Let God do the Miracle for You, You just be IN it

There is another fascinated story in the Bible, right in the first King book. Please don’t go anywhere, Because we are going deep down of it and learn some lessons, which hopefully would be beneficial for us. Give your full attention and read through the below lines, of course, you are allowed to take a cup of tea and enjoy the reading 🙂

There is no other story in the Bible that a prophet or someone can stop the rain except Elijah, and he is from Tishbe in Gilead. Tishbe was in today’s Jorden country, and throughout Jordan, temperatures rise to 30 and even worse, the south of the Jorden can reach as high as 37 to 40 degrees Celsius. God took an excellent initiative step and suggested Elijah go across the Jordan river where the Cherith Creek is, Jordan valley, as bibleatlas.org brought us the map. Elijah was so familiar with the area, he stayed there, and God fed him by ravens, day and night. God prepared the most needed item for Elijah, Water from the creek and food for above.

King Ahab and his commanders are looking for Elijah. The rain stops pouring to the country of Jordan; as a result, only Elijah have the king-key of praying to the Living and loving Lord to have mercy upon, that the rain would resume. The sweetness of the creek was good till that dried up also. Elijah looked around; it was dry and waterless. And it was time to get direction; His soul was on fire, The Living Lord sent him, He was sure about everything. As he was in prayer, the Lord spoke to him again to move to the town of Zarephath.
“Would you please bring me a cup of water?” Elijah asked a widow near the town centre. God already prepared the way for Elijah; God spoke to a widow beforehand to give him food. The very unusual thing is here: the widow herself didn’t have any food left except a handful of flour and a little olive oil. God didn’t choose a rich man or woman to help Elijah. He is the God of miracle behind the miracle, glory behind the glory; nothing can stop the living God, for his plan and porpuses are greater. He chooses the weakest; he chooses the unwanted; he chooses those who starve to death; he chooses the outcasted ones- they are the real deal for God, those who don’t have anything to offer Him.

"Everything will be fine," Elijah said.

How can it be? Runaway from home, the King and others are looking for him and thirsty for the water at the foreign town asking a widow to give him a cup of water.
This is the same question we might ask God. We see ourselves in the struggles – not ending, the finance problem, the family issue, the health struggle, all are coming towards fast, without delay, and we are reaching to the point of “really God? Where are you?” All those obstacles seem real and legitimate, but God is greater than any difficulties we may face today and tomorrow. Elijah had confidence in this because he believed his living God was a provider, unknown future? Maybe. Known God? Definitely.

Elijah had security in his heart that the living God would look after him; it does not matter where we would be or what situation we are stuck in; he is there- ready to provide.

With a handful of flour and a little bit of olive oil- a miracle will be there; the widow and her son never ran out of it. Do our flour and oil need a miracle? Do we need a talent? never.
We are chosen already- our job is to be in the miracle, available as a sun in the sky.

“You are God’s prophet!” the woman replied. “Now I know that you really do speak for the Lord.” ( 1 Kings 17: 24 )

What are we waiting for God to do for us? I am waiting for something; everyone has a waiting list of things that He only can provide. Offer them to God – let him do the miracle for you- you just be in it.

Written by
Dariush Youkhaneh

Just Checking in

I wanted to see how everything is going..

Hi dear friends, This post is all about you! I am just checking in with you – How are you? How is your life?
I look to comments and see how you are doing?
Do you need prayer?
Do you have a pet at home?
How is life with kids?
How is your new married life?How is your single life?
If you are in lockdown, how you are coping?

Ask any question.

I can’t wait to see your comments, say Hi, say something, I hear you… love to chat with you….

Your Friend Dariush

How can you be in the world of chaos? Can you be like Jesus? Can you be in Peace? Can you be in Love?

It was two years ago – we’ve been free of restriction—the world with no wild Covid-19 virus was at least freedom. We could go to Church, and We could go to our schools and workplaces. We could go to restaurants. Now, we almost forget about how and when was the last time we gather as a community! 

Let’s turn off those voices and see what and how can we be like in the chaotic world?

If Jesus was here now- what he would do? Was he able to move around the city by city and preach the gospel of the kingdom of God? 

How can be in this world of unbelief? Everyone looking for their benefit. A country is taking over and goes in a completely wrong direction. The distance is getting more and more between families. How can one be the agent of peace in the world of chaos? 

Being Jesus on earth:

The very step of every human is to be like Jesus. Being like Jesus means to obey what he commands. There is no religious mask over a like-Jesus person. There is no double-minded here and there. They are not perfect but trying to be like Jesus. They are quick confessers and know others win the race is essential, and in the meantime, they keep their race in the eyes of Jesus. They know nothing can satisfy their thirsty souls but Jesus himself. They are living water that flows on drylands on earth. Everyone enjoys their company. They give Love and no expectation to return. They are kind and intelligent – stay alert to destroy the scheme of the enemies. Do you want to be like Jesus on earth?

Jesus said: ” Remain in me as I remain in you.” [John 15:4 ]

Being in Peace with:

If you are in Jesus – then you are the source of peace. You are the agent of peace; everyone wants to know what is the secret of your heart. They watch you secretly and learn from you- the way you speak attracts people and gives the audience wisdom and peace. You are in the centre of God’s will; it seems you are in the right place with the right people at the right time. You are content with your soul. You don’t look for answers; you are the answer! Because Jesus himself is in you. Peace beyond human understanding is in and with you. The only things that come and go into your heart are Light, Love, and Peace. So, you are at peace with everyone everywhere and yourself! 

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” [Colossians 3:15]

Being in Love with:

Love is not the four letters anymore. It is Love in the act. It is not a private love, but it is public – for everyone. It is for the family, friends, neighbour and nation and any race and tribe. Love does not know the colour! The only thing Love knows – it is softening and changing the hearts! If you are in Love with God – indeed in the right way through Jesus and peace is in you. Love keeps things in peace and changes destiny for the better. Love hold marriages stronger and turn a troubled teen into a loving child for the parents; Love does not know the borders. There is no limitation. 

” Love must be sincere.” [ Romans 12: 9 ]

What is your solution ? What quality can you offer to our broken world?

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Jonah’s Prayer, oh Lord I call you

If you read my previous post about Jonah’s story, you will see the centre of Jonah’s short mission is a powerful prayer!

He stuck in a giant whale’s belly! Sooner or later, he would be conscious, lack oxygen, and other facts will shut his body down. But, He trusts his God again and prefers to spend his last breath praying.

And He started to say:

” In my distress, oh Lord, I called you.”  

If you are inside a fish and there is no way out! Back to Him and start to confess, begin to believe again – put away all your points of pride and wear the humble cloth before the Lord. There, right there – it is a new beginning. 

” And you answered me.”

Hallelujah: There is a living hope for you and me. There is a new morning for us. 

Oh – All His mighty power will protect us. If you are deep in the world- he hears you, as he heard Jonah. God moves you from the world of the dead to the world of the living. It does not matter how deep we are stuck – He overcomes it – He will open a door. He will rescue us. 

As we continue to confess, all strongholds will fall- Jesus will break all chains. Your story is great friend, The measure of this world does not define you. That is where was the point of understanding for Jonah – Inside a fish. You might need time like Jonah. You may spend time inside the fish, But I believe God’s story is significant than any other thing in your life. You are not dead! Let these dead bones sing a new song for the Living Lord. 

” When I felt my life slipping away” Jonah 2:7a

” Then, O Lord, I prayed to you” Jonah 2:7b

Let this prayer of us be a pleasing alter for the Lord. Let these carnal lips of us singlet it rain. The rain of the Holy Spirit can make fresh our souls for His kingdom.

” But I will sing praise to you” Jonah 2:9 

All the earth will proclaim his righteousness. All the world – All the universe sing a new song to ” I AM “- Hallelujah. 

” Then the Lord ordered the fish to spit Jonah up on the beach,

and IT DID” Jonah 2:10

He will order all the earth for your favour. For your freedom, nothing will stop Him. He is running to You. Are we ready to come back home, my friend?

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Jonah Story,Nineveh, What God said to Jonah?

We continued Jonah’s story.
God said to Jonah: ” Go to Nineveh.”
Jonah went, ” The opposite direction.”

