Looking Forward!!! 

Only 14 days of Summer past , Here, in Australia . A few days ago we had the hottest day about 47 degree. No wonder that Australian weather is very weird and strange. In one day you’ll 3 different range of weather. I’m telling this because most of my readers are out of this land. Sydney is a beautiful City.  Seasons are mixed , no snow in winter , sometimes no rain. Sun is very close to us. And Summer incredibly Hot!!!


How are you ?  Two weeks , I missed to write here. I had many things which my heart wanted to share with you. But , the time didn’t allow me..but thank to be God that now I can share my heart’s word to you ! 🙃

Swim , Even you think there is no water!

Last night I was reading book of Ephesians.I mean I was thinking what do we expect from heaven ? As we believe in it. Why did Christ come to this world ? I found that easy as we read : 

Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for the spiritual blessings that Christ has brought us from heaven!

Ephesians 1:3.

What are spiritual blessings ? 

Continue if you read other verses , there are many spiritual blessings . 

I wanna recall one of them for you in this Christmas. 

The Gift of Salvation.

Salvation is an eternal gift.  A fantastic , great and lovely given gift from God to all humanity. 

Usually , people ignore it and this become an unimportant normality. But it is not about the size of the gift but how much is valued for us. It may someone give you the most expensive gift in the world but if you don’t want it or even like it what it would be like? 
Oh’ Holy Spirit. 

14 days till 2017 be ended. oooof how far how fast? ordinary life ! everyday struggling or everyday joy , in what ever area we passed the time I hope we learned to move forward and apply in the new year. 

Not the trick  / but with honesty and integrity , with love and compassion, with joy and laughter. 

Oh’ Jesus.

A great name we can rely . 2018 it will be 2018 more Grace for us .20..18 new things , New God ‘s hand , New mercy.


Protect us and sustain us , guid us to a better place , a Holy place where we can truly worship you and cover us with the Blood of Jesus. loving Father , I’m so so thankful that you are with me in the year to come.

In ✞ 2 0 1 8 ✞  :

I am going take focus off those things that eating my energy and time for nothing. I am going to promise my self that would be a year to remember. A year of prosperity and success. In anything , the smallest to largest things of my life trust in Him and Him. A year that God shifts …although I may be slow but my God is stronger and faster and trick of enemy. 

Are you going to Trust and be humble to God? Do you really know what the meaning of Christmas ? 

In my next post I’ll talk to you about how much Christians is important for humanity and our souls ! It is more than celebrity of each year and Santa or Christmas trees and lights. 

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh 


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