Why do I need more Wisdom?

Part 1

On March 3 , I posted a blog about ” A dream for wisdom ” . In that Post mostly I talked about having and dreaming wisdom are very vital for our modern earth life. from last night and today , God highlighted me the wisdom again.

I was reading Proverbs – Suddenly, Somehow my attention went to read Proverbs. I’ve decided to read my devotional book from Joseph Prince. I loved the way he says ” My beloved ” , ” My friend ” – His words gives always motivations , something out of nothing. Anyway, Even I am so tired of the day – before sleep need to pray and Thank him for that day and clear my self from mind of the world and ask God for a new direction.

Opened up my new Persian Bible , I feel so comfortable in my mother’s language when I want to read Bible – Most of the time my devotion is in English and Bible language Persian , It  is a good combination and from two side of versions. Reading from Proverbs 3.

” My dear son, do not forget my teaching.”

what teaching Solomon is talking about? Why does he say you need to let your heart keep my commandments.  If you wan to have a long life – keep it in your heart and do not sin.

books-bottomless-education-50548 (1).jpg

Wisdom is a noun and Cambridge dictionary defines it ” the ability to make good judgments based on what you have learned from your experience, or the knowledge and understanding that gives you this ability “.

We , most young generation need wisdom , to have better life for our self and other people around us. A little bit to be wise , harms no one. But this true , life has a thousand trap and one be for you and me.

Bible clearly a wise book which God creates the world we are in now by His wisdom . Have no doubt. When God is wise , we are wise because we are like his image. Not only in outward also in heart and being. We do not need to go some terrible experience to gain knowledge. God himself is knowledge , if you have access to him , you have access to knowledge. The understanding of this world says ” enjoy while you are here ” and the knowledge of God says ” Trust me and believe in me you are going to have everlasting joy” . Which one we choose more often ? having a wisdom of God is a absolute peace of mind to act like him. A wise understanding of any decision we make in life would be base how much do we know him. The more we know Him , the more understanding we have. At that time we realise how great He is.

Wisdom can make your life pleasant and lead you safely through it. ( Proverbs 3 : 17 ).

By wisdom I can make better decision. Because word of God says ” those who become wise are happy; wisdom will give you life.

Pride is not a wisdom. Anger is not a wisdom. I am saying to myself , wrongdoing  is not a wisdom. Love( yourself and others) is a wisdom , forgiveness is a wisdom. Faith and love is a wisdom. The wisdom of God gives you more you need always.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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