Spring has Sprung in Australia -Again

Spring has my heart! It was like yesterday I was in the mood of last-year flower season. I am a bit naive. I see the love of God through the flower season when you can see the smile and smell the atmosphere. The promise of a good season needs not an optimistic heart – but a pair of open eyes to watch the kindness of this nature around. It reminds me of the love of God, a soft hand of heaven to pursue like no other. I am so in stillness of this season – I just want to seat next to a small coastal tea-tree and watch the waves of the ocean and know that God is with me still as the freshness of this season. This refreshes my soul to the bone again.

 I call upon the name of my God, the source of my strength and power. who is like our God, He is the only one who created all the seasons. God owns the Spring and I enjoy His creation for just a short time, From the gorgeous – beauty of her appearance to the smell and freshness like heaven. I know that well in my whole being. I am searching for her depth of love and meekness. I walk with a breath of freedom and shout ‘ How good you are darling?’

“For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.” Song of Solomon 2:11-12.

Let’s pick the flower and sing a song of spring. Let’s hear the voice of the dove, the one that brings the good news of tomorrow, full of hope and life. Clear the path and let love have its way, All I need is, lay down and look above the blue-beautiful sky. I am warm even in the cool nights of spring. I catch the full moon, near it to my heart to enlighten my doubts. I am dancing like no other and making a new song.

Who is like her? A white dress with unimaginable love. My Sweetheart can steal everyone’s heart. She is full of kindness and patience. I am learning boldness and braveness.

God teach me to be kind like you, to enjoy your season and spread the love to everyone around me. It is time for me to get out and sing, let it be.

Your friend

Dariush Y   



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