Have you ever felt you are going in the opposite direction in your life? Well, I felt, and I have been there.
It was the mushroom season in our small local town near the Caspian sea. The small village was near a vast Jungle. As a regular season, we went to pick the wild mushrooms. There were indeed delicious and nice-looking ones. Some were eye-catching ones. I was near to my family as I do not know where to go and which direction to take – If you had ever been to a vast unknown jungle, you know being close to those know the way how vital would be. Four of us- on the way to pick some mushrooms- and only one of us know the way. Suddenly my brother and I lost the two others. We were thinking of going the right way – but we were in the opposite direction of our homes. But thank God, after about 2-3 hours, the other locals found us lost and showed us the right way.
We are running away in the opposite directions! Whether we do it intentionally or unwillingly. We do it because we are living in a sinful world, and our natural response is whatever is not comfortable – ” I’ll ignore it” – or ” I know the way”. That was what we thought; when we had lost in the jungle, we felt we are going the right way – but oh, it was the opposite.
Jonah intentionally was going the opposite way. God said to him, go to Nineveh, the great city. But, It seemed Jonah was not ready to go there. Sometimes, God calls us; He passionately wants us to do that or do what he wants us to do, or go what he wants us to go. It may be because of circumstances and other excuses – we ignore to obey. The good news is here, still, God loves us, but we will learn to follow in a complicated way, and we go through a journey to learn those lessons like Jonah.
The ship he was going on to Spain – got in dire trouble, the storm/wind was hitting the boat hard, and nearly all the sailors lost their life because of a person named ” Jonah.” So, They kicked him out of the ship. But Jonah’s life never ended there- God needed to Jonah be in a quiet location where he can meet Him even inside of a giant whale.
I’m here to say to you, my friend, if the season you are in left you out, God will catch you up. He wants to have a quiet moment with you – that, there you will realise what it means to follow Him, What it means to obey Him – even you may not understand it.
Your opposite direction is not the end of the story, but it is a sign of lesson and love.
You might be going to Joppa like Jonah. But, it will be a time to go where God told you to go in the first place. He designs your destination. The journey might look scary – but He promised to be with you. Does God want you to go with him? Does he want you to be in a quiet moment? That is where Jonah found Who God is? Inside the belly of a whale. Where is our place?

In the next post, we found out How Jonah prayed and How things changed in favour of Jonah.

Written by
Dariush Youkhaneh

Three Questions God Asked Jonah that Can Applies to Ours

Jonah’s life is an interesting one; We read a portion of his mission to Nineveh. In a couple of days ahead, I will share more about his life and other chapters with you. for now, we go straight to chapter 4 of Jonah.
Let me start by enlightening us. Jonah’s book is full of questions. Start with a question and end with a question. Interesting! Isn’t it?
In my paraphrasing: ” God said to Jonah: Would you go for me to Nineveh’s city? ” And ending with ” Am I not right to forgive the people? “

So, let’s see what the three burning questions God said to Jonah in chapter 4?
1- What right do you have to be angry?
2- What right do you have to be angry about the plant?
3- How much more, then, should I have pity on Nineveh, that great city. After all, it has more than 120,000 innocent children in it, as well as many animals!?

If you read the book of Jonah, you see Jonah was a stubborn person. He did not want to go to a place that God said him to go. He just runs away like a teenage boy. But, there was a process, and God only knew how to deliver it to Jonah. There was a lesson. And Jonah took it hard.
We are the same, Sometimes God has given us a mission to be done, but we have millions of reasons not to do it, And then, when it turns out God was right, we become angry – Do we have right when God is right, and we become angry? Being angry is not sin itself! God has a plan for you, and God has a specific goal, designed only for YOUR LIFE. It does not matter what situation you are in right now! It does not matter what title you are carrying with you. It does not matter how it does look like our bank account every day. It all comes in our obedience to God. Question one is an answer to our circumstances.
Right when God accomplished His plan through Jonah! Jonah got out of the city – to see the wrath of God on that city. But, God had mercy and compassion toward the city as people realised the depth of their wicked ways. And God showed this by a lesson through a plant to Jonah. On a hot-dry day, Jonah enjoyed the shadow of a plant God had grown for him, and the next day the plant is gone, and Jonah complained.
In question two, I guess we can learn that ” Everything belongs to Him, the smallest and the biggest! Let God does what needs to be done. Do not complain about what God has given you and take it back from you; he is the sovereign Lord and has the best interest.

God said:” How come you are angry with a plant which grown in one day and perish the next day but not the 120000 people in my image?

What we can learn from those questions :
1- God wants our obedience (do what God said to you to do)
2- Have compassion ( even with no evidence, be compassionate toward others)
3- Trust ( trust god will be with you)
4- Our God is a God of Mercy (don’t underestimate his mercy toward everyone)

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh’

Dear friend, I am so glad you are here! Thanks for checking out my post today, I hope you are blessed. This blog is for you, and please share it with your loved ones.

Day 13 – To God be the glory forever

We all thought 2021 would turn a better year than 2020. We hoped, and we wished the things get better and better! But, we saw another wave of sickness hit us all; our cities, countries and the planet didn’t rest yet and still eating people. Either human error or natural disaster, the world stuck in the marsh. It is our responsibility. If any one of us turns to what is right and just, this would be far better than a place. When God created Eden’s garden, it intended to be perfect. It was our responsibility to look after what he has given us. 

” Who has ever given God anything?” Roman 11:35

God made all things for our enjoyment alongside living with Him. Our wisdom is limited – we still have no idea of the planet we are living on – yes, we think we know! As a new generation, we need to realise that to carry the goodness of God to the next. Another great thing we need to know is :

” God owes nothing to anyone.” Job 41:11

Act a way that pleases Him – In an honourable way. If you have been taken away with the busyness of life – instead of blaming God – find a spot to acknowledge who he is. As some saying,” I enjoy life as much as I can, and in the last years of my life, I remember Him.” God wants you to join him in the journey – or in other words, we need to join God in the journey of life. If you in hardship, Praise him and let God take your burden. 

God still hears – even we see no sign of absolutely nothing!

When God put his sleeves off – He created everything out of NOTHING- your nothing is the beginning of a great story.

” Yes, God’s riches are very great! His wisdom and knowledge have no end!” Romans 11:33

Let keep our victory flag up – We have a God whose wisdom and knowledge endless. To God be the glory. Amen.

Comment Amen- if you believe it.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Friend, I hope you are blessed with this post; comment and warm my heart with your encouragement. Share/reblog this post that would be a huge blessing to others. Stay in peace.

Day 12 – You Are Awesome

You are uniquely created and awesomely been formed in your mother’s womb to be here. I am just writing this post to remind you that you are loved. Although you have heard this message thousands of times. God is who created you, Awesome in His beauty.  

” I praise you because you made me amazingly and wonderfully. What you have done is terrific. I know this very well. “ Psalms 139 : 14

You are wonderful because the One who made you is Wonderful. That is why King David said it well in the above verse. I am not sure how much we know it well, but he knew it very well. Do you know you are made amazingly and wonderfully? And do you know that nothing can separate you from your Creator’s love?

His thought is precious to us, sometimes we are lost in the storm of life, and we find it hard to grasp; we are made in his image. Perhaps the more we get close to him, we get more we realise His love for us. Don’t drop this; You are precious! from your corner of the world to my corner of the world – wherever we are, we can do this! We can do a life to be better. Even if this life is brutal to us, we can be! We can try again – the failure is there to make us stronger.

Let us believe again, Let us trust again and raise up to change us and the new generation for a new world. You are alive to be witness to His beauty. Let heaven see this and smile at it, Let stars keep dancing for us and the mood see our love towards each other. Be a human, a kind and loved one. Who believes that with God, everything is possible- let’s colour our dark world with a colourful pen and paint it with a joyful shout. You are truly remarkable! ❤

Questions to ponder:  Do you know how much your Creator loves you? 

Remember: You Are Awesome

Friend, I hope day 12 blessed you. If you are followed days 1 to 12- Thanks so much, still we got two days to our 14 days immersing in God’s word. Your comment indeed will encourage me to keep writing. And tell me, on which topic do you want to see more posts? And you know! I am fully blessed you are here!

Stay blessed; peace and love with you.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Day 9 – The Country of Moab / Part 2

Part 2 – Continues from day 8.

Out of the country of Moab – Going Home

The pain was enough; Naomi sensed the direction of God to go back home – to Bethlehem. Where he got married and have a good memory, a place can call home. She hoped she could leave all her heart-sorrow in a foreign land. She did lose everything, except the breath of keep-going; she gave it all. The country of Moab showed her the wrong side; she paid a heavy price and was ready to change. In the middle of hard-thought about what happened to her life, she remembered her daughter-in-law’s kindness :

You have been very kind to me and my sons, who are now dead.” Ruth 1:8

She didn’t have any complaints about her daughters-in-law behaviours; She praises their behaviours. In other words, she was saying, ” One behalf my sons, I was saying thanking for being kind.” Naomi knew the pain of losing the husband as she experienced herself, so she prayed for them to find a good husband and a good home. She was praying in her heart for them that they won’t go again, the bitter losing a husband. As tears were looping on Naomi’s cheek:

” She kissed her daughters-in-law, and they all started crying.” Ruth 1: 9

Three of them- Emptied their heart and emotions. The endorphins are released now, and the oxytocin has given them a sense of calm and joy.

There was quietness for a moment. 

We all have those moments of crying after pain. We learnt the lessons, and our hearts need to be emptied and earnestly looking back to home. Naomi and the women were in a bad place in her life. But this didn’t stop her from praying, and it didn’t stop her to keep going. 

Orpah and Ruth urging Naomi to go with them. But, Naomi assured them – coming with her gives them nothing:

An I am already sad enough- the Lord has done many things to me!” Ruth 1:13b

It was time to leave behind all bitterness. It was about to move to a new location, a place; that Naomi can start again. 

But Ruth followed Naomi – and they did go to Bethlehem, together. 

Question to ponder: What you learnt from this story? 

Remember: Keep going, keep praying and stay strong.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Friend, Thanks; I am truly blessed you are here. Let your kind comment warm my heart again. I pray our Lord to bless you, dear.

Day 7 /14- Serve yours , Serve others = Serving the Living God

The only person you need to serve first is yours. If you do not know how to help yourself, you will have trouble serving others. Jesus knew how to serve the Father through the lens of serving others. We, as the body of Christ, is to love and help ourselves and others.

