Let God do the Miracle for You, You just be IN it

There is another fascinated story in the Bible, right in the first King book. Please don’t go anywhere, Because we are going deep down of it and learn some lessons, which hopefully would be beneficial for us. Give your full attention and read through the below lines, of course, you are allowed to take a cup of tea and enjoy the reading 🙂

There is no other story in the Bible that a prophet or someone can stop the rain except Elijah, and he is from Tishbe in Gilead. Tishbe was in today’s Jorden country, and throughout Jordan, temperatures rise to 30 and even worse, the south of the Jorden can reach as high as 37 to 40 degrees Celsius. God took an excellent initiative step and suggested Elijah go across the Jordan river where the Cherith Creek is, Jordan valley, as bibleatlas.org brought us the map. Elijah was so familiar with the area, he stayed there, and God fed him by ravens, day and night. God prepared the most needed item for Elijah, Water from the creek and food for above.

King Ahab and his commanders are looking for Elijah. The rain stops pouring to the country of Jordan; as a result, only Elijah have the king-key of praying to the Living and loving Lord to have mercy upon, that the rain would resume. The sweetness of the creek was good till that dried up also. Elijah looked around; it was dry and waterless. And it was time to get direction; His soul was on fire, The Living Lord sent him, He was sure about everything. As he was in prayer, the Lord spoke to him again to move to the town of Zarephath.
“Would you please bring me a cup of water?” Elijah asked a widow near the town centre. God already prepared the way for Elijah; God spoke to a widow beforehand to give him food. The very unusual thing is here: the widow herself didn’t have any food left except a handful of flour and a little olive oil. God didn’t choose a rich man or woman to help Elijah. He is the God of miracle behind the miracle, glory behind the glory; nothing can stop the living God, for his plan and porpuses are greater. He chooses the weakest; he chooses the unwanted; he chooses those who starve to death; he chooses the outcasted ones- they are the real deal for God, those who don’t have anything to offer Him.

"Everything will be fine," Elijah said.

How can it be? Runaway from home, the King and others are looking for him and thirsty for the water at the foreign town asking a widow to give him a cup of water.
This is the same question we might ask God. We see ourselves in the struggles – not ending, the finance problem, the family issue, the health struggle, all are coming towards fast, without delay, and we are reaching to the point of “really God? Where are you?” All those obstacles seem real and legitimate, but God is greater than any difficulties we may face today and tomorrow. Elijah had confidence in this because he believed his living God was a provider, unknown future? Maybe. Known God? Definitely.

Elijah had security in his heart that the living God would look after him; it does not matter where we would be or what situation we are stuck in; he is there- ready to provide.

With a handful of flour and a little bit of olive oil- a miracle will be there; the widow and her son never ran out of it. Do our flour and oil need a miracle? Do we need a talent? never.
We are chosen already- our job is to be in the miracle, available as a sun in the sky.

“You are God’s prophet!” the woman replied. “Now I know that you really do speak for the Lord.” ( 1 Kings 17: 24 )

What are we waiting for God to do for us? I am waiting for something; everyone has a waiting list of things that He only can provide. Offer them to God – let him do the miracle for you- you just be in it.

Written by
Dariush Youkhaneh

This blog is the place of rest, come and have a read and rest

Well, When I opened up this blog several years ago, my intention was( and is) to inspire individuals. I wanted to write; when you read my post, you feel rest; you receive a breezing breath in the world of a political, social, rational and broken world. If you have been following me a long time enough, I hope my writings have been a blessing to you till now. New generation people need confirmation, need acceptance, love innovation, unique and marvelous things; I get that; I totally understand that how do you feel when you Facebook/Insta/ and other social networking platforms are down. But, they are not here to define who we are. I don’t need to remind us, but I urge you, my dear; We are made in God’s image. This world wants us to be furies, spiteful and in a rush for everything. Our call is to rest and grow in the Spirit. So, you are one of the brave ones.

This blog is the place of rest. Let it be.

Have a rest with me here. get your tea/coffee or if you love ice cream, get it and enjoy it.
Sweet spring is here in Australia. And, I am awe of these days as I see the lockdowns are melting away soon, I mean very soon. The smell of the flowers is in the air when we truly love each other and let forgiveness be our friend. Our streets are quiet as usual, and you can see the mask on the faces of people. Sometimes, I doubt if they can smell the spring or that it will somehow stop the season’s allergy. I smile, either under the mask or unmask. Because I know that is the unseen medicine of every heart. ehh- you say; good boy! whatever..!
God! Thank you to whoever reading this post now! They are truly my friend. Amen. That is my prayer for you, and I am so happy you are here. If you are new to my blog- don’t worry; we can be good friends. Just come and give me a couple of likes as the sign of reading and your presence as I pray for you. Not a worry at all, if you don’t like and comment, I still love you. I’m not here for likes and comments. But they are the bonus; of course, our rewards are stored in heaven. I wanted to be a speaker, thinking about it – but that won’t be my option. I may be a voice, hmmm-an an invisible voice that can be echoed across the nations one day. ooof- Why am I tiring with these non-sense words? I feel sleepy; the time is 11:25 pm- I guess it is getting late. Let me finish with this quote of life:
“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

We don’t mean do the life alone, invite your friends here.

Love you guys

Your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh

Just Checking in

I wanted to see how everything is going..

Hi dear friends, This post is all about you! I am just checking in with you – How are you? How is your life?
I look to comments and see how you are doing?
Do you need prayer?
Do you have a pet at home?
How is life with kids?
How is your new married life?How is your single life?
If you are in lockdown, how you are coping?

Ask any question.

I can’t wait to see your comments, say Hi, say something, I hear you… love to chat with you….

Your Friend Dariush

Jonah Story,Nineveh, What God said to Jonah?

We continued Jonah’s story.
God said to Jonah: ” Go to Nineveh.”
Jonah went, ” The opposite direction.”

