Just Checking in

I wanted to see how everything is going..

Hi dear friends, This post is all about you! I am just checking in with you – How are you? How is your life?
I look to comments and see how you are doing?
Do you need prayer?
Do you have a pet at home?
How is life with kids?
How is your new married life?How is your single life?
If you are in lockdown, how you are coping?

Ask any question.

I can’t wait to see your comments, say Hi, say something, I hear you… love to chat with you….

Your Friend Dariush



  1. I am doing well, Dariush. Thank you for asking! I am currently grieving the loss of a mentor of mine in the ministry. He died August 11 from COVID-19. It’s hard to believe he is actually gone. His name was Pastor Ron. Please join me in prayer for his wife, daughter and grand children. Thank you, and God bless!

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    1. Hey David, Im glad you are well. I am sorry to hear for your loss- Heaven got a beautiful soul, I can not imagine , it would be very tough! but God’s grace , we can know He is in Control and saying ” God you gave us , you taken back from us”.
      Father God I pray for PS Ron’s family , for his wife , his daughter and grand children and those were close to him. Father , you know how hard is to leave a loved one, whom dearly were among us but suddenly left us without notice. Father God , I pray for comfort of the Holy Spirit upon Ron’s family and friends , As he is in your arms Jesus, please continue pour out your presence in their hearts that , they can receive peace and calmness of your holy , Lord – you have not forsaken us , you see , you know what is going on! Thank you for your mighty hands, Thank you and worship you with tears of love – keep this family safe in your arms, assure them you have not forsaken them as always let your promises be on them. Love you Lord and praise you- Amen

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  2. Hi Dariush. I am doing well by God’s grace. Thankyou, I hope you are too. Married life is filled is happy and blessed. God is good every day. He makes a way for every need we have. ❤️🙏🏻

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    1. Amen Deborah, good to hear from you, I’m doing well too, thanks for asking , indeed God is good everyday, how can we love without God 😊 truly your right , He makes a way to every detail of our needs. I’m blessed 🙌 you are here

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  3. Because of God’s grace, life is great!

    If people would continuously search for opportunities to help others, instead of focusing on their own problems and issues, they will probably find that their life is getting better and better because of God’s grace.

    Keep up your GREAT WORK in Christ!

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    1. Good to hear from you Ray, Yes , you are right , sometimes ,we ,human drawn in our problems , we forget who is around us , we need keep helping others , pray for others, in that way we will be blessed , we will be healed. That is a good point.
      Thanks for your comment, I am so glad you are here , your inspiring others by your words .. keep doing it


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