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A private note on a verse

If we are faithless !!! Means it is possible for us to be away of Faith sometimes or for some more. But , He is full of Faith and He is Faithful. This encourages me truly , this lift my broken bone and heals… Continue Reading “A private note on a verse”

Hold on!

It is about 8 days past of Autumn in Australia. Days are now chiller than before. You can not compare this weather like last month. hugely , beautifully i see the changeover. A change that was well needed for this land. The nature is screaming… Continue Reading “Hold on!”


God is still faithful in any way. The world do not listen to us and we are not belong to World.  God is still on your side even the world arrest you for your righteousness. For your truth . They arrest Jesus. They arrest… Continue Reading “Faithfulness.”