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If you live in an apartment in a busy town – and look down from the balcony of your unit, you see people are walking into each other and hurrying to do something. I am interested to see what will happen in the next… Continue Reading “Identity”

Look! No Price for !

W I S D O M You cant find price for this anywhere on the earth. You cant buy it in any shop or sell it. This wisdom is beyond the pearls. This wisdom is a gift from God. It is not in deep… Continue Reading “Look! No Price for !”

Wisdom Chat

8 days of winter gone here in Australia. It feels cold , some days rainy , some days cloudy and some days sunny. 8 Years I am here in Aussie land. No regret , every days was a new learning and possibility. 8 years… Continue Reading “Wisdom Chat”

Why do I need more Wisdom?

Part 1 On March 3 , I posted a blog about ” A dream for wisdom ” . In that Post mostly I talked about having and dreaming wisdom are very vital for our modern earth life. from last night and today , God… Continue Reading “Why do I need more Wisdom?”

All the Earth!

All the earth, Everything in me shout for His name. People may not know you Lord. But My heart have joy in You. No matter if I am poor or rich, In any level of my life; Simply I surrender. You meant it on… Continue Reading “All the Earth!”

In His Image!

Wisdom, That is all humanity need it and it is my desire to have it too as a deposit to us from Heaven. People make things complicated and hard . But we are inherited in Christ to be simple and wise in all way.… Continue Reading “In His Image!”