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Spring has Sprung in Sydney

Everywhere you go in Sydney now , You’ll see a flower comes to live and want to give you a kiss of aroma. You can not miss it , You can not ignore it. It is yours and yours only! My running days getting… Continue Reading “Spring has Sprung in Sydney”

New Season

We got into new season of kindness, Spring. It is Spring in Australia tomorrow. This is unfailing love that has been given to us as a gift. It means new life. A new branch of lightness invites us to shine again and be a… Continue Reading “New Season”

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring : | Spring brings love and aroma of new living in a naked tree. If you are in Sydney stop a moment find a cherry blossom tree , take a selfie photo and remind to both of you that you’ve done it… Continue Reading “Hello Spring!”

Spring days

Birds are singing, the flowers are smiling and the sky is raining. It is Spring here. And I have such a joy for a new season. Beautiful days ahead. The good news is here, I have hope my new book will be out by… Continue Reading “Spring days”

Spring In Australia

Spring is beautiful  here in Australia . How God made this earth wonderful and created everything on the order. God has made everything beautiful in its time. ( Ecclesiastes 3 : 11) . Australian Spring starts in September and Summer came on December. (… Continue Reading “Spring In Australia”