We surrender all our expectations to God, What will happen if we surrender to God?

As the days are evil! And the world around us is going crazy. We stand firm with hearts full of faith and expectations. That God can do something for this generation. We need to know that God has the whole human story from the beginning ( perhaps before that) to the end in the palm of his hands.

It is not the end! Our expectations and God’s awesome plan.

He looks and sees the pain of today. That, the winds of time stole some of His children’s wishes and dreams. We are living in a world 🌎 where one day Jesus will come himself, with all suffering, mistakes, and pain God still loves to return and make it pure.

Our expectations must be tuned with the heavens. We know, we are living in a sinful world, so we don’t expect it to be holy, but we expect ourselves to at least try towards holiness and respect the God of the universe who made us.

Going on our knees and praying is the sign of that, we surrender our expectations and be equipped from heaven.

Changing our view of the world with love and kindness in the spirit. As we are heirs of God on earth for such a short time, how we act and see things is vital and important. We are not here to be victims but witnesses, to bring the light into the world, to be new wine, to walk with the needy and help and be with them. Within Each of us are a church, a union of God who can move the mountain if we just believe and trust. Isn’t time for us to bring down our expectation and give it to God? Let’s hear what our creator says. We heard enough of this world and its expectations.

Let’s surrender our expectations to God. It is time to work hard and see what God can do.

Unexpected things happen when we expect God to act.

So what do we do? With eyes open wide above, hoping Jesus to come and live a life of worthy because our eternal life is assured awaiting us.

Can we surrender our human expectations to Jesus today? What do we have to lose?

Comment me your opinion, what did you surrender lately to God? What do you need to surrender?

The ultimate surrender to God brings peace and reconciliation with yourself and God. It will change your view , it’ll help you to make decision based on Jesus will for His kingdom and everything will be blessed in your life.

Your Friend is here

Dariush Y



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