I have written a book called ” Serving the living God In October 2016, which you can find here. This miniature version of writing focuses on three critical matters: serving with a smile, serving with heart and serving with Him. The bible says, ” Serve each other with love.” Love is the engine of passion for giving service to others; Especially in the times of Covid. 

The Christian life, Looks to the interest of others; that is the heart of Christian life. Christ served us on the Cross. The Holy Spirit is helping us. Do a favour to yours, Serve yours + Serve others = serving the Father.

Sometimes serve yourself means forgiving yourself. If God forgave you on the Cross, Can’t you forgive yourself? Look at the glorious future of God’s kingdom in the land of serving. 

“Serve one another humbly in love.” Galatian 5:13 

” Keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.” Romans 12: 11

“In your hopeless point, you will find hope by serving others.” -Dariush Youkhaneh, Serving the Living God.

Keep running, keep pushing and keep serving. Who are you going to call/text/serve today?  

I recently received a message from an old-old friend; even though I was busy in my life, He sent me a text of encouragement. He served me, and my heart brightened. Serving God is not only meant to go to the poor country, but you can also start where you live, with yours, your neighbour, your city.

 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” ( Matthew 5:16 )

Questions to ponder: What serving mean to you? Who are you going to serve this week? 

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Friend, Thanks for reading the day seven post; I am full of Joy with your visit; please go ahead and encourage me with a warm comment. Would you mind sharing it with someone you know? Your sharing is an act of serving.

Day 5 – I Love You

” I love you unconditionally. You are my favourite one. There is no one on earth and heaven like you for me, and You think I hacked your life because I know all details of your life, I know your name, I know your parents, your parents’ parents – I created you to be. You do ask? Who am I, Lord? You are my Child. You are my breathe who living on earth. You are my image. You are my everything. You are my salt; you are my light; you are my eyes; you are my feet; you are my heart.

I wake you up gently; My delights is in you, my Child; follow me. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. You won’t fall as I uphold you with my right hand. Come to me, and I give you rest, stay near to me; my will is yours. Learn from me; all you need is my Grace. Your soul will find peace in Me. Remain in Me, and I remain in You. I hear you when you pray. I rescue you; I have all authority. My name is ” I AM”. I made everything – seen and unseen. Do not worry; I carry you to another side safely. 

My focus is on you; I give you my power to overcome the enemy. Your weakness will be melt in my passion. Oh, my little Child, I renew your strength again and again. I forgive all your wrongdoings. I wipe all your sins and make them whiter than snow, and you roar like a lion. You will fly like eagles. My plans are great; they give you hope and a future.

You know what? My passion is so much for you, and I gave you my Son Jesus. I fight for you; you need only to be still. Do not fear; I will help you. My unfailing love is for you; I give you my Spirit. Rejoice in my love; I have overcome the world. I am faithful; I remember you. 

I set you free; come to me. I tell you, belief in me do not listen to the enemy. I know all your needs; I love you every day and night. Let me hug you, my Child. Stay in my arms. “

Your heavenly Father -The Lord Almighty 

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Friend, This is day 5 of 14-day immersing in God’s word. If this post blessed you, leave a comment to warm my heart again. Would you care to share? May someone need to read; how much they are loved- as you are.


If you live in an apartment in a busy town – and look down from the balcony of your unit, you see people are walking into each other and hurrying to do something.

I am interested to see what will happen in the next 50 years from now. Our life is changing dramatically. Artifactual intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things(IoT) will be ordinary, and Electric cars are already hitting the markets. The machines are taking over human tasks. Those are exciting news for most of us. With all these new technologies, we are still struggling with our IDENTITY. 

If I give a blank page and tell you, please draw’ the identity’ for me; what will you draw? 

The oxford definition of Identity is “The fact of being who or what a person or thing is”

The Bible definition of Identity is “We are made in the image of God “, As I brought to you in my previous post. God breathed His life into us – then the simple meaning of who we are will articulate in who HE IS. So, Our core being is not defined by the things or affected outwardly. We may see it on the surface, but heaven’s connection shapes our inner status. That is why so many of the new younger generation are struggling to find themselves, and they look outside, look and love to be seen, desiring to have always new and shiny things. There is nothing shady to have a big dream. 

We see Identity as not something that recently comes up like a mushroom; we had this issue in Jesus’ time. There was a man called Matthew whose job was collecting tax for the government. He had access to the treasure and money; perhaps He knew the meaning of having a lot of money and sometimes unfairly collecting tax more than expected. In between, He heard Jesus came into his town, and it was the best time for him to look the life from a different angle. Matthew, A short guy, went above a tree with his expensive outfit to find his Identity. He did not care this time. Perhaps there is a Man in the town, can answer all his questions. Although Jesus, ‘the master of freeing people’, was there to bring his Identity back. Jesus’ presence was enough for Matthew to enlighten his heart. Matthew brought back Home. Then, he suddenly realised and asked this question of himself; ‘What I have been doing whole my life? Money!!! I give back four times more for those I unfairly treat them.’

Our Identity is not in the things. No, even, it is not in another person. Nothing wrong with having the stuff of life; the question comes with loving the things. Our Identity is in Galatians 5: 22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Heaven is our Identity.

Lose your life to Jesus, and you’ll find your Identity. Lose your life to Him means to be in connection with Him. Means walk in his way, coming back to Him, even we may make a mistake – but coming back to him with a repentant heart. Where do we find our Identity? At Jesus’ feet!

Comment – what’s your definition of Identity. 

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh 

A Divine Grace

Three things a person must do for to be a Jesus follower ( to better to say; to a true disciple of Christ) : ( Matt 16: 24)

1- Deny Himself / Herself

2- Take up the Cross

3- Follow Jesus

We are not called, love the world  but love the Lord. I know that, part of me do not want me to deny myself. Me , wants to follow me-desire ,  denying myself is not in my dictionary at all.

What does really mean deny myself ? John Piper says: ” There is zero profit in owning the entire world, since that cannot save your soul. The soul can’t be bought by all the wealth in the world.” Denying myself means accepting to put off the honor , wealth , and anything that is not from heaven assurance. It means I have not need to be anxious of tomorrow , if I have already denied myself means I got what it meant to trust Jesus depart of outcome. The perfect season is a season I trust Him more, even the wave of problems and trials comes I’ll be right to face it ! I ain’t to move , because this is not me any more but Jesus with me. Oh How great is this. Oh sweet is to know God is Faithful in all. When I forgive myself , a new window will open. If the world wants me , but that time I am ready to pay the cost , that time I am ready to deny myself and my desires. I got it. This is the key of restoration. Free myself of this world. Forgive me and others. No stronghold will keep me any more. I look up daily and say Thank you Jesus , I am yours as Brother Lawrence said : “I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility, and love.”

The Threes above are not a recommendation from Christ to us , but , rather a commend to all His true disciples.

John Piper continues in His article called ‘ Deny yourself for more delight ‘ : ” Therefore, when Jesus said that the way to follow him was to take up our cross, he meant at least this: Be willing (without murmuring, or God-criticism, or cowardice) to be opposed, to be shamed, to suffer, and to die — all for your allegiance to him. Or, to go to the heart of the matter, to “take up your cross” meant to treasure Jesus more than we treasure human approval, honor, comfort, and life. Our suffering is not a tribute to Jesus unless we endure it because we cherish Jesus. Taking up our cross means Jesus has become more precious to us than approval, honor, comfort, and life.”

Billy Graham well said ” “Christ demands first place in everything. And you have to come to Christ realising you’ll have to pay a price.” Following Jesus comes with a cost , If others tells you otherwise , they are not honest with you. Yes , Following Jesus is the best decision of our life. You have a forever-friend . you can call him your brother , your husband , your groom , your best friend , your lover.

Oh Lord, you sustain my whole being , Let me feel and know that you are in control of my life. Forgive me if I don’t deny myself to take my cross and follow YOU. I am weary , I confess it! Let remind myself and put you first in all my action. I recharge my soul , mind and heart with your peaceful presence. Than , I can understand your DIVINE GRACE and walk in your light. Say Amen.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh

Eleven points in John 14 can change your life forever.

JESUS comforts his disciples in John 14. He directly teaching them lessons. There are many precious lessons to learn and apply into our today’s live. Those words are for all his disciples around the world. They are great to contemplate , and focus our views to pure and right thing. Whoever turns to His teaching , they come out more focus , a better person , and diamond in heart, pure in mind and a free soul.

As I am going to point out those lessons, remember Jesus never promised your issue and problems will be eliminated once you believed in Him , of course He has spoken that He will be with us through it. In another word God wants to make us a true follower of Him by coming out of trial and difficulties as gold.

Read chapter 14 book of John in your quite time , see How God will speak to you through it. I am sure of this , that Jesus words will change your view/mindset. This chapter reminds us to not to focus on worthless things , or any other idea from people to us and the world around us, instead focus on praising , honouring words of God in our life. I need to remind myself of this truth everyday , and talk to Holy Spirit that he can lead me to the right direction. Are you ready ?

Lets read out loud 11 points of Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter 14:

1- Faith in Jesus Christ.

2- Wherever Jesus is , we would be too. Believing in Jesus will guarantee our VIP ticket right at His presence. Yes , we have this privilege of being in his presence in Heaven.