Have you ever felt you are going in the opposite direction in your life? Well, I felt, and I have been there.
It was the mushroom season in our small local town near the Caspian sea. The small village was near a vast Jungle. As a regular season, we went to pick the wild mushrooms. There were indeed delicious and nice-looking ones. Some were eye-catching ones. I was near to my family as I do not know where to go and which direction to take – If you had ever been to a vast unknown jungle, you know being close to those know the way how vital would be. Four of us- on the way to pick some mushrooms- and only one of us know the way. Suddenly my brother and I lost the two others. We were thinking of going the right way – but we were in the opposite direction of our homes. But thank God, after about 2-3 hours, the other locals found us lost and showed us the right way.
We are running away in the opposite directions! Whether we do it intentionally or unwillingly. We do it because we are living in a sinful world, and our natural response is whatever is not comfortable – ” I’ll ignore it” – or ” I know the way”. That was what we thought; when we had lost in the jungle, we felt we are going the right way – but oh, it was the opposite.
Jonah intentionally was going the opposite way. God said to him, go to Nineveh, the great city. But, It seemed Jonah was not ready to go there. Sometimes, God calls us; He passionately wants us to do that or do what he wants us to do, or go what he wants us to go. It may be because of circumstances and other excuses – we ignore to obey. The good news is here, still, God loves us, but we will learn to follow in a complicated way, and we go through a journey to learn those lessons like Jonah.
The ship he was going on to Spain – got in dire trouble, the storm/wind was hitting the boat hard, and nearly all the sailors lost their life because of a person named ” Jonah.” So, They kicked him out of the ship. But Jonah’s life never ended there- God needed to Jonah be in a quiet location where he can meet Him even inside of a giant whale.
I’m here to say to you, my friend, if the season you are in left you out, God will catch you up. He wants to have a quiet moment with you – that, there you will realise what it means to follow Him, What it means to obey Him – even you may not understand it.
Your opposite direction is not the end of the story, but it is a sign of lesson and love.
You might be going to Joppa like Jonah. But, it will be a time to go where God told you to go in the first place. He designs your destination. The journey might look scary – but He promised to be with you. Does God want you to go with him? Does he want you to be in a quiet moment? That is where Jonah found Who God is? Inside the belly of a whale. Where is our place?

In the next post, we found out How Jonah prayed and How things changed in favour of Jonah.

Written by
Dariush Youkhaneh

Three Questions God Asked Jonah that Can Applies to Ours

Jonah’s life is an interesting one; We read a portion of his mission to Nineveh. In a couple of days ahead, I will share more about his life and other chapters with you. for now, we go straight to chapter 4 of Jonah.
Let me start by enlightening us. Jonah’s book is full of questions. Start with a question and end with a question. Interesting! Isn’t it?
In my paraphrasing: ” God said to Jonah: Would you go for me to Nineveh’s city? ” And ending with ” Am I not right to forgive the people? “

So, let’s see what the three burning questions God said to Jonah in chapter 4?
1- What right do you have to be angry?
2- What right do you have to be angry about the plant?
3- How much more, then, should I have pity on Nineveh, that great city. After all, it has more than 120,000 innocent children in it, as well as many animals!?

If you read the book of Jonah, you see Jonah was a stubborn person. He did not want to go to a place that God said him to go. He just runs away like a teenage boy. But, there was a process, and God only knew how to deliver it to Jonah. There was a lesson. And Jonah took it hard.
We are the same, Sometimes God has given us a mission to be done, but we have millions of reasons not to do it, And then, when it turns out God was right, we become angry – Do we have right when God is right, and we become angry? Being angry is not sin itself! God has a plan for you, and God has a specific goal, designed only for YOUR LIFE. It does not matter what situation you are in right now! It does not matter what title you are carrying with you. It does not matter how it does look like our bank account every day. It all comes in our obedience to God. Question one is an answer to our circumstances.
Right when God accomplished His plan through Jonah! Jonah got out of the city – to see the wrath of God on that city. But, God had mercy and compassion toward the city as people realised the depth of their wicked ways. And God showed this by a lesson through a plant to Jonah. On a hot-dry day, Jonah enjoyed the shadow of a plant God had grown for him, and the next day the plant is gone, and Jonah complained.
In question two, I guess we can learn that ” Everything belongs to Him, the smallest and the biggest! Let God does what needs to be done. Do not complain about what God has given you and take it back from you; he is the sovereign Lord and has the best interest.

God said:” How come you are angry with a plant which grown in one day and perish the next day but not the 120000 people in my image?

What we can learn from those questions :
1- God wants our obedience (do what God said to you to do)
2- Have compassion ( even with no evidence, be compassionate toward others)
3- Trust ( trust god will be with you)
4- Our God is a God of Mercy (don’t underestimate his mercy toward everyone)

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh’

Dear friend, I am so glad you are here! Thanks for checking out my post today, I hope you are blessed. This blog is for you, and please share it with your loved ones.

Day 9 – The Country of Moab / Part 2

Part 2 – Continues from day 8.

Out of the country of Moab – Going Home

The pain was enough; Naomi sensed the direction of God to go back home – to Bethlehem. Where he got married and have a good memory, a place can call home. She hoped she could leave all her heart-sorrow in a foreign land. She did lose everything, except the breath of keep-going; she gave it all. The country of Moab showed her the wrong side; she paid a heavy price and was ready to change. In the middle of hard-thought about what happened to her life, she remembered her daughter-in-law’s kindness :

You have been very kind to me and my sons, who are now dead.” Ruth 1:8

She didn’t have any complaints about her daughters-in-law behaviours; She praises their behaviours. In other words, she was saying, ” One behalf my sons, I was saying thanking for being kind.” Naomi knew the pain of losing the husband as she experienced herself, so she prayed for them to find a good husband and a good home. She was praying in her heart for them that they won’t go again, the bitter losing a husband. As tears were looping on Naomi’s cheek:

” She kissed her daughters-in-law, and they all started crying.” Ruth 1: 9

Three of them- Emptied their heart and emotions. The endorphins are released now, and the oxytocin has given them a sense of calm and joy.

There was quietness for a moment. 

We all have those moments of crying after pain. We learnt the lessons, and our hearts need to be emptied and earnestly looking back to home. Naomi and the women were in a bad place in her life. But this didn’t stop her from praying, and it didn’t stop her to keep going. 

Orpah and Ruth urging Naomi to go with them. But, Naomi assured them – coming with her gives them nothing:

An I am already sad enough- the Lord has done many things to me!” Ruth 1:13b

It was time to leave behind all bitterness. It was about to move to a new location, a place; that Naomi can start again. 

But Ruth followed Naomi – and they did go to Bethlehem, together. 

Question to ponder: What you learnt from this story? 

Remember: Keep going, keep praying and stay strong.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Friend, Thanks; I am truly blessed you are here. Let your kind comment warm my heart again. I pray our Lord to bless you, dear.

Day 8 – The Country of Moab

In the Bible, the Book of Ruth is one of those books that you can not miss its’ story. This fascinating book is like an elimination game. The country of Moab is the start of the story. Three men, three women, are kicking off the beginning of the book. There was a brutal famine in the land of Judah, which is part of today’s Israel country. A couple moved to the hill country of Moab and stayed there. 

