The Lord is Near/ A Sound of my heart to you

God, Thank you for forgiving me – I need You, LORD, every day. You know I am dust, but I am also created in your image. Remember your loving-kindness towards me. Remember the old days, early in my walk with you? How good you are. When I am young and not knowing what is really harming me, you give me wisdom, Father. From your heaven, show me your mercy. You’ve done this for all your people as I’ve read your Word. 

Teach me I know every good and perfect gift is from above, that you are here with me – when everyone lost their minds because of sin and the broken world. Give me a soft heart and let me flow like a river to soften the stony heart. For you, Lord. That I would brighten every corner of my life with the fruit of the light. 

It is okay when I make mistakes because this is part of my learning. Lord, did you leave Moses when he made a mistake? Did you leave your servant kind, David, when he made the mistake? Did you leave Peter when he denied you? No Lord, you didn’t! You never! I’ll be humble in your greatness and holiness. Who am I you thought of me? My past, now and future is in your hand. Let me trust you fully again that I can be near to you with no fear. Touch me with your presence when I close my eyes and raise my hands to praise you.

This is your moment, not mine. It is the time of glory and honours for my King, my only God who died for me. My Jesus, who is coming soon. You are near, Lord.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. I pray with you today, {{{Dariush}}}. Dear Lord, “Touch me with your presence when I close my eyes and raise my hands to praise you.” (Oh, and PS Lord: while you’re at it, help this left hand and its stiff fingers to heal, OK?) Amen!

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