A few words for 2018

2 0 1 8 is here. First of all take a depth breath and say thanks be to God.

We done it.

What storms we came through , and what fire we walked through. Life is a temporary assignment and everyone of us has own task to do so. Along the way to eternity we all have obstacles to pass through. I know. Welcome to adulthood. Each year look different from past year. Mostly depends on your worldview. Everywhere you are now I am encouraging you take a moment and think about that what a lack I need to cover or what a weakness I need to turn it to strength. What area in my life I need to work on.

Entirely, we can divide our willing in two parts . Earthly and Heavenly.

We , Humans need both as balance. Whether  we are going to invest our money somewhere , or buy a car , house , get in relationship .. in whatever earthly matter , It is good for my soul to invest in heavenly matters too. What my soul thirst for?  Money , House , this life on earth ,all will come and go. Am I investing in eternity?

Real question shack us hard.

As everyone talking about “Resolution ” . What Resolution I am putting ahead to follow? It is maybe simply getting a job you want. Or it may be calling upon the name of the Lord. You might have anything you need but not anything you want.

Another year gone. It does not matter how fast or slow was our ‘ moving forward ‘. Let your inner being grow in God. Let Faith take you to a new great places, attract God into your life then whenever you go , you smells , act and love like Him. It is good to have earthly Resolution that will give us discipline. I am not only loving the life I am in right now also I am loving the life ahead and so excited to get advantage of it. My 2018 Resolution laid down in God’s word , I hand it to him any desire in me , my any flesh wishes will be surrounded to Him. Am I worried about future? I give it to him.  Am I about to make a decision regards to business, life , relationship .. in anything ?

Let God change the way you think and act. Then you will know what is the next step and it is good and pleasing to Him. Let God renew our mind this year. Let Him refresh us by Holy Spirit. Then again we will know what is the truth really.

Here is a few God Resolution for 2018 :

1 Peter 13-24

It is very very important these words I am going to share to you.

Before new year I was led to read 1 Peter. Great words. Great ones.

But right before new year 1 Peter 1 : 13-24 , right stick to my heart and when I read it again, I took a few key words in it.

Behave like obedient children..Always live as God’s holy people should.( verse 15)

What do we need to obey in 2018. How we can live a simple holy lives , away from sin? Chosen people are special , they have been choose from the crowd and God given them ability to endure. We can obey , we can be Holy , we can listen to Him.

The second thing put our faith and hope in God.(verse 21) Let promise to ourselves in 2018 whatever enemy and world bring it on to me I choose to have faith and hope in Him. I choose to be strong and nothing will shake Him and I would be in His wings.

The third thing for us – We must keep on loving with all our heart(verse 22). Be alert , when Holy Spirit is with you , He will lead you and protect you of those misused your love and kindness. Although , still , you love them. And we have nothing to hide in our heart . Love sincerely as children of living God. We do it not because of flesh but because of new birth in Christ Jesus. Our life is short , Why do we need to waste it? Choose love above all.

The fourth thing is – We have new life in him(verse 23). A new life means loving and living eternity with Him. This new river has never dry . We are forever alive with Him. So , let us remind to ourselves in 2018 God given me a new life , new beginning , new love , new perspective to Heaven and earth . God 360 degree will change our view to Him and this world.

The fifth thing is God’s word will stand forever in our life(verse 25). This is a promise and God never lies . God’s word will be done in our life in this year. God’s word never be faded.

My friend lets pray together.

Father Thank you that you want all good things for me. I obey. I will be holy. I respect your words. I will keep loving others. Thank you for giving me a new life. I am here ready L O R D to take me as I am and help me to be like you in this year ahead. I know your hands is upon my life and your peace , joy and loving-kindness stay with me forever . Your word will stand forever .

I love you. Amen

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



      1. Hi , I am so blessed with that Video , Thank you so much for sharing it. May Lord greatly bless you and peace be with you. Please feel home here and come more often.

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      2. I am so thankful , there is people out there genuinely cares bout others, and I know now one of them are you. Thank you for video , I watched it. Blessed to you. Please if you like the blog please follow and suggest to your friend in Jesus name. Amen

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      3. Blessing to you my brother in Jesus. Looking forward to meeting you in God’s Kingdom. By the grace and gift of Jesus.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you very much Vince , I am so privileged to play a part of His kingdom on the earth. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement , it means a lot to me.


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