I don’t know about you, But personally, How hard it would be. I know moving to another territory, or even a country, is a life-changing decision. The husband’s name was Elimelech, and His wife name was Naomi. They just got married and happily moved from a city named Bethlehem to Moab. Life was good for them, and everything was smiling at them- and they decided to have two children’s name Mahlon means ” sickness”, and Kilion means ” destruction.” And, suddenly, Elimelech died. It seems, before born of children, their father died, as we can see from the meaning of their children names.

Naomi was devastated; her beloved husband left her alone in a foreign country- but only for the love of her two sons- She stayed alive to feed them to be with them and to love them. So, She did what she supposed to do as a mum and wife. Her sons grew up and found a job in the Moab. They got married, both of them, to Orpah and Ruth. And, Suddenly, their husbands died. The loving sons of Naomi left them again; her husband’s wound still was there, and then two other huge damages added to her suffering. 

The dream of living happily in a new country was just a dream. Naomi wanted to see her grandchildren; Life was brutal to her and her family. The “sickness” and ” destruction” came and gone.

” While Naomi was in the country of Moab, she heard that the Lord had helped his people.” Ruth 1 : 6

She did not give up; she stayed strong in the eyes of the Lord. However, life did not show her a good sign of love and laughter. If you are in the country of Moab, Do not worry- the story will not end there. Can you hear the Lord helping his people? Can you? 

” So Naomi decided to leave the hill country of Moab and go back home. Her daughters-in-law also chose to go with her ” Ruth 1 : 6b

I am saying there is a time to leave the country of Moab. Your suffering won’t stay forever. Your wounds will heal someday, do not stay – have a move; God will look after the rest. The home is not too far! Stay strong. You are going back home- where you belong. The end story is better.

” They left the place where they had been living and started walking back to the land of Judah.” Ruth 1: 7

God is with you; even you are Naomi today. 

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Friend, Did this post bless you? Your warm comment encourages my heart. I am so glad you are here.

He is not here , He is Risen ..

He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.
Matthew 28:6 NLT

The fascinating story of risen-Jesus turned the history of human kind upside down ! He has Shaken all our human logic and philosophy! No one , no one like Jesus you can find quietly like in any history book. He meant , what he claimed to be . He did , what he said to do. He rose from dead after three complete days of silence and sadness! When I have read this story first, I have said , “How could’ve be possible ? ” The question of ‘how’ bombarded from everywhere in my mind ?

The answer only could be found in the book of Holy Spirit. As Jesus shown himself to his disciples after risen from the tomb. Also, In many occasions during that time till now , He has shown himself to all his true disciples. He has risen from the world of darkness to the world of lightness that we can inherite his kingdom, when we can rign with Him.

He has risen to give us a new world , to be with him.

He loves you so much! Unbelievably much more than you think . That is why he rose from dead ! Oh , how Great is his unmeasurable love towards us. He didn’t defend himself , he kept waking to the Cross, as blood and water were pouring down from it. My precious Jesus was hangged on a wooden cross and later laid down in an empty tomb. But that was not the end of story , but a new beginning of eternity in Him.

He is Risen. My Jesus is not in that tomb any more. The angles are dancing in Heaven as the King of Kings , the Lamb of God has risen from grave.

His resurrection brought healing to our broken world. We can hold on to Him forever now. His resurrection gives us a new / fresh start of reigning with him. His resurrection brought peace to our disturbance world, where our souls can truly rest and restore. Are you with me? Than, keep calling Him, He is alive and ready to be sought out.

Let Praise and Thank Him on this day.

Father God , I am thankful for your Son Jesus , who rose from that tomb that I can be alive again. Thank you Jesus for your love toward us. In your Name. Amen.

Happy Resurrection day. My Jesus is Alive.

Dariush Youkhaneh

🇦🇺God Bless Australia/ Happy Australia Day🇦🇺

God bless Australia, Happy Australia Day to all my Australian readers and all around the world. 26 January 2021.

We honour this day. As my living land for more than 10 years. I am blessed to be living in such a country of blessed and plenty. I am truly humbled. Thanks to those died for this land. Thanks for those kept this land safe and sound,and now we can do double better for next generation that, they know they are loving in such a blessed and plenty country, 🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA.🇦🇺

The people on this day do Loads of activities such as going to beach, BBQ, small gathering, play sport by the beach, hiking adventure, boat riding …

I did fishing this year , I got nothing more than a leather jacket fish as you can see below:

of course, I released it afte caught. A very beautiful fish , circling with a blue line with a golden tail.

The summer is getting hoter and hoter. Today’s weather nearly reached to 39 celesus. A pretty hot day. When I arrived to fishing spot , a nice wind took away the heat of the day. I enjoyed. People everywhere to enjoy this day off and have fun with their loved ones. If you are in Australia, I hope, you enjoyed your day, tell me what did you do on this day ?

God bless our land , and heal our brokenness. This is the spot i got the chance to spent my Australia day:

Isn’t this beautiful? Isn’t this wonderful magnificent?

Thank God for this Land. Thank Jesus for His love and mercy toward us and Thank the Holy Spirit which is hovering throughout Australia.

Dariush Youkhaneh

How is the Christmas vibe in your town?

In Australia , At least the suburban i am living Christmas not much like it was. Our Christmas tree in our town are not decorated like before. I want to be less critical. Need more decoration in our town that we can feel more we are in Christmas time. If you are in a town with snow, than you are having a beautiful Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love my town. Such a huge town with a small decoration gives me an indication that something not right. This is the best and wonderful time of the year! Everyone invited to celebrate this change of life season.

I love Christmas – I love to see more light in town at night.

I wish i could walk in a town at night in Christmas that really warms my heart with light and love. I’ll reach my dreams one day I know 🙂 . Christmas is not another holiday time. Although we enjoy the free time with family and friends … But it is a time of love. To see and know what is the reason of Christ-mas. The lamb of God , The Son of God , The beautiful baby Jesus came on earth. Isn’t this enough to light up and decorate more in our town and the others know why we light up and enjoy this season with gifts and freshness.

I know , Other cultures are are living in here. There are heaps of other ethnics and religions which Jesus came for them also are living in our town. Let them know the reason of this season. Jesus loves all. I am not sure how Christmas look like in your town. I hope there would be a better decoration than the last year. Do you think is this because of Corona virus? Do they want to less encourage people to come out because of this new virus? I have no idea.

Tell me about your town Christmas vibe. Is it nice and eyes catching? I am not saying this because i only see the surface of this season. Yes, the real meaning of Christmas is not in decoration and other stuff around.

