New Season

We got into new season of kindness, Spring. It is Spring in Australia tomorrow. This is unfailing love that has been given to us as a gift. It means new life. A new branch of lightness invites us to shine again and be a spark in the blossom. How am I be in this new love?I’ll be in awe of it as I change to be better as I look up everyday of this new season. Would you join me to welcome Spring?

Would you celebrate a new life which God given us with me. Jesus Promised He will make everything new one day. Spring is the season of love and kindness. It is the season of new growth , expecting a new rain of heaven with a grateful heart of worship and surrender.

“We follow your will and put our hope in you; you are all that we desire.”
Isaiah 26:8 GNB

I want your will in this season not me. My wills are not stable and long living , yours is truly that I am seeking in this season. My hope is not in earthly things but in You , Lord. I put my hope to You , alone whenever I go or wherever I’ll be. My desire is to be with you in your presence I have everything I need. I follow your heart this season.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Welcome to spring in Australia! September 1st in Montana, USA is like the start of autumn. It’s breezy and cool. I love ❤️ your springtime pictures. I’m with you in thought as we tell God, “Lord, I put my hope to You , alone whenever I go or wherever I’ll be.” Yes, indeed! Have a blessed day!

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