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Reading the books | Joy and Adventure

At this age of mine , I’ve never known i would be more loving to read the books. From ordering them online to going bookshops to buy. Still , However  ; I am suffering to have a great bookshop near me. I need to… Continue Reading “Reading the books | Joy and Adventure”

Sychar’s Town

Everyone knows Sychar as Jacob’s well is located right around this city. A historical conversation has happened between Jesus and Samaritan Woman. Jesus was thirsty and tired of the desert Journey. If we flash back to this conversation , we learn a lot which… Continue Reading “Sychar’s Town”

Keep Smiling / Joy is our portion

A very warm welcome to you if you are new here. I am so honoured to have you with me. You are not guest anymore , your home is here. You are my friend , Please comment anytime as I love to hear from… Continue Reading “Keep Smiling / Joy is our portion”

The Garden Of Our Ways!

These days are very special for me. As I am praying for a company change from God. He did answer in the right time with his special way of answering. In our terms and conditions we may see the things good for us. But… Continue Reading “The Garden Of Our Ways!”

My books are LIVE in Google Play Store

My beloved readers , Now my book are ready and live in Google Play store. I was waiting about a fair amount to hear from Google. They did not get any new book to be published and their page was closed! But Thank God… Continue Reading “My books are LIVE in Google Play Store”

Prepare for the Best

I want to know your heart God. I am searching for the best in your presence Lord. I am not looking to myself and saying oh I am not look like you! Instead , I am looking to mirror and saying I am blessed… Continue Reading “Prepare for the Best”

Raising Time

” If you are not particularly excelling at something, remember that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Before you learn how to succeed you must first learn how to fail. Before you gain something you must first give something. Life… Continue Reading “Raising Time”

Going to be released tonight!

Going to be released by tonight.. It is available at : Apple (operates iBooks stores in 51 countries), Barnes & Noble (US and UK), Scribd, Oyster, Kobo, Yuzu, Blio and Inktera (formerly Page Foundry). OverDrive (world’s largest library ebook platform serving 20,000+ libraries), …… Continue Reading “Going to be released tonight!”

Pre-Order Your BOOK

‘ 7 things for your soul’ is ready to pre-order now only for $0.99. If you are my follower here , please send me an email on d.youkhaneh@gmail.com to get your copy for free. Did you ever have a vaccine for your soul? Do you know that… Continue Reading “Pre-Order Your BOOK”

7 Things for your SOUL!

7 Things for your SOUL ( Christmas ‘Vaccination) is a short ebook that will fresh your soul at this Christmas. What will make you unique it is not that you are ordinary and simple, but you are attractive in an extraordinary way! It is going… Continue Reading “7 Things for your SOUL!”