I know Christmas in winter is much feels Christmas 🙂 I knew as I celebrated before, Oh that is crazy good.

Decorate , celebrate and love

Dariush Y

Beauty in ordinary life

It is not expensive to see the beauty ! Capture the beauty in simple things , in the ordinary life style. And be in this masterpiece of love , beauty and nature. We can see with our eyes open wide and be aware of our creator made all in and out  for us.
#beauty in your heart , in your home.

You are beautiful ! You made this beauty more beautiful. God blessed Your presence , your being is a huge love for this world. Keep flying with the dreams.

God made you wonderful. He made us to be here for each other. Oh such a short-long life ! Beauty inside out. Beauty in you and things all made by Him and for Him. I am just a witness of this #beauty.


Dariush Youkhaneh

Funny story of mine! Burn the doughnut

The story starts from here , I’ve recorded 50km in total run last month.

Happy , joyful and I looked forward for this month to do even more ! If you just divide 50 by the number of days in April , it approximately will land on 1.5 km per day run.

I am motivated to do more, as long as my knees allows me.

Right before yesterday I’ve ran about 7km. I think I’ve lost weight! However my main goal is to stay healthy and fit.

Right today ! I’ve determined ! So glad can make it after working from home! Laced up ! Running shoes short and t-shirt zipped up.

As you can see the best sky view next to me ! Fascinating and magnificent.

I’ve ran for 7.30 km in 47 mins ! It is one of the record I’ve made it! I’ve had a phone call from myvbrother! Need help some!

Then , I have been encountered with so delicious doughnuts ! Not only one, but several.

Then , all that run means GONE .:) I FELT sorry for my body , after a hard run now back to scale again 😁 who had sort of feeling? ! You know what do I mean?

This is so close to our everyday life! Funny ! We train ourselves as hard as we can then with one flick( one doughnut) , takes us back to the first step!! Again , we need to burn all faties of life out.

This is where apostle Paul says “You were running well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth? ” (Galatians 5:7)

And then , comforting mine by saying I’ll burn this out! 😁😀

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

God is the Champion of our Story

God is the champion of my story.

He was.

He is.

He will be forever.


He has written our stories already. We meant to know this champion more closely. He has given us this permission through Jesus Christ. Sadly, the world turned its face away from this champion of our story and do not know Him. It does not want to know Him!

God was the champion story of Moses as He sang a song. Exodus chapter 15 :

“I will sing to the Lord,
for he is highly exalted.
Both horse and driver
he has hurled into the sea.

“The Lord is my strength and my defense;
he has become my salvation.
He is my God, and I will praise him,
my father’s God, and I will exalt him.
The Lord is a warrior;
the Lord is his name…

“The Lord reigns
for ever and ever.”

God was the champion story of Mary mother of Jesus as He sang a song. Luke 1: 46-50
“My soul glorifies the Lord
and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
for he has been mindful
of the humble state of his servant.
From now on all generations will call me blessed,
for the Mighty One has done great things for me—
holy is his name…

God was the champion story of David as He Sang thousands song. Some of them are in book of Psalms

God is the champion of your story , your miracle , your healing.

Even in our pain and struggle God still is same , the champion of our broken life.

God will be the champion of our story , regardless of our doubts. Regardless of our current judgement , regardless of how good or bad our situation be.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Firmly Planted like PT

Hey , eventually Autumn is here in Sydney. The fires and storms came all upon. Virus hitting hard here but getting nothing.

I promise to trust the Lord in this season, no matter what would happen next. I am learning to be in His arms in the wave of uncertainty. I am confident in His Love. The heavenly angels are ready to serve me, protect me.

My ” me” is a combination of Jesus ‘ love and me. Autumn is here. It does not show it all , May it will. No wind , no smell of dry trees. The flower tree in front of our house brought spring to our life, its colour is pink and pink. It is the lady of the road , no one looked after it but only God.

In the storm when it was trembling no one comfort it but it stood strong till the end. I took a photo of it to show you. I don’t know it’s name , but I ve put a name for it ; pinky tree(PT).

Am I not beautiful? My name is PT

PT knows how to survive in the storm. It is its speciality to stand still and make others a smile and a beautoful aroma. PT smiles to every person , child, young , adult , old.. PT looks up and see a clear blue sky and thanking it’s creator for such a day. It sleeps at night in peace even in cold nights.

“And he will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season; Its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity].
Psalms 1:3 AMP”

I am certain of this whoever firmly planted , will prosper. Having Faith in the storm is the most difficult task we could ever face , but if like PT we stand still we should see beautiful flower. The fruit of our waiting would be great. Greater than we thought or assumed! God knows our needs, each one of them.

Can you be firmly planted by streams of water ? Yes you can , yes we can.

Let’s practice this together, Let’s Love each other as the Childeren of God.

You are always Loved!

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

A defined moment /1

After a few glorious rain and flood in Sydney. Monday 10 Feb the rain suddenly stopped. It feels we have been all into Noha’s ship and a dove has been sent for a dry land, we suddenly saw the sign of it and we all happily😀 landed now.

I finished Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo and my review is available on Goodreads. Now i am on my third book , reading Confessions by Saint Augustine, oh it is a heavy readying , it seems I am not that fan of classic books.

” O Lord , Our God, under the covering of your wings we set our hope. Protect us and bear us up. It is you who will carry us; you will bear us up from our infancy until old age. When you are our firm support, then it is firm indeed. But when our support rests in our own strength, it is infirmity. Or good is life with you for ever, and because we turned away from that, we became twisted. Let us know return to you that we may not be overturned. Our good is life with you and suffers no deficiency; for you yourself are the good. We have no fear that there is no home to which we may return because we fell from it. During our absence our house suffers no ruin; it is your eternity. ”  -Saint Augustine

When you read those lines you feel there is an honesty in the words , there is a sense of confession and turning to God. I enjoy reading book of confessions by Him , although it is a bit hard for me to be honest; but slowly i am getting into heart of Augustine. He is ruin because of his good friend passed away and because of that he moved to another city without telling his mother which was the closest person that time. Until now He is telling all the way he went and came back to God. I think , he did not have many friends. He was a clever man, looking for the right path of life, he found no eternity in maths and arts as he was in live with those things and so intelligent.  If you are asking me , i think he was memorised bible verses line by line and he has eaten them all. He sticked and injected them all into his life story.

