Look forward

If you see the night if you see the

Know that the light will come, know
that the sun will come



Stuck in, not knowing what would
happen the next hour, Stuck in, the chaos of the world

Believe that the promising future
is near, Believe that everything will be fine


Sick of the enemy’s acts, sick of
repeated wrong things

Healing is on the way; recovery is
for the broken bones


Note the exciting stories; Note that
miracle is unexpected

The Picture that heaven is calling,
Picture that suffering is ending


War is here; war is there, war is

Life faded, Soul paid it, beauty is


I hear the cry of women; I see the
march of people

Fire and disorder – no, it’s not
finishing yet!


The end of the road is gorgeous

The end of the tunnel is peace


Hold on to hope, hold on to love

Shine right through it, walk with the

No need to know it, No need to understand

Worse or better, tomorrow is yours


Look to the stars through the smoke
of the city

Keep dreaming as freedom is coming

Your children will be schooling

Your streets will be sleeping


Written by 

Dariush Youkhaneh



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