Thank-you note to God

This thank-you note to God is a small part of my life, for sure I can not thank Him enough to space it in this post, however hope this will bring smile to my heavenly Father.

When I was not on earth , you knew me by name and called me your child. You choose my planet and shaped and formed me best in your desire to perform your glory, here, now ! Who would’ve done like you done.
Many years of faithfulness , round and round , near and far, you’ve been there by your hearts and hands rescue me. You’ve not only made a away to eterenity , you’ve also worked and showed me your light. I thank you for your light within me, let it be always shiny and diamond for you, that it can be a pathway for me and others to you.

You lift all my obstacles away with your power and it was your mist to cover my mistake. When you opened my red sea, you saw my misery but you washed them with your wave of forgiveness, I survived unimaginably. My long story of suffering and unobedience changed to be a short story of your glory. Knowing you changed me, forever.

I thank you for my teenage years. Your level of patience was beyond any human understanding. Like a kind father, you’ve taught me, led me to the right path of yours. Wasn’t your eyes on me? Like an Eagle’s eyes,you hunted me for your goodness grace. I wasn’t ashamed to be called your disciple. Did I fall? Certainly,  but you held of me. Did I cry? Certainly, but you wiped and comforted me. Your love was an evidence of your presence. I didn’t know you were with me. I was naive, but you let it me to dance with you with my perishable body.

I thank you for my adult years. You grew me to a man with your heart’s desire. I am proud to be  called yours. Many, many years of your miracles , love and faithfulness is known to me. Know I know to whom I am belong. I still cry, I still ask to help, I still sometimes do mistakes. But when I come back to you with a heart of repent, and you run to me fast enough to reach me quickly. Thank you Jesus. No one is like you. I was heard about you but now I encounter you. What an honor to have the God of all universe with you. I continue to praise you and call you my God, my Lord, My Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I thank you with my all being.

Your child
Dariush Youkhaneh


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