Heavenly Blessings

God’s love is so much towards us. His will is beyond any human understandings. So The flood of his blessings is unimageable! I want his wisdom to lead me right to his arms. When I go through the valley of this life I want his hands protect me. It is hard , it is really hard in this century to hear the voice of God. There are millions of voices around. trying to disturb you and make you busy. These days I am really obsessed by those leave the headphone in the ears when they are seating to the next human being and not talking and living in their own world . No offend , But what does God wants us to do?! To be an ambassador of Christ.


My ears are open – to hear a cry , to listen a broken one , to be present 100%.

As I am reading book of Ephesians chapter one. I wonder how God has chosen us before the creation of the world to be his.. From there , there , there far , chosen us to be pure. His plan : Not even one small sin in us

Our plan: to follow the flesh desire

All will be wiped by the blood of Jesus.

None can change the plan of God in your life, no one.

Not even the enemy. If someone try to steal this , know that this is a big lie. They can not steal the plan of God for your life. yes , they can disturb you , yes they can drag you away and make you busy.  But you have been chosen before the creation as I mentioned. You are deserved to receive all the heavenly blessings from Father – not by your ability because of the blood of Christ. Then, we will know why He sent Jesus for us. The mind of Father was to make you one with Christ that you can enter to his presence , the sacrifice already happened , the price has been paid and the gate is open for you.  To enter his gate to worship Him. The stamp of the Holy Spirit is on you.

Father , I pray to help us to love you more by knowing that you have a plan and purpose in our life. The target is to glorify your name Lord. Let me be pure in this age. Let me know you more which is the key of joy in my heart. I want you to pour our your flood of blessings in my life . This is my prayer Jesus , to heal those they need a touch of heaven, To save people and come to this wonderful love of You. Thank you. Thank you. Amen.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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