Time to let go of the past, and welcome 2023

This is my last post of 2022!

Oh dear friend, Oh, my lovely follower. I am so so thankful for every single moment of this year. I remember we started the year with a bit of trembling in the heart! But, I know and I know and I have seen God was faithful.

I am writing to you, to us. With all the stories between the years 2019 to 2022, some so ugly and painful, and some neutral. You went through! We made it. Whatever your song of the year is made of, you know, you are strong, and your heart is ready to forgive yourself and others.

Let’s do a favor! Forget what belongs to the past and grab the present with a look at the future.

Your life is the matter! Even after that year of uncertainty. It may not be predictable for the year 2023 and forward. But thank God, you have hope, a new one. It is like the angel of the Lord of heaven told you everything. Thank God, you have a heart of peace.

Drop down the bag of 2022! Drop down the bag of shame, drop down the bag of unforgiveness, drop down all the pains and ugliness.

Time to let go of the past!

Grab the bag of hope and future, grab the love and forgiveness, grab the joy and health of Jesus. -grab family, friends, and you. Be free for the new year 2023. You are who you are.

With all greatness and gentleness of God, work for the best and your achievement will be written in heaven. You, your work, your heart, your family, your everything inside out will be all working together for good.

Here is my pray for us.

Lord God, Thank you for another year! Let me put behind what needs to be passed. Let me grab what it meant to be mine. New doors, new opportunities, new me for all areas of my life for 2023. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Happy New Year 2023.

To You and your family and friends.


Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Dariush, brother thank you for your always optimistic outlook! Here’s to seeking God’s presence in the present. I tend to awfulize about the past and worry about the future. How about just living our best lives now—in the Lord? Amen and Amen! Happy New Year, my brother!

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