3- Jesus is ” The Way, The Truth and The Life”. Put attention: He IS. JESUS did NOT mention There are other way too.or There is another truth you may know, or there is another person can give you life. He simply said : I AM the way , I AM Truth , I AM Life.”

4- When you see Jesus , you see the Father.

5- Ask in Jesus , whatever you need.

6- We have access to the Holy Spirit.

7- Jesus will help us.

8- Jesus will never leave us alone.

9- the Holy Spirit will teach us.

10- the Gift of peace of heart and mind will be given to us.

11- Jesus will return soon.

Now go and read it , tell me what point talk to you directly. Who Jesus is to you? Does Jesus help you at all?

Go Deeper

I’ve never known that fire has a story to tell. A whole story of a city.

As Sydney has been impacted greatly with the bushfires , we all pray for a drop, a drop of heaven that can cool off us all easy. I am still dazing above..

I am typing these words down as we came from a bushfire storm. Some blaming the climate change , some others put their hands up praying continually as some others closed their eyes and they are in the grave right now because of this cause. Can we blame someone for this? isn’t Australia a dry land by nature?

My heart hurts when I see people walking away from God, Hiding behind the science. Smart people has no explanation about it! Given reasons without right justification. Hours and hours has been spent to debate – the end result : no outcome , farmers business brunt down. People devouring the smokes in their lungs!

I am here to pray for my city. I am not here to blame , give reasons .. I am simply here to ask the love of God for our city and community. We are rolling into sins and idols around. We are so sensitive for our own freedom. We make a cage for a meaning of freedom and put ourselves in it. But , Really , the real meaning of life is what heaven stored for us. Whom Jesus brought the real truth. You can be following your personal legend as Paulo Coelho described it in his the Alchemist book . Or simply you can go deeper , know the real purpose of you on earth.

I don’t know about you , but I wanna go deeper. I want to know the unknown, step into the unsearchable treasures. I want to use the source of light in my heart. I can write a long emotional letter to make you impact , no I don’t want to do it. I want to Holy Spirit involve , It is out of our control , if we just surrender to His will , we can have a best life on this earth and the life to come. Some times , I do not have a word to say ! Just coming here to encourage us , pray for our city, our people , our loved ones. That is my mission remind what hope you are holding on! That , you are worthy. Let’s worship Him and go deeper. I want to be rooted to source of life. That I can keep my heads held high on that day.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

14 days Bible Verse Challenge/ Day 10 The Holy Spirit Presence

“Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.
Acts 2:18 NIV”

Holy Spirit comes to our broken bones and mend them with His presence. He perfumes them and takes away all the bad smell of dead. Then we are going to proclaim his majesty to others. Making Him known to others.


Of his presence will immerse us into holiness and obedience. We will be a complete new person. This time carrying His presnece within us as He stays there.

This is Promise of God over our life . What area of our life Holy Spirit need to be poured out?

Ineed, We need Him in all areas. Smallest to biggest.

Let today Holy Spirit gives a new vision.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Dream Train

On this train of life; be a soul changer, a warrior of goodness grace. Invite somone to breathe life and have a breeze of existence to their dead bones.. Choose you, choose life, choose a life of God’s fill advanture and let your all notions fly to a place of dream on the earth. Join to this fun hardship train, join to this God’s love atmosphere and reach to his fullness unknown. I know you can do it.

No one is you. You are uniquely made. Your life is full of his Love, it is the matter of how you see. Can you relax and just be you? A human who loves others with no boundaries. Choose the best version of You and travel over butterfly’s wings to the point of ‘who you are’. Do you know you are on dream’s train already? Have faith, imagine, and beleive that God is control of your life.

He is in the centre.

Much love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Count on me

Frist of all . I miss all of you here. I wanted to come but this life of mine did not allow me really. God’s grace was enough for me and I see His hands everyday in my own life. The trials and pain of todays are our comforts for tomorrow. We have never called to have easy life on this earth. Altough, the first 15 years of our life was happy nice life. When responsibilities came over, we feel truly what world we are really living. But , we are not meant to live it alone. Jesus Christ here to help and heal us. Christ loves us unconditionally.

By the way, We are in 1 April 2019 , the second month of fall in Sydney. It does not look like it though. I can not see the leaves are falling from the tree that much. But , I see how my God is sweet , season after season he is  blessing me more and more. I don’t need evidence , his evidence is everywhere around us , within us.


Life is truly beautiful , Your presence even make it more gorgeous. Open the window of your home , take a deep breath. Cold or warm , you feel the freshness in the air. You are made for this. You are born to walk on this earth freely and enjoy the moments on it while you are here. What is the plan? Enjoy what God creates and listen what he says. It is for you and me goodness! The real treasure is in where you feel God is there. Richa and poor both they are breathing the same air! Love yourself . There is only one copy of you around! Be you and keep your heads held high. humbly accept the word planted in you which can save you. Don’t forget your face in the mirror. You are made in the image of God.

Although working is hard, But it does not reduce my creativity and my passion for God. I can bring God in my workplace, during my job, I can be the one like Him , in the way I treat others , In the way I talk to them or I do what they ask me to do and so much more. Slowly slowly they will know who I am trusting too. So , our job is not to spend time and think what others think about us, our task is simply look at Jesus, our perfection of Faith. I see God’s presence in my life.  God look at our hearts. Let us look after our heart , Let us protect what is belong to Him and allowing not anything impure it. I patiently wait for God for his loving mercy and forgiveness which I need Him every day, I need Jesus to purify my mind and heart again. I don’t know what you ask when you see Jesus face to face but When I see Him I will say ” You are truly my Lord “.

Good news is , my new ebook will be ready soon! as I will announce here as soon as any new update. I am excited for that , because this ebook is truly a practical love / forgiveness and joy we need to have teaches!

Much Love

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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My heart’s words

You don’t need to be great for being humble. Accept who you are. Your identity do not come from there world. The truth is,  you are alive now. Also , the reality is , me and you living in a broken world. You can choose to be kind. You can be a better person whom not led by any wave of emotions. Your feelings not going to control your life. Standing on the truth seeks a brave heart.

Somewhere in my heart I do realise that leaning on my own understanding not going to take me anywhere. Some people will change when the time pass by. I thank God, Still I am going to house of God. I thank God because he protected me from the scheme of the enemy. Yes, I have been hit by the wind of this life. Yes , I have been cracked by this life but I thank God I always thanked Him in any circumstances. I am rich in His kingdom from sunrise to sunset from this life to another.


Sometimes , I think I am in a dream here. My whole life is a dream passing by. When I open my eyes God’s promises rain on me. The moment I open my eyes in the bed , I say : “Good morning Holy Spirit, How are you Jesus, How about you Father? ” . I have never been tired of saying those words. That makes my day beautiful enough.  Closing my eyes at night in Prayer before sleep keep me in line of to be fit spiritually and to be ready for the plan of my Father in heaven on the earth. If I truly cry, I cry at my Jesus ‘feet because I know there is a real-comfort there waiting for me. The safest place you can be! It would happen definitely sometimes going to depth of the word of God not realising how fast the time past! Need to keep in step with the Spirit fully. Devoting yourself wholly to God may it seems difficult but when we take little steps by steps it will get much easier than before. When you live in the dream you don’t live by flesh anymore but by the spirit. You don’t focus on flesh desires that much rather your focus are on heavenly unseen things. Your current situation not always be the same. It will get better and better as you walk with Him. I’ve decided when I was 13 years old. Filled with the Holy Spirit.  But do not get me wrong , I made a lot mistakes. But God knows the heart. He looks the heart as He wipes all our sins by the Blood of Lamb. You are the Only One for Father and I am honoured to deliver this message to you. It will get better.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

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The Problem of Pain book by C.S LEWIS review

“Why must we suffer? If there is an all-powerful God, Why does He allow suffering and pain? Why do animals or children suffer? ”

There are questions which has been  seen on the cover and back of the book. I did not buy this book to find the solution of pain in our world. I bought this book to understand why there is a pain in such a beautiful world. If God is so beautiful why we see the face of ugly things inside and outside of the our life. The problem of pain book is classic and heavy written well. Some phrases you need to read again to understand what does this mean really. He starts with divine omnipotence and divine goodness than talks about human wickedness followed by the fall of men.  Human pain has been explained well in two chapters and than with a short explanation about the hell. He gave one chapter to animal pain than finishes with heaven chapter.


” I do not think it is our fault that we cannot tell the real truth about ourselves; the persistent, life long, inner murmur of spite, jealousy, prurience, greed and self-complacence, simply will not go into words. ”

“… We must learn to walk before we run ”

” The guilt is washed out not by time but by  repentance and the blood of Christ: if we have repented these early sins we should remember the price of our forgiveness and be humble.”

[ Human Wickedness chapter 53-55 pgs ]

This book is a real treasure  in your library indeed. It is worth to read it again and again. Although you find out that the vocabulary of the book is a bit old but this is not going to put it less in anyway at all but it helps the readers to go in depth of the meaning of what he is trying to tell.

C.S Lewis continues ”  What is good in any painful experience is, for the sufferer, his submission to the will of God..”

As the problem of pain book has been written on October 18 1940 impacted millions people’s life. C.S Lewis wrote more than 30 books. Learn more about his here.