20190615_132236 (2)

I remember my life, if God was not there for me, if he did not call me to do what i do now , I was a miserable worldly person with no defined purpose. When Jesus made himself real to me , I was not aware of that at all. I was daydreaming, But He; with his goodness grace rescued me and put on the rock. Before my first year school , I always wanted to see school’s door and this was my puzzled question from my mum: ” what does it look like?” ” I want to see school’s door” . When the time came in , when i arrived there; i said to myself :” this is the school’s door that everyone’s enter it?!! “. My curious mind did not know that ” this is it!” I guess i was naive whatever you wanna call it! But , Honestly; God was there. He went before me and prepared the whole school for my arrival. He was counting my tears on my cheeks , as He was looking into my eyes and saying ” Oh my little child, don’t cry “, I was speechless.  He sent his angels to protect me , I was naive but He was artful. I wanted to know more , More about life and people around me.  I was full excited about future and what the unknown holding for me. I wanted to climb the mountain to reach there as i was blown away with his stillness and as a child i was learning to be like Him.

I was looking for a better life. A better life ahead. In a small village next to caspian sea , I have not even discovered the town around me. I’ve been so happy where i was. enough joy within me but God had another plan and new direction for my life.

I’ll talk to you about this more..let’s take a cuppa tea and enjoy the reading moment.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Pray for Australia

As i mentioned before and i had a post for this specific prayer. Australia desperately need your Prayer. I have no idea what Australian people thinking about this situation. Our animals , sources of oxygen , our land and and home are burning in fire all together.

But who cares. No judge ! People in City doing and having their own life , all they can see is smoke ! Good or bad. But we as a believer how can we perceive this event . How can i even react when millions of hectare are burning around me and all i can say oh how bad is this.

Australia desperately need Prayer! A Faith s Prayer . It may look the flame of fire reachs to 50 meters plus. But i believe and trust our sound and flame of prayer goes higher than that. God hears and cares our Prayer. Yes , our Prayer can change things around. I look to His wisdom. May some people turn to Him. May some others call upon the Name of the Lord. He created the heavens and the earth than I am sure he knows how to manage things around.

When the waves were raging ; Jesus were peacefully slept on disciples boat. Than He woke up and made peace the stormy sea. Lets US do the same, if our faith is small and weak thats okay , lets wake Jesus up in our boat by our Prayers. Cry out to the Lord oh may soul , seek His Name. We need revival in our land when young and old can see dreams and visions. We need brave and bold people who can proclaim the message of Christ.

I haven’t unwrap my christmas gift yet , because i know it is on its way. I pray that every hard heart converting be soft for his Presense, God is on His throne , majesty in Power , omnipotent in His Glory.

Pray for people of Australia whom represents every nation in this country.May not them forget how we have this free country. Oh my soul ,my Lord my King Ive just recently joined , change the heart of people in this abundant land. I am sure the physical rain will come , but we need your spiritual rain too. Isn’t your word source of Truth ? Let us not be ashamed of carrying your Name. Still people here brought thier Gods from their mother land , they worship fales Gods, their idols has eyes but can not see , has leg but can not walk. Would you forgive us if we turn to you? Youve shown your love to us once and many. They are confused by your Power. Stuck in their world and looking for one door open. We need your guidance Lord. Would you have mercy to us ?

God has not forgotton us !

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photos: abc.net.au

God’s land / Part 2 / A fiction story

Read the part 1 here


I closed my eyes and opened it again. I wanted to make sure I am not in the dream. I opened my eyes and everything was same as it was. I have already had the wonderful taste of kindness ice cream and it was the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever tasted before. I looked around and I saw a few people around were walking and enjoy the atmosphere – every thing was normal but “ wonderful normal “. There was sense of peace in the street that you can feel it.

I wanted to check those flowers. Still part of me were there! As I was preparing my camera to take a few photos – I saw the most beautiful butterfly I could’ve ever seen! A beauty with two beautiful small eyes with an ocean blue wings with a soft red line on it. My camera couldn’t explain of this beauty! I took it. Under my breathe I thanked God.

 “ I wished my town was like this “  I said.

There were a life lesson well right near a coffee shop. I sat there to have a drink – “ What are you doing here?” a mid-age lady said. “ I am here to take a few good photos for my blog” I said. “ Only those with a pursued heart are here. Are you pursuing a wish?” she said. “ I love taking photos, this is what I like “ I said. “ All of us , pursuing something in life. Something we really want. There are those un-accessible desires. There is a place in heart no one knows what is it stored in , even ourselves. When the time comes you will know.” She added.  “ This is wisdom “ I thought. “ I am going to the white flower field “ I said. “ The mountain flower is about 2 km away from here! “ She said in very kind words.

“ remember , you are already in the light zone “


Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh




Lost City

Last week, it was one of the adventurous day in my life. First , let me say thank you to some of the friends they included me to the Long weekend trip.

We had Monday off here in Sydney. I got an message from one of the friend on Thursday arvo if I am keen to join them for camping about 2 nights. I didn’t ask for the plan. I waited to see some of them in our Friday gathering and ask them my questions in person.

However. I didn’t have any plan for the long weekend. I wanted to write more on my blog and catchup with some studies with certification I am focusing now. Anyway. The work wasn’t busy. Later on after work, I wanted to know more about the camping location.

Friday arvo came. I turned on the engine and drove to our gathering. A 15 mins drive right to my friends house. Shaking a few hands and having a pizza always good with friends. It was a well company and met a few new people.

“Who is coming along ?” I asked. One of my friend whom loves skiing every second week.

“A few number of other friends , it’s not a big group ” He said.

And , He looked at his phone and shown me the location of the camp with a 360 degree view!

“That is nice ” I said.

Then i was tempted so I pulled out my phone to check it with my phone. The place looked like this:

Of course, our camping spot was near to a lake.

God is so beautiful, inspiring my whole heart and renewed my soul within me. I’ve seen so much beauty and wonders. In our way to the lighy worms tunnel. You can not miss this easy , we walked about 400 meters in the dark tunnel to see those worms are alive and shiny. You could’ve seen it to believe it, it was like you are walking in the middle of stars or in a galaxy.

Thousands of stars! Ooops worms ..

Stunning !

God says I have a plan for you, if I can alive those little shiny worms in that darkness ,don’t you think I can help you. I was stunned. I was overwhelmed that God of all beauty is on my side. Something inside of me sparked that how would I know this God more.

Then last night I’ve read my Bible , He said ” I am your Father “. A kind of Father got all power in Him. Sometimes I lose , but He didn’t lose me but He choose me be in His presence. I am a little boy with a greater Father in Him.

I wished all people knew How much this Father love them. I wished they knew if He , whom created the very tiny worms in that tunnel, is able to change things around for them.

