new name, like Saint Paul; we receive a new identity, mission, hope, life, new thing, and a new river of refreshment.

The question was asked by Saul (Paul later), “Who are you, Lord?”. We have a baby understanding of the Lord; Once we know him truly, we will have a solid understanding once we change and encounter the almighty. Saint Paul had little knowledge of who the Lord was. He knew all Jewish tradition and had an excellent Old Testament scripture knowledge; however, he needed to be taken to the new testament, a new covenant which Jesus Christ provided with His blood and body on the Cross. If you are a “who are you?” person, for now, do not worry, great, great-thing are stored, and a significant extraordinary change is on the way, you are going to a deeper understanding of the Lord.

The triple Ps will much help:

Pursue, Passion and Perseverance.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

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