Sychar’s Town

Everyone knows Sychar as Jacob’s well is located right around this city. A historical conversation has happened between Jesus and Samaritan Woman. Jesus was thirsty and tired of the desert Journey. If we flash back to this conversation , we learn a lot which is really practical for our today’s everyday life! Maybe Jesus hasn’t pass your town yet! But this time if he comes , he is not tired of the journey but he is coming by salvation and healing in his hand. As we read this event in book of John chapter 4 : 4-26.

There are 12 conversation happened between Samaritan woman and Jesus.  Because of the culture of that time- Jesus started to speak by asking woman to giving him water – It is very interesting conversation. By opening this conversation later on we read the Sychar’s town has been changed forever! A small town in Samaria has been marked for a significant conversation by brining a complete healing over the town. I want you to read this conversation not by the eyes of religion person!  But by the eyes of curiosity- an open heart to know what is about this conversation.

Jesus revealed some truly truth about himself and God Father. In verse 24 Jesus said : ” God is spirit and his worshipers must worship in Spirit and Truth “. Samaria People and Jews had a different believe about worshiping God in different location. Neither of those location need to go now to worship God! Now , by a pure heart and God’s revelation over you , you can worship Him , right where you are! Jesus was passing the town by revealing this truth , you do not need to do any good to reach God. God is Spirit , He does not think like a man , His thoughts are higher then any man. When He is passing your town his not going to condemn you , or revealing your worst part to yourself, No His divine nature does not do this. Again , He is passing to remind to us the He is Living Water! That He is BIGGER then our life.  Jesus Said ” Believe me , Woman , A time is coming ..” The time is coming to know the real truth about God! Our home can be a place to worship God. Our community can be. Our Church can be. Our city can be. Our Country can be a place to seek God and call upon his name.

In His 5th conversation with Woman, Jesus answered : ” ..But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

This Christmas Jesus going to pass your town. His will comes into your life. Let your Sychar’s town be a forever a great change.

Jesus seating next to your well’s town. He is seeking for having a great conversation this time and revealing to you who really is. Son of God – Son of Man Almighty God is coming to your town.



Writing By

Dariush Youkhaneh



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