My suggestion is to read this book. Learn about the new way of living as he mentioned. The room of improvement is vast and long. There is something beautiful that Lewis going to teach in this book. Find it. As I said earlier there is no solution – all of us living in the falling world. There is no way to escape that. But there is a cure how to face it. By the Blood of lamb Jesus Christ. Lewis knew that the only way to understand all suffering we are bearing right now is to reach in His loving presence.

There are 1483 reviews on GoodReads for this book the rate is 4.08.

The chapters are clear and transferred the message with clarity.

Words and phrases are reads beautifully.

Right chapters

starts and ends well. 

My rate is 4.8 for this book.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



I am in awe of You

When I see your beauty , I am in awe of you. When I see how you died for me on the cross that today I can have this freedom and walk in your presence without shame. When I see; you forgive me – this is a miracle. The sun without one turning back shining me your light. I am doing my own thing under the heaven but you are blessing me and thinking of me. I am just do not know what to say. Speechless within thousands words! Lips not moving but heart full of your awe.

I was travelling around Sydney for a few weeks. When I saw the beauty of my God. I just was full of thankfulness and I realised how big is my God. That was a place I felt safe and secure completely. Although there is nothing to compare His beauty – I surrender all in this awe-ness!



Let the whole world fear the LORD, and let everyone stand in awe of him. (NLT Psalms 33:8). Everywhere you go , you can see with your eyes how awesome is our Lord. From here to your town , from your town to another. You can feel it and touch it- be full heart of gratitude in this life short on this earth! This is the real love. I am focusing on your promises Jesus. Be glorified in my imperfectness and complete me with your love.

Sometimes God allow us to be us! He is there dancing with the nature – waving with the sea to us. Touching our hearts with a whispering of his wind through the broken window. Even we lock ourselves inside the room- He is there. Trying to come into – knocking the door of our heart. Saying come my child let me show you how big I am.

Splendour and majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his place. ( 1 Chronicles 16 : 27 )

I was always thinking I need a pair of wing to fly above all and enjoy. But I just realised I can fly without a pair of wing. I was thinking I can win every battle by my own, But I just understood this is not my battle to win. I was thinking I can love everyone, but I just got it if I only can love the one. 

Are you fighting on your ground ? stand in his awe. Are you well and blessed in your life? stand in his awe. When we live with Christ our love grows every single day, every battle day , every well day in all situation. And I believe for you as much as I believe for me. We believe in his love. We trust in him that is our firm foundation. We are the overcomer. Just stand in his awe. Believe God can do it for you.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

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Oh Jesus

I seek you with the whole heart. I walk in your promises boldly. I am not ashamed of walking in Faith. In this young age , I will praise you. I will give thanks to you. Be my God , I’ll be your little child. I follow your footsteps oh Jesus. You are all around me , when  I am down , you are there to lift me up. When I am glad, that is your joy in my inner being. How can I forget your kindness toward me.  Even you did not know me , you gave your life that I can have a full abundant life in you. My soul  rejoices in this. Open my mind and let me discover the wonder of your love. When I told you about my troubles you answered me Jesus. Help me to understand your way. Your presence is heaven to me.  Your marvellous deeds are remarkable in my life.


You make me an overcomer! I am determined to be faithful. I am strong in this. I am thirsty to learn more of you. I am here to obey your words. I promise to obey it with all my heart. I worship you, you only know what is going on in me and around me. I pray to you, because you are a great hearer! Indeed , I could not find anyone like you. You hear my heart’s words and respect them all. You are wonderful. Create a new heart in me. I long for you. I rely on your truth. Your truth set me free. I wait till sun rise. I will pass the valley of the darkness. I know there is a beautiful love of father hugging me kindly. You are telling I got you child, be still. I trust you , even it seems impossible! where are my enemies? They are all disappeared.  My eyes are look up that you guide me by your cloud in the day and you are the one leading my by fire in the night. Holy Spirit touches my soul to remove all hurting. I go to sleep with your lovingkindness and I wake up and praise you. Your love is evidence all around me. I am yours , you are mine.

Oh Jesus. Oh Lord , you are eternal! You word will last as long as the heavens(Psalms 119:89).

Holy Spirit rain over every reader right now. Let their life change in Jesus Name.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


Joy of the Lord yours

You are like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever you do prospers. ( Psalms 1 : 3 )

I have joy in my heart , that God going to prosper his chosen one. You are the child of God when you listen to Him. You are his precious one when you obey his voices. You are the one because Jesus died for you. We are the people of heaven whom God is able to prosper us. I believe in my heart. Just look at him, don’t look around, what this or that does. Look at him. You are healed by his Blood. You are whole by his body. Pain is a surface , but Joy is your portion. David said that , you are tree planted by the streams of the living water. Word of God day and night be on your heart and lips.


The fruit of Joy , mine

When sun rise , His word guides me throughout the day

When sun run away , his arms hugs me warmly and lovely

I sleep in his loving kindness as His joy overflows my cup

Sweet dreams of Jesus, touches my soul

Telling me I am His forever more..


By Trusting to Jesus everything changes !



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


“Now we pray to God that you will not do anything wrong—not so that people will see that we have stood the test but so that you will do what is right even though we may seem to have failed.  For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth. We are glad whenever we are weak but you are strong; and our prayer is that you may be fully restored.” ( 2 Corinthians 13 : 7- 9 )

I am not going to have another bible Sunday school here. Not at all. But I like talk about the truth in your life and in my life. The Above paragraph which the apostle Paul  saying to the church of Corinth actually it is for us .

The real truth is able to fully restore you. It can change your life in a positive reality of being. Your definition of truth it may be different of mine but at least we are agree in this – there is a real truth exist. The real truth remains always nor the time can change it. Paul says that in above sentence ” We can not do anything against the truth , but only for the truth “. Today I am writing about this , I want you to meditate on this words. Because by focusing on the real truth , your heart’s eyes will be opened. You grab a new prospective of the truth and what is it for me? That is why Jesus said ” you will know the truth ( the real truth) and that truth will set you free.” Walking in the truth make you strong , that will impact your whole life, beautifully. You can not lie anymore , you can not steal or cheat because this is not you , it is the truth in you – carrying everywhere you go. Jesus said ” If you only know me ” What does that mean? It means if you only know the real truth. Your chain will be broken and for sure you know what is right and what is wrong.

By this truth we can know his Unending Love ( click here for to read it)


The heart of God , Is truly full of truth. Grab the heart of God , you will not do anything wrong. If we do , we are going the wrong direction. I want us to keep our heads held high with no condemnation. Truth is a helper of me and you in this broken world. I did not know about it , But God of all mercy revealed to me. How and when? By being humble and obedience. Our weaknesses  does not mean we do not know the truth , but ; that means we are strong to accept that our flesh is weak – and fight between flesh and spirit made us weak. It is okay. We are not surrender to the desire of this broken world but we are surrender to the only Son of God , Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness would be possible by the spark of this truth.

Let God change your heart to his truth. Than you will know why Christ dies for us? Than you can forgive others in this truth. definitely you will know what is the meaning of the lamb of God. By doing that , you accept to the holy spirit of God reveals the more (real) truth of himself.

So I don’t boast in the truth but I rejoice in it.

This truth will allow you :

1- Going to the right direction

2- To do what is right

3- To be strong

4- Fully restored

The above four , they are the sign of a growing person in God. But for sure there are a lot into it. For example Before Paul says ” Test , if you are in faith”. Truth , Faith , Hope , Love , they all working together. If you know the real truth , you can not hate the image of God( human ) on this earth. You love everyone , forgive them. You have everlasting hope and your heart is full of life as you are holding to the faith.

Let me know what is your truth? Is it giving you eternal life promise ?

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Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of the Heads Held High


Dear Me

Dear me , listen carefully what God is saying to you. Think what ever is pure ; right and bright and put away all your old way of thinking. See how the creator of the universe is blessing you. Look at the sun every morning rising up ( but sometimes the cloud won’t allow it ) for you. Make a decision that you are carrying your cross every day. How? By loving people intentionally. Dear me , do not hide God’s love within you. You are loved . You are braver than any lion around you.  You have not born with a lie! You have born for a purpose- a plan for the follow!  Dear me , I am not begging you to follow God’s heart – I am already in God’s heart.


Dear me , whether you want or not – I am not looking back – I got change! I got a new life in God. I am found. Not stepping down of God’s desires in my life. Please , Please remember I am not perfect – Just in the journey. Tracing Father’s foot path to eternity.  I am purifying myself with freshness of God’s spirit every moment. Piece by piece lighting up my inner being- Every cells of mine are turning red – a good one. Oh that’s true I fell down – But who said you can not rise up? You can. You are able because you are born to be strong! Let the storm come. Let the trails come. Let the strange things come because they make me more close to God.

All I take! God is my hope. God is my rock. Because I know He can turn my chaos to order! Hatred to a Love! Enemy to a friend. Dear me , Do you know who you are now? You are a Child of living God. He said ” It is done “. Throw your doubts in the seas. Walk in the freedom of His mercy. And know that you are not alone- anymore. Have heart! Joy is yours. Love you are! Light you are-  As  God says ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End “. Take a moment and see how blessed you are – every day of your life. 

Oh dear me, you are going to receive living water- be still , full of his presence.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

The Garden Of Our Ways!

