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8 days of winter gone here in Australia. It feels cold , some days rainy , some days cloudy and some days sunny. 8 Years I am here in Aussie land. No regret , every days was a new learning and possibility. 8 years to be here as fast as 8 days for me, life is so comfortable to not to be bothered. I just got it now. Be in that zone or other way around still you have challenges every day. At least we have to be agreed in this that ; difficulties are everywhere. ” If you want to be best , you need to try hard “. This is not my word , that is what the world is required! I am here to open my heart to you and have a chat. I hope this would be a good company. I am here to hear your word too. ( just leave a comment ). Before talk lets grab our teas ( I love organic green tea , to be honest: I don’t like coffee I am a tea drinker ; )  sorry I know ).

It looks like more Fall here rather than winter , in this month you see Sydney’s trees more yellow and falling down nicely. I am hugely fan of winter specially in Christmas times when snow ball falling down from sky , It is a miracle for me – you know ; specially when you haven’t see snow for eight years 😦 . It is okay to feel compassion for me  haha

The last two years here in Sydney was like :


Now , you can say : SORRY!

It feels like you are in middle of Australia ! Like Broken Hills area.

It is  a blessed country , surrendered by beautiful beaches around. Another thing I need you to tell that still no internet availability at home , I am here right in the library type up what I need to share. Still It is okay ! It is complicated and long story why we haven’t internet ! we have only a few days left to World Cup. Do not know how we are going to watch but I know Australian match will be broadcasted on national TV free of charge 🙂

Just be said can’t wait anymore for the matches to be started ! ; D



At least , 4 years of my life I was waiting for this moment from 15 June- 15 July World cup games in Russia ! Why I was waiting ? Three big reason because I love football , I play football and I have passion for football 🙂 Please do not go away if you do not love football , I know you still love sport . But recently I was trying to watch a sport which I really do not agree to watch called ” RUBGY ” .

Ooops I even do not know how to spell it 🙂 –  Not offend to my fellow rugby friends. They have passion and it seems they loves rugby :). But I am seeing the real football ( soccer ) fan is growing much and much everyday.

But don’t get me wrong still :


Okay! To be fair I love all sports , actually I love Chess and play a lot on my phone. Just last week I played basketball with some of colleagues and I enjoyed it even I did not the role of the game. What Sport you are passion about? Which one are you playing now? If not, choose one and go for it : ) or join me to cheer up for world cup Russia 2018.

I think is enough  ; ) lets talk about our spiritual world now. I hope you are reading your Bible . I know you are. I’ve decided for this month( the whole month ) read the book of Proverbs , I am on chapter 8.

Does not wisdom call out?


The decision you make it is based on your prospective of the world. The family you grew up have a significant impact on all your decisions. Yes , It is part of impact too when you born in a different country and context. It is all come together and form you view of this world and your brain contains bunch of roles , regulations , cultures and memories. But with God’s help you can form it for kingdom’s purpose. It need a little discipline and practice everyday. You need to reformulate your brain’s wire and restructure and feed it in a right way-well. But All not going to end it , you need grace and mercy , forgiveness and love which definitely you can (ask)gain it by humbly and honestly asking God for it?

Quote : Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom! Thomas Jefferson

Believe me , Godly wisdom will open many doors for you. Your prospective will change , your whole life will change , yours and other positively will be impacted when you hit it by Godly wisdom. You do not need to be a good communicator. You have received naturally to speak ( good and great they are level of your practice ) .

If you are looking for to have fruitful life and wisdom. Keep reading and asking God for it. There is not other place you should look for. Yes , there is a lot people out there can help you with – but why not get started with the source of all Wisdom. I am taking this that you can add this into your life – to be able to make at least a little bit good decisions ( we all make bad decisions by the way )

Proverbs 8 : 35 says :


For those who find me find life
    and receive favor from the Lord.


Wisdom is life. Wisdom is water. Wisdom is bread. Wisdom is everything.

What type of wisdom I am talking about ?

But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.  ( James 3: 13- 18 )

Okay , I think we know where we are now or :


What do you think about the above image? : ) funny but true : ) isn’t it?

I think I can not keep typing anymore here in library , Data Got to be  finished.

Before we leave take this with you :

” Get Wisdom , Get Understanding ” ( Proverbs 4 : 5 ) 


Have a blessed week!

Don’t forget leave a comment. Invite someone here !

Love ya!

Dariush Youkhaneh



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