You are the Wonderful Light

You are the priest. A very special child of God, you are chosen for such a time like this. Why? To be the light because you are the wonderful light of heaven on earth. You are God’s very own possession who belongs to the holy nation. Who can stand against you? When the Lord of Lords is your Kind. You are carrying the good news of life to everyone around you.

You are not like others. Weak and poor. You are rich but not measured by the ruler of this current time, You are richer than anyone. And you are more important than anyone. As a result, you can show the goodness of your Father of heaven to everyone. God brought you out of the darkness. No one like you can give Him honour and praise. You know and know how much Jesus loves you.

You are the wonderful light on the earth, my dear friend. Shine to everyone’s corner and bring hope and life to the dead bones. Can you? He is Able in YOU.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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