Raising Time

” If you are not particularly excelling at something, remember that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Before you learn how to succeed you must first learn how to fail.

Before you gain something you must first give something.

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, it is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, Me, no one, is going to hit you as hard as life but life ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how wining is achieved.

Do not live life like everyone else;  be your own person, live your own life like no one else ever has. There is only one Michael Jordan, there is only one Muhammad Ali , there is only one YOU.

Life is not about being perfect, it’s about putting in effort and brining that effort every single day. That’s where transformations ha[[end, that’s how change occurs.  ” – From Nicholas ( AIME mentee) Mentoring , The Key to a fairer world  Page 146.

There is so many things ahead that we have not discovered yet in life. I brought to you the above inspiring words from Nicholas who is a aboriginal in Australia. There are a lot of truth in Nichola’s words. But It is not enough to stop there. Inspiring words are not enough we need to live in it. We won’t be happy most of the times that is a reality in our life. WE need to experience this life which has given us as a gift. You are saying I have not choose to be here but you got a choice how to live it. Doing life alone is miserable and hard but that won’t be like this anymore because we have a God who predestined our story. 


God says ” You did not choose me , I choose you and appointed  you  “. When we have been died to our own world , ugly and beaten in our own way , He called us friend and loved. We have been positioned from a slave to a friend, From homelessness to a safe lovely home. This is a reminding trig to ourselves to love ourselves and others. When I am rescued than I am able to rescue someone else. Now , we are dependence on Him.

After transformation we realise the life we have now , it is not ours anymore but for whom appointed us to be here. When he lives , we live too. The good news for all of us is He lives forever and  we reign and live with Him.

But God did not stop there he also gives us mission to bring others to this eternal life by bring forth fruit. Yes , Failing is a part of learning. I am so happy to be here and enjoy the life I have. Be proud to who I am and where I go! The reality is now you are adopted as sons and daughters of God. No longer salves of desire of this selfish world but joyfully and peacefully in His arms to do his will according his glorious word.

Walking with God changes me inside deeply and makes me stronger than before. Pushing a desire of to know him more. In this world of mechanic and media and technology – I am focusing on Him to remove all these distractions around me that they are wanting to robe my peace and love in Him. Our young people need to learn How they trust in Him , They need to know that where they came from. The need to pray and read and hide the word of God in their hearts and live it well. In a society where there is no name of God – there will be no need of God. He said ” I will be found by YOU “. I am appointed but do I know my position in Him or this world stealing me from Him.


Jesus said ” I have told you these things “. He told us before that would trouble for us in this world , it is time to raising up and be an example generation to come. How can we forgotten his goodness and kindness to our ancestors. How can we forgotten the believe they had to our living God. Let not the comfort of this life rob you and me from his plan and purpose.

We have to confront ourselves. Do we like what we see in the mirror? And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay – and rise! ” – Maya Angelou 

Yes says the Spirit they are blessed indeed , for they will rest from their hard work, for their deeds will follow them ” – Revelation 14 : 13

Tough times are always there – let me and you approach it as a learning platform. To gain be a better person. They are there to not killing you but to make us strong. Let’s change our mindset and give everything to God by prayer. Let’s declare it LOUD and CLEAR – CRY OUT to Him by his Spirit.

Billy Graham well said ” When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.”


It is a raising up time. Rise and Shine

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh






  1. Praise the Lord ! that was a very encouraging and inspiring post. I found myself thinking about how can i go forward and grow as a Child of God and being my best in and by the Grace of God. That was a enjoyable read. God bless you brother in Jesus !!

    Liked by 1 person

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