He did more. He sacrificed His only one for us that we will be guaranteed for eternity.

We were owed in this beauty and left the place to see a cave. But fortunately or unfortunately we could not pin the location and after 2 or 3 times circling wee backed to the cars and made our journey to Lost City. We’ve been lost already to find the cave but thankfully we had backed to the starting point.

Gush! It was a challenging, the road was tough.

We got there right before sunset. What an excellent timing. I haven’t seen such a beauty rocks before. They are made like the mountains , it was sort of a castle but it was not seem to be.

I silent my self that I can hear Him better.

Rock, Sunset , worms, beauty and the roads were praising Him. Who am I? Staring to the sunset and learning how to love Him.

I learnt to be content. I stepped into a world of unknown. I learnt when I am tired take rest instead of exit.

Exit exists when I stepped into next step.

Lost City with the Rocks front of me .

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2

We stayed there till sunset done. I enjoyed to be witness of his goodness with my eyes. I learnt to dream more. In Lost City I found worshipers of the Lord God Almighty. I found my heart and I’ve seen the eyes of God right in front of me.

What would be better than this ?

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo by me

Fresh me


Yes , I’ve done it.

4 weeks of travel in overseas and back home. Four weeks of getting to see new places. Stepping into unknown locations were indeed a new experience. That gave me a new prospective to life. As my travel were through Europe, I was appreciated of God’s given opportunity. I crafted my mind again to look people’s life in different angle. That how they live , where they live by putting myself into their historical culture. I enjoyed with them , I clapped my hands for the weird things as I grabbed it for the experience.

Travel gives a new confidence. A new of you in another place as you left your old-self in your hometown.

I took it gently! And I injected this into my vein by thankfulness.   I found new friends during this travel. I talked with people that I’ve never met. I tasted the wine of the country. I smelled with an open armed fresh flowers as I did a cycling around country side.


I found it again , Life is so beautiful. Where ever I went there were a new beauty to be attracted! I could not miss it. I could not deny it , I just could illustrated in my heart – there – the place I would be. I am there , a place that broken heart could be mended; a place that gives you new strengths , a new calm thought, a place gives a peace.

I went into busy town as people looping into each other to find the best version of the experience.

I was stunned of small towns on the way. Their food , their culture , their streets all amazed me in a speechless level.

God prepared the way. I just stepped in it.

Thanking God for his nature , for his creation which truly stunned me! His Love is everywhere !

Here I am–

Fresh me.

Back to the daily life…



 Dariush Youkhaneh 




I am honoured to announce first to my blog followers my ebook release date:

After a long waiting period of time, eventually, the wait is over and the announcement of my new ebook as follows:


Title : Untapped Light

Genre : Christian life – Personal growth

Type : Semi-fiction based on true stories

Words : 8000

By : Dariush Youkhaneh

Cost : $4.99 USD

Publish date : 17 May 2019


The link for pre-order and more information it will be announcing soon.

Much love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Our every day life

On Sunday afternoon. I was seating next to a couple of beautiful trees, right at our local  park. I really miss you all, it was so busy couple of weeks. As my heart was here to bring you a refresh inspiring post. In the corner of my heart, I realise that first I need to be refreshed myself.

I learned there is a beauty in the step of life. An unexplainable one. In each step there were God is leading my direction truly.

My one eye open to this world and another eye to look inside to hear the voice. the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I promised to be your motivational coach. But before that, I need to get the revelation. I am thankful you are here  and reading my word. Because you found that whatever I say, it won’t hurt us. This is for our peace. For our benefits. From visiting family till to be with my friends, these are well for our earthly walk. What really is changing me? it is staying connected to the source. Having a big dream, to change my life. It is true for you too. In your discovery of life, you know there is nothing like the source. The source of life. As obeying Christ was/is my first priority. And, I know God is using us for his Glory. I hold on to it, till end. Although, the paths of this temporarily  life would be tough and hard.

Okay, heaps of things has been going on. But, I’m on the boat yet, the capitan of this broken boat is Jesus and I have no doubt I get there. He is not in sleep, He knows what storms are hitting the boat hard. God is good always. The good news is my latest ebook editing is in progress, and by the grace of God would be ready by mid-April.


I see God’s blessing in every area of my life. I am thankful for this, truly. Can you see God’s hand in your life?

Our everyday life is a blessing to be thankful for. 

I arrived home yesterday about 6:30pm. I changed dress and I went fast to the soccer field. I moved to another team now, after my coach called me and said there is no room left for you. He suggested me and gave me another coach contact number. To be honest, it was a bit frustrating, but I said to my self. Whatever God desires for me in this, Let it be done. Our training session was on Wednesday evening. I went there and I joined to the new team. The organiser told me still we don’t know if there will be a place for your in the team, he said come on tomorrow and we see what we can do for you.

God is in every detail of our life. Tell him what’s your priorities!

Okay, it was Thursday evening. I had eaten my dinner and I remembered need to meet the organiser. I went there, everyone were left but another team were playing. I locked my car and I took the steps to be closer to the field. Suddenly, I saw the organiser, I said “Hi Rob”. “Hey Darius” he said. Can I do the registration now! “sure, why not” he said with his Aussie accent. He Brought the paper and I paid the amount and He said you can play not this week but the week after!

I want to be one of the hero’s of the Faith in Hebrews 11 listed. I want to believe to unseen , the things I have hope for, those things I can not see it now. And , I have this hope for all of us to meet Him and we will meet each other in heaven where there is the Glory of almighty God.

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.( Hebrews 10:24 )

Fill your everyday with God’s love. Have faith for future. Do not be worry about tomorrow but let God lives in you and receive his peace for today and give your tomorrow to Him. Be whole with his love and help someone , love someone and do an act of kindness toward someone. Let God be in your detail of life.

Tell us in a comment what blesses you today?


Witten By Dariush Youkhaneh



This is my first letter in public about this topic. Don’t take it personal. Digest it easy.

Yes, There is a time you wished someone would be along side with you. But singleness is a blessing. If God plan is for me to be alone on the earth right now- So it is what it is. I am talking from Christian prospective. I do not know what  would be singleness without Christ. Perhaps , May I would not be single if I was not Christian. Because there is something in Jesus keep you warm and safe. You feel it when you walk with Him everyday. And Apostle Paul sense that presence that is why He said in his letter ” Sometimes I wish everyone were single like me—a simpler life in many ways! 

