A short review of ‘the Keeper of Miracles’ book by Philip Maisel

Well done to Philip, recoding 1700 holocaust survival memory, survived himself and raising a family in a foreign country which now called home, are a miracle itself. He is selfless to keep and support those testimonials on JHC in Melbourne. The book was ordained in a good structure, it started with the pre-war world of Philip, the in-war world of Philip, and the Post-war world of Philip.
The keeper of Miracles is a nickname of Philip, which has been given by JHC of his colleagues. He is a cameraman and video recorder and perhaps an interviewer of many stories.
” Once you begin to look for the miracles In your life, you cannot stop finding them.”
He sees the best revenge for the bad things of the past, is to chance to marry and see his children grow up safe and happy. His long life was a blessing. There are so many miracles mentioned in Philip’s life, how survived a death March on the last days of the war to lied down on the snow and somehow survived days and days with no or little food. The author himself does not claim to be a religious person. However, he mentioned that he is open-minded. It seems Philip believes in Miracle or whatever you could call it: chance? Or luck? All it would not offend him, all he pursues to promise to himself when he survived ‘ He will tell the story to the whole world, humanity in His worst time’.
” The closest we can come is to listen to another person’s story, to try to see the world the way they do for a while.”

All the worst, inhuman, and terrible things, comes to no effect on right, honorable, and empathy of Philip. He is a good man with a good heart, who crucially been in a wrong time of human history or, well the history treat him and his kind terribly.

It is an eye-opening story. This book is recommended to read and know how bad and worst the human can be, it might help us to appreciate and be nice and love each other deeply.


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