These days are very special for me. As I am praying for a company change from God. He did answer in the right time with his special way of answering. In our terms and conditions we may see the things good for us. But God has his own way , He has his own term which is perfectly , perfect for us. We make decision with the human fact and our logic won’t be enough compares to our heavenly God decision. We do make decision in the base of what is right or wrong. But God wrap it up with his grace and love, with a wisdom beyond our human mind.

Right in Sydney is raining now! A beautiful rain all we’ve been waiting for. We had a really dry seasons from last year. I am thanking God for this beautiful , peaceful rain. Love this moment specially my favourite cup of tea feels more cosy! I care about you, you are my friend even I do not know you, my vision is to reach you to inspire you, encourage you is my most priority task. You think , I am careless about myself , not at all. If I won’t be in good shape how can I inspire individuals. Inspiring you , it will inspire me. every word I say here will definitely is for me too. I’d like to make here like one-one-one session. Like two lovely friends talk to each other- but I hope you won’t be tired of listening to me.


Where ever you are right now. I pray for you that Love of God overflows in your life. Feelings comes and goes. Our moods will change but God will never change and He is always with you. All of us our needy people. some people more , some people less. What makes us special from others is we are the son of the most high who lives forever. This makes us proud but it is our responsibility to introduce this eternal life to others. Our personal growth is our responsibility more important then that our spiritual growth will help us to know the heart of God. I once was away from it. But slowly slowly by spending more time in prayer and the Word , God changed me inside.

There are a lot of things out there can steal that moment of stillness. Do not allow that to interrupt your intimacy with Father. From business to family. What ever it is . The moments I pray for my future career company – interviews – preparation . God revealed more himself to me and a soft lovely music whispered in my heart ” My grace is sufficient for you ” . I realized , I have the most important [thing] in my life , I am content. God was not stopping my dreams, He was reminding me that ” You HAVE ME , Means you have everything ” , all other things are temporarily and He will provide with a blink of eyes everything I need and I asked for. Have you thought twice in the below word?

” in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. ” [ Proverbs 3 : 6]

It was the matter of submission and being humble. Trust whatever he chooses for me will be beneficial for my life. Even the ways looks like narrow and impossible. My task was an act of obedience not less then that! It is like saying ” God I am blind ” you take my hand and lead me to the right path. The only thing I can do those moments offering my heart of gratitude to Him. Acknowledging Him is not a shame. It is an open-heart decision. In health and sickness. In prosperity and poverty. In gladness and grieves. The question is here am I willing to submit my ways to Him? Jesus submit His ways to Father. He is an example for us. Let us look after ‘ the garden of our ways ‘ and let Him do the trimming and smart in appearance inside and outside.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of the Heads Held High / Check my books section


God Loves Us

Philip Yancey in his book ” The question that never goes away ” elaborate a big question like ” what is God up to in a world of such tragedy and pain? Where is God When It Hurts? Oh how we long for an answer to that everlasting question ? Why God? Why did you allow that tragedy happen?

We seat in silent and ask God. How that happened Father? In a blink of eyes someone is dead now! God ‘s plan is not to see how evil is growing in restless world. His plan is and was good for all the man. We are living in a sinful world. A world that people are dying for their right. Where there is no judgment. Where there is no equality. Where there is no Love. As Philip Yancy explains in ” Our Only Hope ” Chapter ” We live on a fallen planet , Anyone who doubts that should visit Japan.”

In his book  The Problem of Pain C . S Lewis wrote , ” God Whispers to us in our pleasures , speaks in our conscience , but shouts in our pains: it is megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”  I Can’t be disagree with Lewis. God is in throne. God’s desire surly is well for us. It is not pain and tragedy. They are part of the sinful world. They are not coming from a good good Father. We rejoice in our suffering because we know and believe we already have received victory in Christ. He won our hearts and now we are belong to the King of Kings. Not from this earth anymore but a citizen of heaven.  May it seems the tough questions of humanity remain unanswered only on person can answer all of them. The person of Jesus Christ. We all have those questions are buzzing around are mind sometimes. But really? Who can answer those? I found that there is no one on this earth can do- Only the One above, The Son of God.


Billy Graham in His ” Hear My Heart ” Book wrote , ” There is indeed a day of peace coming, but God is going to bring it , and it is going to be on his terms.. However , we don’t have to wait till that day comes to have peace in our own hearts. ” Peace I leave with you , my peace I give unto you,” says Jesus ( John 14: 27 ). ” I can give you a supernatural peace and security, a supernatural love and joy that you’ve never known, if you put your confidence and your faith and trust in me”. I am looking for that day to come. I am like a watchman every moment waiting to  that day comes. I do not want to fallen in this fallen world. We are mattering our world so much , putting so much attention to materials around us. We are still earthly!

But it does not matter , we heard the voice of God or not. He still loves us and calling us back home. He is pointing us toward home – a place to be with Him. Whenever we go an pray to God we feel free – Free of the world around us and in us. Knowing God and growing in faith are those element me and you need to put in action more everyday. Billy Graham wrote in another place in His ” Hear My Heart ” book ” Every one of us should have quiet time alone with God every day, Your spiritual life will never be much without it. Prayers should be filled with praise to God. with Thanksgiving for all the wonderful things he has done. Self-examination should be in your prayers as you confess shortcomings. God is interested in hearing your personal requests, no matter how small. You should seek guidance in prayer. An important thing to remember is that you should pray that God’s will be done and not your will. People make mistakes. God doesn’t. ”

As we grow in love of God. The big question will fade away – because we know the source of everything now. His got the all answers. His Got me and you as we trusting him all the way in this journey of life, though highs and lows.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

I Obey You God

Kind David written beautifully his heart desire to God.

Remember your word to your servant,
    for you have given me hope.
My comfort in my suffering is this:
    Your promise preserves my life.
The arrogant mock me unmercifully,
    but I do not turn from your law.
I remember, Lord, your ancient laws,
    and I find comfort in them.
 Indignation grips me because of the wicked,
    who have forsaken your law.
Your decrees are the theme of my song
    wherever I lodge.
In the night, Lord, I remember your name,
    that I may keep your law.
This has been my practice:
    I obey your precepts. ( Psalms 119:49-56)

Three things I am going to remind us :

1- God’s promise preserves our life

2- We keep remembering His name

3- We obey his command


I do not know about you, But I am really struggling to keep God’s command. His promise is to hold my life and maintain for His name. Of course I do my best to keep praising his name. Every day of my life. I have a notebook and I write what God has done for me for the day and thanking Him for Who he is. But , for me it is a good practice writing them down and remembering How Lord were God to me. Even I may sometimes look back to my sinful nature and have an itching on them. But I learnt to keep filling my soul with his words.

David sought God’s help. It is funny he also reminds God of his promises. I think , It is okay to bring your frustrating and tell God. like ” Lord, You have promised me to keep me safe, So; then , What’s happened ? ” .  We see people forget your commands, They are not seeking your face. We see injustice shouting from every corner of our towns. Who is going to look after those? David says my task is keep remembering your name. My dear reader our task is keep remembering his name even in the face of Pain and injustice. Keep worshiping him even with all those bunch of wrong-doing or human mistakes. Open room in your heart and let God move in it. I am going to do that , I am going to obey God. I am going to keep loving my enemy and bring all my frustration at Jesus’ feet.  The world slapping my face hardly ? I am going to be more humble. Because I know God’s promise guard my heart as I keep praying and thanking to Him and humble to submit his word. Are you willing to?


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High


Another Year Ahead

I am thanking God for another year ahead, He has been so good to me. In a few hours I finish my 32 years on this earth. I am So much grateful for this beautiful gift of life. The moment I went deep in love of God – I fell in love with Jesus already. The moment I took to know him was so precious – He promised me , He will be always with me wherever I go. He stayed in His promises until now. He was patient on my errors. Sometimes He punished me for my Good. Dealing with sin never was his attitude. I am here because of His grace. Today I can celebrate my birthday because I have so much to tell others. The story of Grace.

When I was 13 – I was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. The moment the fire of God came to me – I was sealed for his purpose on this earth. I did not take vow to serve Him forever- But He took his heart and make  me like become love. He attracted me to his light. To His everlasting crystal beauty Love. I was one small sand in a million sand on his beach. Looking for who can I be? His looking beauty inside me and showing how much he loved me.. more and more. I am learning a life on earth and his showing me how to become a citizen of heaven. I learnt skills will come – surrendering need to be learnt and repentance need to be repeated. Who cares you are famous or rich – poor or wealthy , educated or uneducated , known or unknow whatever you are ..I learnt it really not matter. Here and there .. the matter is how you learnt to become love. Am I humble enough to love an unlovable person?  until now who is my enemy ? I forgave them all already. I do not remember who are they! I love them , forgive them . I don’t do because I need to do – I do it because it makes me love and light; like water. May the year was full of the struggles – but joy of the Lord kept me stronger . He is increasing my faith – I felt that- I am feeling it these days. I am a clay on his hands , His shaping me for a better. I am loving Him more –  in my workplace, in my talking , in my waking , in my shopping , in my life.



Looking for a year of the supernatural ( miracles ) . Getting back to shape in my faith. Practice the presence of God more and taking one step closer to Him. I enjoy this . I delight in the Lord and I am full of expectations to win more. Focus on the goals , loving his people and become like Him – a source of Love – Where ever I go his presence will be with me. Not looking for idols of this world but becoming a real man of Him.

