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Sychar’s Town

Everyone knows Sychar as Jacob’s well is located right around this city. A historical conversation has happened between Jesus and Samaritan Woman. Jesus was thirsty and tired of the desert Journey. If we flash back to this conversation , we learn a lot which… Continue Reading “Sychar’s Town”

Books I am reading now

This is good. When you share with people the good things. I am reading these days ‘ The case for miracles by Lee Strobel ‘ . It is a nice book to read. I am in half through the book and till now I… Continue Reading “Books I am reading now”

Precious Jesus

You know sometimes you have nothing to say – no word comes to your mind to write it down. It is a rainy weekend. Winter knocking the door. Tea – Blanket – laptop and a bible are your friend – to be one step… Continue Reading “Precious Jesus”

One hour to read 

I love to tell you again. Tomorrow Heads Held High ebook will be released. Make sure you got your copy now.  Go to below link and order : https://www.kobo.com/au/en/ebook/heads-held-high Read the ebook in one hour.  Boost your motivation forever. Let this short book encourage… Continue Reading “One hour to read “

New ebook release day

Exciting news! Hi my Beloved friends and followers.  I have good news for you all. Eventually, My latest ebook, Heads Held High ,  is ready to encourage you most. The release day is 12 / 02 / 2018 . You can pre-order by now. What… Continue Reading “New ebook release day”