A simpler life in many ways. That is true . indeed true. But it is not easy. Single life has own challenge and obstacle in front. But in many ways is simpler than a married life. I am not here to encourage us ” Oh stay single forever, Nah , I am here to encourage us that if we are single and desire to have someone ( opposite gender ) it is better to wait for God’s timing “. Temptation is so many in a world of sexual disorder ! am I trusting God. Each valentine’s day is a remembering God’s love either we would be single or married. It is great to love someone. But it is greater to love someone loved us first.


Bible sayStay where you were when God  called your name  ” . Be Proud to where you are and to who you are. And Also to who you becoming. A pure heart have a smile in any situation. Our spiritual life is so important than our body life. It is Spirit of God , who will make us alive in heavenly realm. There is so much pressure around you , Yes I know. There is much things going on around you , Yes I know. Be still and shake off all dust of this world and pray continuously as Jesus did. I met a friend today on the way to library He told me that I found someone and I am dating today (Valentin’s day) , He Said ” Dariush I am looking for someone to get married , not girlfriend “. I said ” That’s great mate “. Indeed , that’s awesome you found someone go for it , but a single rose and go for a date.

Friends , Stay where you were called to be. God is there. Hold the high ground with Him at your side. 1 Corinthians 7: 24.

Your life is complete with or without marriage. Our life is hidden in Christ , It is a gift to be YOU.

Vaughan Roberts in His article on the gospel coalition talks about four things God says to singles that : 1- It is a gift 2- it is an advantage 3- it is hard 4- It is not permanent.

All of them is right and true. We got Jesus on our side, the best of best and the king of kings. Let your gentleness and your kindness be known to people around you , not a making up love but a genuine love which company’s with Heavenly Father. Sure, soon or later The God of everything , who died on the Cross for us will give us all the answer.

C.S Lewis in his “the four loves ” illustrates beautifully about affection , friendship , Eros and Charity( Agape) loves. But the Agape or unconditional love of God is greatest of all.  

Father God , In Jesus name  we came to you. You are the one we can trust. You  are our first Love. We hold on to you very closely. We allow and open our hearts to your endless love. We thank you for eternal life. We thank you for everything you have done and you are going to do in our life. Here Father I pray for singles and married people, Pray for any human being that all are in the centre of your attention. I pray that they experience your unconditional(Agape) love. Where , There would be no lack of affliction   and attention. May your word will be done to us.Amen



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh






A Conversation! read it till end..

I believe in everlasting love. To returning of Jesus Christ. To the Holy Spirit. To almighty God who will come and wipe out forever this pain and suffering in this current world. I believe in endless hope and possibilities. Reason behind reason to love each other in sorrow and downing time on the planet. Is it by my ability? Never. Can I access to this incredible love. Yes.

Yesterday , I had great conversation with a friend. Which who his life was apart but ONE spark of Holy Spirit mended all pains in his heart. Fatigued back from work – dropped my backpack at home. My eyes was falling down- it was a half tyring day. I drove home about 2 km. Parked my card and I changed my close ready going to a Men’s even. Before, last night one the verse impacted me and thoughtfully thinking about that verse. If God is within us and God is love. Why are not we love. Then I back thinking about the original sin- because that sin – God’s love apart from us. That was not end of story. My mind overview how God sent many people to rescue- to return his people to his love. One human brought miserable to this world but One man brought joy to us forever.

Back to conversation, I arrived the place . I wore black t-shirt , a light blue jean and a nice black boot. I sprayed Dolce & Gabbana Intenso eau de perfume. I use this eau de perfume recently as it was a birthday gift. Although my fav perfume at all the time was/is Georgia Armani Acqua Di Gio . Not that spice like Dolce. But it seems I liked the new perfume – It was not bad. I arrived to Men’s event at our church. You can smells from 200mt away the foods as they have been cooking for the event.

Three fashion cars outside the yard and three motorbike inside foyer of the church. I found my self to say ‘ wow’. I entered to worship- Stayed for worship songs and praising my creator. After I took step out , as I was so hungry. There was a small shopping mall – I saw an old church-friend.

I said to him , If you like join me I am going to buy something as they are selling beef-burger ( I am allergic to red meat for your info :P). He said , yes why not – we went to an Mexican place nearby.

He bought a coffee , He said I had something and I bought a Burrito sandwich. Beautifully , deliciously wrap in chicken , red bean ….

I started to say this spring was a driest spring after 15 years in Australia. We haven’t had rain for about 4 months. My mam says always how these trees around are still green , they need water. He says : Yes that is right indeed. It is a really sunny day and at least nights are cooler. Much better at night. In my back home country people sleep at the top of the home. Their home – roof is flat not the most home here have edges.


He was saying very enthusiastically like you are there right now.

I said: Oaky, interesting. You would be coming to church long time isn’t it?

” Yes, hmmm, I am coming from 2011 ”

I knew , there will be a salvation story – something that Jesus brought them to this place. I was more listening less talking at this stage.

I said: ” You told me before you are working for a security company , are you still working there?”

” yeah , I am working , but only for the weekend , I mostly work in a supermarket now . I think it is better – although may a bit heavy lifting work , but I like it “

” That’s great man  , I am happy for you , how’s your family , all are doing well?”

He said : ” Oh yeah , we have a little 8 months old baby girl . busy life , it is a complete different what I expected before “

” Wow congratulations ! What did you expect?”

He said ” look , when you are alone , you do the stuff by your own choice , but when you are two , you need to put other person’s choice count as well . Sometimes disagreement will happen, Are you single? “

“Yes , I am . But I have seen a lot, how God shown me the way , I grown up a large family and I saw how God brought us from down to up , I have seen the miracles and his hands always upon us. “

He said : ” I believe some people are chosen , for example Abraham was chosen , who is willing to sacrifice his son for an unseen God? ” Abraham did it. How? Because he was chosen . And I am feeling I am chosen .”

I said : ” How ?”



He said : ” I have been trying to do right things , not lying , do good to people around me when I was back home , when I came here , I almost lost my faith and I reaped the Bible and I was so angry , and I said  God why did you brought me here , in a foreign country ? Is this your well?”

