In His Image!

Wisdom, That is all humanity need it and it is my desire to have it too as a deposit to us from Heaven. People make things complicated and hard . But we are inherited in Christ to be simple and wise in all way. By wisdom you will truly know who Jesus is.

As a young person in this generation; I don’t need more of others , But I need more of Heaven to be applied in my life. I need more of truth. That is , surly; Free me from my unjust and unbelieve. By the truth; I am free from the smell of humanity and wearing the smell of heaven on this body.

Also , By wisdom , Not only I understand who is Jesus plus , Something will be clicked in my heart that I will realise what He has done only for me. Oh , How selfish I am , when I reach to understand of heaven? Being said that , I am learning who am I here and what my mission is! And why this chaos world need me!


Suddenly , The lamp of my heart will be on- I’ll be a new person – changed truly by attitude  right inside, love myself in a new way and found the way to forgive others easy. The thing were important one day; they aren’t now! My most priority is now get the wisdom and apply in my life – that is the way to reach to his level. Because , my eyes ae open wide like ocean , filled with his light and salt. Now, no matter how this world will treat me , because I am not belong to it, I am hanging to His greatness in a second changed by His grace. My action, thoughts are trying to line with Jesus’ Love.

I am his gift on the earth, no matter how old I am because I know his giving me eternity; a new soul- right back like His original image.

He is so much richer and more powerful than anything on earth and above. I’ll be given same power as Jesus, a much higher than any position and title in this world and another. I’ll keep proudly my head held high in everything I do all over under His unmerited favour and Love.

I offer the below song to my fellow bloggers and reader ; Called “don’t turn away”:


Don’t turn away

Don’t turn away



I hold my head high

I am pure in your sight

Don’t turn away ( Jesus)

Don’t turn away ( Jesus)

Your face , L O R D , I will seek

Don’t turn away

Teach me your way

My heart leaps for Joy

Speak to me

Teach me your way ( Jesus)




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Read: Ephesians 1 : 15-22


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