Thank you very much to all of my friends here, Thank you for being with me all this way until now. God bless you every day. Please keep reading this blog – because we are here in this journey of Life; together. I am thanking God for each one of You. You are so precious.  

Father I am thanking for another year ahead you have given me – Lord please allow me to spend well. Let your plan be obvious for me in this year. Lord where is need a faith please pour out yours- Lord wherever need a hope ; please pour out your presence , Lord wherever need a love ; please reach out your hand and comfort. You have been look after-ing  me , Your angels protecting me – how sweet is it! your eyes are upon me. I obey and love you more and more. In your Name. Amen



Dariush Youkhaneh

Prepare for the Best

I want to know your heart God. I am searching for the best in your presence Lord. I am not looking to myself and saying oh I am not look like you! Instead , I am looking to mirror and saying I am blessed to be your child. I will never change the word in my mouth – My mouth and lips will praise you forever. I wear a new cloth of you. I am so lucky to know you. Funny is this world not to accepting you Jesus! They ignore you for nothing. Even , though , You love them and give them dreams and visions.

I want you more than anything else in this world . You are my life and every breathe I am taking right now is yours it is meant to be yours. Fool are those put their trust in object of this world. I am humble for your plan and purpose in my life. How can I prepare myself for the best? Tell me the secret of your heart Jesus. Open up my inner being to know you better and better. Takes away all my iniquity-  Let your blood again and again wash me over.

I am forever thankful for the Cross. For your loving heart , I am in awe Jesus. Tell me how to be like You? Tell me how to be the best of You? Tell me the whisper of your precious love. Let me drink your tears of Joy and drawn me into your ocean of righteousness. Sanctify me and accept my heart repentance with an honest worship of my windy heart. See , take it away if there is anything that you don’t like – make it your Home. Thank you for sharing your goodness with me , Thank you that you create a safe place for me , Thank you for simply loving me without knowing me. How great you are?


When this world gives me Pain , You give me Peace. When this world gives me trouble , You give me Truthful. When this world gives me lie , You give me Love. When this world gives me hassle , You give me hope , When I am faint away you comfort me and tell me have Faith. I see you everywhere , your hands doing miracles all around the world. Fool are those denying it and bless are those believing it. You are my leader. I am learning a class that you are my teacher.

My confess is this: to love you more , to know you more and to obey you right! Teach me your way – in a way of yours. I love you Jesus – Lucky my heart that have a place for you. I am preparing for you. This is your home.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High



Faith and Love

They say , you can not do it, but God says you can and you are able to do it. Because you have a God which he can do impossible in your Life. God does not complex the things and make it better, He creates new things out of nothing! He uses a very simple formula. Your Faith, my faith and their faith. People do not believe in simple things that is why here and there make it hard for them to believe in miracle! That is why the wisdom of men is off to reach there!

You need recovery? believe it and receive it. You need a breakthrough? keep believing till you get the answer. You need healing? believe He can do it for you; according to his Will. Indeed today I am writing for you , is a miracle! I draw faith like a plant , that need water and root. We all need water and root to be grown. Have you ever been in desert before? I have been there for a short period of time – The most important thing is Water – not salty water ! a sweet water to be drinkable! God is faithful if we stay on God’s line , He will do what he promises . I know , sometimes I have been off the track , But I have always tried to get back in track. The message of redemption is not for couple of unique people but rather for everyone out there. You know what? It is the matter of Choice.


I am an ordinary man , with an extortionary dream. It is nothing wrong with you to have a dream higher than your situation that is where makes your life much excitement. Where you can challenge yourself in a healthy way. He knows everything we do , He knows our comings and goings, He knows what you eat for breakfast and knows what will happen to your tomorrows! But , He gave us free will to choose , He does not push us to, rather with love and grace call us! The word of ” Faith ” standing out a lot these days for me, every verse I read pointing me to it, every word I am hearing reminding to it , every sermon I am listening pointing to it and every music I am discovering , showing a new way of it. If you ask the greatest artist in the word what is important in your life – They will say it is Faith. Faith to what you do and what you believe! I am asking you my dear friend. What you believe in it. Let your past go , grab the future. Do not overthink , Trust God and live a life of excitement.

If someone broke you heart , Love is the way to forgive them! If someone hurt you , Love is the way to forgive them. If your home is cold and do not see any love in it – please please keep going and do not give up in loving each other. Let the Love light your Home and Faith keep it alive. Even without preaching to someone you can touch their heart by Love. A divine love of God change you inside out, it will change others around you. We are not perfect people, but we have someone is perfect , His name is Jesus. Me and you , we are in a journey to live a life of faith and love. This is not a new word , This Love was before the creation of the World. Can you forgive someone ? Can you love someone ? Can you root in it ? Can you..

No doubt..

Let all that you do be done in LOVE. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Precious Jesus

You know sometimes you have nothing to say – no word comes to your mind to write it down. It is a rainy weekend. Winter knocking the door. Tea – Blanket – laptop and a bible are your friend – to be one step closer to God.

I love Jesus , more than anything in this world. Go anywhere – any place to search – any location you discover – the beauty you found – not going compares to the precious name of Jesus. Did I find it in religion ? No at all. The beauty around you –the love of people – to serve others and be an active member of body of Christ makes it more beautiful than before.

I remember the times I fell down – the times of trial and challenges. But now I realise even there ” my precious Jesus ” were. Look ahead to a bright future in the tough times , it is a taste of heaven. If God can do – you can do it. If He believes in you , you also can believe in Him. Faith is a necessity weapon of our life here.  Faith is given to me and you to know there is a place which there is no pain. That we can have hold on to unseen things- That we know here is not the end of our story.


Sometimes beautiful things comes out of the ugly things. People wondering around and do not have answer for improper things of life but remorse the answer is Love. If we deeply love each other we got our answer from heaven. If we deeply respect to each other opinions we are respecting God in heaven. Our God is not the God of division but unity. He loves to grab you by His love as he created you by His love.

Love is a start point of shining. It is removing our ungodliness. It is making us humble as a holy child of God on earth. Learning How Jesus loves others – How he speaks to us that is the way when we can love an unlovable and forgive them beyond our human ability. Love is an evidence of God on this earth. In another word , it is an evidence to a conscious heart.

What this Precious Jesus do mean us?

1-Jesus is Love. He loves you greatly and beautifully. A level of Love that you even can not imagine it.

2- Jesus is all Powerful. He is able , when He is able , I am able also. So through him I can do all things.

3- Jesus is our King , Our God , Our Saviour. We do have a king which he is our friend too. A God that never forsaken us. He saved us forever in Him.

4- Jesus is Real. He is a person. He is real , He exist . He is not a “if” , He is a ” definitely ” . He is the meaning of our life.


And many more.


Precious Jesus – Can change your life. He is not far away . He is right there in your room, in your heart.

Our knowledge can not save us. Our power can not help us. But Precious Jesus Can.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



Month of May is here, for us it means leaves changes their color and we have expecting a little bit cold weather; compares to pervious month. Dryness of the season will be seased and flowers and the greens get more water. It is time a dance for God. Having patience to see the Spring. I am wondering where are we now? I have readers almost all around the world. I know you are in different season of the year. I wonder where are you right now? And what do you up to? Because we are almost near the half year and our gratitude need to be lift it up from where we are now. Do you see the wonder of God around you? Have you noticed it? Even with your difficulties and pain. Bibles talkes about it ” for everything there is a season”.


I believe; we are living in the edge.. a generation forget about their identity. Searching and seeking and looking everywhere to find it. Sanctification , seems, it is a heavy duty now, that reached to border of impossible! Living in a world of 21 century and freedom. Millions of information in a second in your hand! Accessing anything at anything! Advanced medical and great hospital facilities! With all that said , miserable to cure human soul and heart ! Forgot where we came from, forgot who is our soul creator , forgot about who died from us , forgot about who we are. I believe God is in work , even we forgot Him , He did not! He stayed on his promises, He loves to heals us. But ” If you faithfully OBEY the voice of the Lord you God “. I want to listen more to voice of God in this Month . I want to grab myself close to Him. I wan to know what will please Him. I want to clean myself from this sinful world and do what not makes me happy but Him because I know that time I am IN real joy and happiness.

I wrote a book many years ago about ” Happiness “. I asked my people around me gives a definition of happiness. Interestingly everyone had a different answer. God reveals himself differently to everyone but the destinations are same. Some said ” I define happiness to help others to love them as they are “. Some said ” I define happiness when I see my children walk with God ” …


God of all universe gave us the cure for our soul and body. The cure is to obey Him. Than blessed be your basket and your plate. Than blessed be your household , Than blessed be your bread, if you obey the voice of the Lord. Living in the edge it does not mean , we are done, No. It means we have a chance to come back where we belong. He says ” Come, everyone who thirsts “. It is time to rise up in your community and help someone from fire. It is time to be a leader to lead your people for a good. It is time to be you and brave as you are. Jesus said ” I am with you where ever you go “. Chosen people are protected by almighty God, Do not allow a little fear keeps you hold of the plan and purpose of God. Your mission is bigger than your fears. Behold I made you my people.

