Hold on!

It is about 8 days past of Autumn in Australia. Days are now chiller than before. You can not compare this weather like last month. hugely , beautifully i see the changeover. A change that was well needed for this land. The nature is screaming to hold on.Standing firm where ever you are and see how God can change your life. Hold on to see the change n your family. The broken relationship will be mended if you only hold on. See God in every where and seek his face in your life. The power of darkness is broken because your light is so so bright. And your fruit of light is goodness, righteousness and truth. Hold on to ,it does not matter what. You are doing right. Freedom is the matter of holding on to something true. See , learn from the seasons how they changed and every time they hold on into their own season.

In what ever season you are in , Hold on . God is coming!


In this season , You need keep praying and trusting. You can not change the seasons but you can change its mindset. Know what is God’s will in your life. You do not need to do something special to be special in the eyes of God. God says hold on and trust in me and see how i am going to change you.

let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering; for he who promised is faithful. [ Hebrews 10 : 23 ]

Hold on in your marriage, hold on in your job , hold on in the season you are in. Because our God is the God of hold on and be still. 

Hold on to what is good. With all bitterness around you, please do not give up. Because God say so. Wear Christ. Read His word. I wont understand how your sorrow would be bad. But I am here to encourage you , in this season you need to hold on. I know , the pain is tangible , but we are not from this world . Here is sin , and our sinful nature would be affected somehow. God says hold on i am coming soon. Have joy in it even in the face of hardship. We are in together. We are suffering in some way some how. That is why we are a family , a body , a spirit and need to encourage each other and help to raise each other up. We are not alone , because He is faithful and we are not forgotten . Not anymore. His spirit . Holy Spirit is within us. understand what is the will of God in your life ( as i am trying to ) . Love yourself , Love the life and people around you.

See He is working in your life.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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