Books I am reading now

This is good. When you share with people the good things. I am reading these days ‘ The case for miracles by Lee Strobel ‘ . It is a nice book to read.

I am in half through the book and till now I can say the book is interesting , fascinating books. I know what my God can do but it is always wondaful to hear and know how God worked and works in others’ people life.

He started the book by brining couple of small miracles in people’s life. Than He interviewed people there.

He brought a case against Miracle and slowly slowly explain about that. He flow to couple of city to have this interview with those people.


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The two other book , I have not started yet , they are slept on my desk right now . One is Bigger Than Me by Ward Brehm which forwarded by Rick Warren and other one is Everybody Always by Bob Goff. I will definitely going to put the reviews on this blog to give you more insightful views of the books. If you have read them why not left a comment here and let me know how was it? and we can have conversation for it.


Hope today’s post was helpful for you.


Talk to you soon

Dariush Youkhaneh





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