So , look to future. B R E A T H E. Means [be] Brave  Refresh Excitement Able Transform Hopeful Enjoy.

We are going to be brave; our God is greater of all.

We are going to be refreshed ; we will renew our hearts and mind to be like him everyday.

We are so excited for what he has stored for us.

We are Able; because He is able than we can do all things through Him.

We are changed and transformed by his grace. Always there is second chance.

We have hope for a great revival in us , in our family , in our community , city and country.

We enjoy the life he has given us in this life and that life.

Take Heart and keep going and always look for a change that can transform your life forever. This going to happen when you trust and let it go .

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


I Run For The Prize

I run for the Prize

There is a pain still? Yes there is. There is a mistake ? Yes there is. There is a struggle and tough time? Yes there is. There is a sickness? Yes there is. There is .. There is.. But that not the end . I know till we are on this earth we have all difficulties and pain. I am not finished yet, Even may I carry the pain in my body; shall still I praise Him. Because I know one day I get to Heaven. One day I get my all answers.

I am an overcomer because my Jesus done the job already on the cross.

There is no pain any more and any tears. I am here to be a witness and have faith. When my soul join to eternity I am in the rest forever. I am running toward to goal. I run for the prize. I forget what is behind and looking what is in ahead. I chase the vision of kingdom. I embrace what is true till that day we are free free indeed. I may off the track sometimes but I am in complete vision of my Father and my humble life is in his hand and control.

What can stop me for the plan of my father in my life? My mind? My flesh? My lies ? My past/present mistakes? My illness? My pain? My loneliness and worries?.. NOTHING shall be able and have power to separate me from the rooted plan of God in my life. I am waiting to rejoice in heaven. I am looking forward to reach and see Jesus.

2017 Youth Commonwealth Games - Athletics

You Say : Dariush you are telling beautiful and promising words. But what can I do now with my struggles?  My beloved reader and friend. I love you so much that is why I am writing for us to let us know how much God loves me and you. The most reason we are struggling now it is because we are too much focusing to “seen things”. But still there would be pain even you focus to ” unseen things”. But you see the things differently, you are going to receive the heavenly glasses on your eyes( when you focus on God’s kingdom). All till that day. Heaven and great paradise waiting for us. What me and do can do right now? Isn’t to go before him and asking for ” what is the next step “? Me and you not anymore looking for answer but we are the answers. Me and  you not anymore looking for the light , we are the light. Me and you not anymore looking for peace; we are the peace. Because Jesus is in us. What should I do now? I run for the prize till that day. I figure it out that our most struggle we are in now; is because we are looking to surface- we are not into heavenly realm yet. We say Amen to most prayers and not knowing what is really meant. We are happy Christians and not received the joy yet. Because we are spending much more time on earthly things – but struggling to spend 10 minutes with our creator.

Philippians 3: 13 -14 says : Beloved , I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

I am looking to do that ” ONE THING ” ; one thing I do- What is that ” one thing ” look like in your life. Is it forgetting what is behind? Is it a small forgiveness. Let replace it with the power of Holy Spirit today. Lets have the Spirit of living God change us inside wherever we are right now! Lets believe we are citizens of heaven.

No more I am going to run from myself , I embrace who ever I am. I am created wonderfully and beautifully. I am gaining a wonderful peace in my life as taking the steps closer to my God. Here I free my soul from all obstacles of this life… carry the cross.. love myself.. love people. Love the life and looking forward to gain more knowledge to improve … Now it is the time to shake yourself of old way and wear a new one. Now it is the time of change. Now it is the time of ME and YOU. Let us stand fight for our faith and push the darkness away and have HOPE for a great future ahead. Who said you can not? That’s the enemy. There is never late to come back. The attitude of a hero is never giving up and trying hard to get the result. We pray hard , we help a lot , we have compassion heart , we are peace and live in peace. We obey and submit to our God. We listen to Him and spend time what is the best for our soul. We practise the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in our life by meditating his word every day and night. We stay in light and bring others to this great awesome light.

  • Even my boat is broken- I wait for Him
  • Even my heart is tired – I offer my whole to Him
  • Even my future is foggy – I trust in Him
  • Even I lost my way – I look to him



In Jesus Name




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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All the Earth!

All the earth, Everything in me shout for His name. People may not know you Lord. But My heart have joy in You. No matter if I am poor or rich, In any level of my life; Simply I surrender. You meant it on the Cross, I am proudly can tell people you are my God. You are my first Love. I am loved by You and Found in a gravity of your presence. My pain is an inspiration to be strong. My trial is a bridge to know you more. Let the world count me nothing because than I know my God choose me for a plan; for a reason. His death on the cross gave me such a freedom I’ve never experienced before anywhere not on the earth and not in the heaven.  My flesh may fail and fall and put me down, It may get sick and unable to go ahead. But , the Spirit of God within me empowers me to be who really I would be; beautiful in His eyes. Like eagle smart to see, Like Lion great in kingdom.

I proud to my weaknesses because they are a point of strength for God. Heavens know my name, The angles knows my name. His wisdom covers all my foolishness in me. He takes me to the next level of self-understanding. I don’t need a degree of theology or philosophy but a humble heart to know Him more. To trust Him and act – to publish my private prayers in public as an act of worshiping and serving. I am forever thankful He is risen and He is alive today. His face has never changed. His mind has never changed; His love towards us have never changed since before creation of the world. Do you think can worry separate me of His love? Do you think hardship of this age can separate me from his Spirit? Do you think my loneliness can do it? Do you think my broken heart can do it? Do you think Satan can do it? Do you think financial broken can do it? Do you think my tomorrow’s worries can do it? Do you think my mistake/shame and condemnation can do it? Do you think my past can do it? Can they really separate me from the love of God? If they can , than I ignored the resurrection of Jesus Christ in my life. He resurrected from death that TODAY I would be an OVERCOMVER and CONQUAER !


The world in in our hands! Written down to call them free; valley by valley!

At Calvary, A big changed, caused a beautiful-forever thing for me and you. The people of unclean turned to be cleaned by the blood of begotten Son. Now we are in a new covenant. Cleansed in Jesus’ Name.

Now I can honour Jesus in my School day to day homework . I would be able to make praise in everything I do. Because , Jesus died for me and rose again that I am able to forgive and love others unconditionally. You get what I said? Unconditionally! It means no expectation for return. The wind of Holy Spirit takes away all impurity in me. Now I am a better person, Focused in Life , I know what to do next. The life is more meaningful than before. My mind does not go stray, I am like a nurse to myself because I know what is right and what is not! My soul more refreshed. Nothing is vain – every moment is worth even those times seems not to be. I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother.

I declared within me ; I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and put my hope in His promises. Hallelujah!


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

I choose to be… 

Having not internet at home is such a pain these days and  more worse is to not finding your laptop charger around! With all limitation I choose and made decision to update my blog by my little smartphone. Became something in my heart burning to tell you all. I believe and trust this post will inspire and speak to many. 

I am trying to live as an obedient child. I learnt that my so many hard work , my so many lot doing for God not changing and moving God’s but obedience does. I haven’t born in a really good world but in a true mess up world. But the spirit of God changing me inside out to know what is good and what is evil. Freedom to choose whatever I want. But I went more mile to discover the danger of me. God is simple. The reason I learnt more from God because I obeyed his command and the reason I learnt less of God became I disobey his will for my life. 

The truth is this : He wants to Make us in his image. Choosing the good,refusing the evil. 

George Macdonal in his knowing  The heart of God says ” For the Godhead is still at the root , is the making the root of our individuality…He made our wills , and is striving to make them free” 

God will make your will free my friend. We don’t need to be someone else . We don’t need to change our individuality or characteristic according to this that may others love us more. The matter is this who made you in this way , it will look after your feelings , mind and heart and soul. 

I am hungry to tell you the truth as I am passing the journey hard, But carrying the cross in my hardest time kept me fresh. Your choice is not others mistakes. My choice is not depends on my yesterday’s but depends on Him. We need to learn hold Him fast when the wrong things knocking the door and we can’t recognise what’s the truth? Our society going mad instead of holding Faith they are arming their own foolish will and thinking going the right Way. Don’t we know God never changes his mind ? Or whenever is sin God is not there. There for with all madness around I choose to do the will of God. I choose to be in Him . I choose to shine and Love in truth. I choose to be beautiful and strong as my Saviour Jesus. I choose to listen to my good shepherd voice. I choose to take risk and not to fear and live a life for him. I choose to choose God my father to obey him even it seems impossible because I know and I believe He will deliver me.

” Will his will. Say to him : My God , I am  very dull and low and hard. But you are wise and high and tender,and you are my God. I am your child . Do not forsake me. Then fold the arms of your Faith, and wait in quietness for a new revelation till the light comes into your heart” . 

May I am geographically miles and miles away from you now. But God is so close to you as I am praying for you. Also Praying for Australia as the decision days coming closer what ever outcome be , I pray God’s will come and one day Jesus return again and all the truth will be revealed. It is never late to come back home :

I Choose to back to image of God live in that way …

For those God foreknew<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146A” data-link=”(A)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> he also predestined<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146B” data-link=”(B)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> to be conformed to the image of his Son,<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146C” data-link=”(C)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> that he might be the firstborn<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146D” data-link=”(D)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> among many brothers and sisters(Romans 8:29).