” Tell me about it ”

“My marriage was falling apart , I went to court , I hit my wife , I was so angry and bitterness got me all. My wife took my 2 kids to her mums’ house . Days past , one day I was alone at home. My relative to come and visit me . There was a 9 years girl told me ‘ Jesus loves you ‘ when she said those words I do not know what happened but I felt all bitterness and bad things was wiped from my heart and even I forgot what I did to my life and wife, straight away I called my wife and I said to her I am changed and I love Jesus because he changed me , My wife was believer and she was praying for me. But believe me when I said , she backed to home with two kids even we did not remind ourselves what happen , we started a new beginning. Even we went to court and my wife said , he changed and I am willing to stay with Him and I love him more than before , How my friend? Jesus changed me life through a 9 years old girl , He changed my life forever, I love my back home country , but God chosen me be here at this time because he has a plan in my life ,even I can not see it now , even may I can not taste it. Life has sweet and bitter things but our relationship is good now , we have a baby girl now ”

I said : ” I believe you are chosen , and God brought here for a reason! “

He said : ” Go ahead , if you are ready to share your life with someone , do it! But before that throw your life in the hands of God. “

” Yes , I believe I am chosen by Him , By His Grace , even he stopped me several times for disobeying His commands , This is not my ability , when I was 13 years old I spoke in God’s language, I got water baptise when I was 21. I love God and people , even I made mistake but He never left my side. I believe in protecting-angel for God’s people? Do you?  

                                                                                                                                               He said  : ” Yes , I do”

“And I think and believe it in my heart. God is looking after you and your family , Just look ahead “

He said : ” You’ll find your heart desire when you are pursuing God’s will “

” Thanks mate “

He said ” Oh my kids , I think is the time to go back “

” Lets go “

Our Father in heaven how good you are when we look to you Jesus even, we hear your name from another person will change our life radically forever. Not for that we are waiting for your return Jesus , Here all good things for us , it is not the end of story , Having a good family is good but it is not the end , Having a good faith is good but it is not end… Only in you and in you we are in rest. You said I am going to prepare a place for you , we are waiting patiently for your coming even it hurts the waiting time, we testimony your name to everyone. Because you are God our Yahweh, Our Jesus who died for us on the cross and His love is unlimited forever. Thank you that you are with us. I am pursing your love every moment even with all my failures you wash me with the blood of your Son.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




Be Found! Your Week Nutrition

Do you know God love to hear you? He will leave those they do not need Him ( although His grace will be never ended till they come to God). He will come to you if you are broken and needy. Luke 15 says in obvious. He is God , Father of all. Father of YOU. In this chapter which Jesus talk about His kingdom with Parables.  We see three parables : the parable of lost sheep , the parables of lost coin and the parables of lost son.

In all three parables , there is one scope . Return of a sinner and repentance. But the good news is here , He is the good Father of all of us. He is looking for you.

Today, I mainly talk about the lost son. But it should be a lost daughter , a lost kid , a lost family or a lost nation. God is God. He is a good father. Luke 15: 11-24

Then Jesus said, “There was a man who had two sons. 12 The younger son said to his father, ‘Give me now the part of your property that I am supposed to receive someday.’ So the father divided his wealth between his two sons.


A man for a city had two sons. Both of them were impatient. But younger one day , with a disrespectful and very arrogant way told to his father . ‘Give me my portion “, He did not request it , but he demand it. Here sometimes we replace the gift of our God like debts.  We think we know everything and we want to do our business without our Father’s hand. We like to go by our own. We want to follow our desire’s heart which are not lining up with God’s heart. ‘ Give me my portion Father ‘ I know how to handle it. I know how to run the business . I know how to make families .

Sometimes, we do like younger son. We all have been in that state, weren’t we?  

His father did , what he wanted! He did the desire of younger son. According to his will. The Father divided his wealth between two. He is not opposite of you and you have been created with free will. But the decisions you make , are they line up with God’s plan. Are you separating your relationship with God. This is a dangerous line. You need to be very careful. The younger son spent all of his money, everything he had gone. He wasted his money living like a fool. Bad things behind bad things as there was a terrible famine throughout the country. He lost his wealth , there was a bad famine , No job was around to do till he saw himself in a position , he has nothing left to eat even. Than when he was hungry , he went to the fields to feed the pigs , He wanted to eat the food of them..



The Son realized…

The beginning of the grace starts when we realize we have been very foolish about the things we did. This is a beginning story of backing home where you belonged.

You being to realize what I was living what I am doing now. This is a story of repentance. This helps you to return to Home. There is no shame in it. You are stepping up and nearing yourself to be found.


You realized …

Of your sinful state , starting to say ‘ Father , I am sorry what I have done , I know was wrong and I am sorry for that , forgive me ‘. This is start of Grace in your life. You want to be found? Come back where you have been at . You are still His child. No matter where you spent your money and time.

This is a come back story for you. This is a good news for you. So please do something as younger son did with his foolishness ‘So he left and went to his father.

Verse 20 of Luke 15 says , ‘While the son was still a long way off, his father saw him coming and felt sorry for him. So he ran to him and hugged and kissed him.

Before his going to tell anything , Father , hugged and kissed him. He loved him , He was waiting for him to come back. So , your heavenly Father waiting for you , He loved you and still loves you to come back to Him, where your real home belongs. You are Found by His Grace. His arms are open for you. He knows you individually and you are uniquely remarkable for Him. Don’t listen to lie of enemy.

So , now left behind your old creation and be born again in Jesus name and wear a new cloth and a gold ring because you are backed Home.



Need prayer?

Shoot me a message here and tick it as private, I would be glad to pray for you right away.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Luke 15 : 11- 23






Ziba ( a true story , p3)

This is the last time Ziba is found in old testament. 2 Samuel 19 : 24-30.

Here , Mephibosheth is the first player of the game. Now he shoved his face and washed his clothes to meet the king. But King expected to meet Him before at the mountains as Ziba was there. King David asks Mephibosheth : ” Why didn’t you go with me when I ran away from Jerusalem?”

King David , did not want to know about Mephibosheth  problems and issues. He wants to know the ture. But it seems there was a problem between Ziba and Mephibosheth .

Mephibosheth told to Ziba to bring him a donkey to go with him ,  for the reason of being lame. Ziba did not listen to his Father’s master well and he went the way to meet the king without Mephibosheth .


Mephibosheth answered, “My lord and king, my servant tricked me. I am crippled so I said to my servant, Ziba, ‘Go saddle a donkey for me so that I can go with the king.’ But my servant tricked me and said bad things about me. “

Mephibosheth  does not have a good report of Ziba. He blamed him because of all this. King David is not interested to know anything more about this :

The king said to Mephibosheth, “Don’t say anything more about your problems. This is what I have decided: You and Ziba will divide the land.”

King David already made his decision. The land will be divided in two.

Ziba mission was done. He earned what his looking for : the land.

And Mephibosheth  have no choice except to agreed with King’s decision.

Mephibosheth said to the king, “My lord and king, it is enough that you have come home in peace. Let Ziba have the land.”


End of Ziba story.


written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Source : 2 Samuel 19 : 24-30

Photo: Wikipedia