Precious Jesus

You know sometimes you have nothing to say – no word comes to your mind to write it down. It is a rainy weekend. Winter knocking the door. Tea – Blanket – laptop and a bible are your friend – to be one step closer to God.

I love Jesus , more than anything in this world. Go anywhere – any place to search – any location you discover – the beauty you found – not going compares to the precious name of Jesus. Did I find it in religion ? No at all. The beauty around you –the love of people – to serve others and be an active member of body of Christ makes it more beautiful than before.

I remember the times I fell down – the times of trial and challenges. But now I realise even there ” my precious Jesus ” were. Look ahead to a bright future in the tough times , it is a taste of heaven. If God can do – you can do it. If He believes in you , you also can believe in Him. Faith is a necessity weapon of our life here.  Faith is given to me and you to know there is a place which there is no pain. That we can have hold on to unseen things- That we know here is not the end of our story.


Sometimes beautiful things comes out of the ugly things. People wondering around and do not have answer for improper things of life but remorse the answer is Love. If we deeply love each other we got our answer from heaven. If we deeply respect to each other opinions we are respecting God in heaven. Our God is not the God of division but unity. He loves to grab you by His love as he created you by His love.

Love is a start point of shining. It is removing our ungodliness. It is making us humble as a holy child of God on earth. Learning How Jesus loves others – How he speaks to us that is the way when we can love an unlovable and forgive them beyond our human ability. Love is an evidence of God on this earth. In another word , it is an evidence to a conscious heart.

What this Precious Jesus do mean us?

1-Jesus is Love. He loves you greatly and beautifully. A level of Love that you even can not imagine it.

2- Jesus is all Powerful. He is able , when He is able , I am able also. So through him I can do all things.

3- Jesus is our King , Our God , Our Saviour. We do have a king which he is our friend too. A God that never forsaken us. He saved us forever in Him.

4- Jesus is Real. He is a person. He is real , He exist . He is not a “if” , He is a ” definitely ” . He is the meaning of our life.


And many more.


Precious Jesus – Can change your life. He is not far away . He is right there in your room, in your heart.

Our knowledge can not save us. Our power can not help us. But Precious Jesus Can.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




  1. Amen! Beautiful and powerful post. Thank you. I am blessed with it.
    God’s love is indeed patient and kind; His love believes the best. His love redeems and restores us. No matter what we’ve been told or what we may think about ourself, we are His most prized possession. There’s nothing that can separate us from His love. Faith is activated by love. As we allow Him to flood us with His love, our faith will be ignited and we’ll be empowered to live the abundant life He has for us.

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