My Song of Praise

I am not sure God how many people you’ve created with the millions of complexities. But your simple Love is obvious for me. When the world dying in the war and fight, my soul yearns for you. And, my whole being longs to know you more. You are the only desire of my heart. If I don’t say that I am a liar. You are the one that I can truly trust and lean. Your perfect peace is my gift- deposit of trust. Lord, God you turned my distress to discipline. I always trust in you. You wiped all my memories with your grace and it is  replaced with your love and forgiveness. I pray for the hearts to be still. I pray for those you love. Keep them strong, give them the shield of stillness. In a world which they normalize a sin with your goodness. They do good in the name of kindness. I pray for your true love over them. My city be a strong and courageous one. Your streets will be full flower and white.


Lord, you establish peace for us;

Every success , it was because of You Lord. Our hope is in you. Living in a world that every day somethings is happening somewhere! But, I am here , In my room Lord, pleading to you, Humble myself , pouring out my heart to reach those they need you. Those individual now lord reading my notes here. Do your work and complete your healing in them which each one of them be a leader of their people , their kind. We wait for you. we are not going anywhere! Our minds, our hearts and our spirits singing a praise song:

You raise among nations

Come and fill us with your love

Walking in Your path. praising your Name

I am the one for You. Touch my heart again

Every success of mine is Yours, I remember Your goodness 

I am here to testify it, opening my heart to Yours 

Can you hear it?

The song of praise


It is time to fill your street with your peace. It is time to be you , created in God’s image. Your name is written in his book.

Sing a song of praise in your heart..


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Isaiah 26






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