I Believe what I Believe

Whether you are a mum or you are a professional or even a student. In this world our faith’s values, continually is under attack.   It looks, this wants us to kneel. What do we need to know as a follower of Jesus?  that our Faith’s values never changes. We believe what Jesus said in His time… until now. The message of love never changes. May the brand of toothpaste changes during the time , but they all do one thing ; to keep your teeth fresh and clean. May the Cross look old and rugged, But its value and love never changes and stay same forever. I am here to bring you the same old message, but on this wall of new technology. This helps me to reach you , as much as , you want to read and know the real truth.


Why I Believe ?

There are many reasons why I believe what I believe. For the first a few years I just did follow , what I have been taught. But when I’ve read the Bible , the word became alive in me. I’ve seen the hands of God , I’ve seen miracles and favour of the Lord, I’ve heard the voice of God , And His promises sealed in me. Those firm few later and that hunger made my believe foundation and I have never turned back. Of course , mistakes has been made, I have been many time falling down. But, by God’s Grace I believe what I believe. The most important reason , I can summarise it in this verse :

In Him was Life, and that Life was the Light of all mankind.[John 1 : 4 ] 

But I needed to pay attention to this first :

Without Him noting was made that has been made.[John 1 :3b]

That gave me purpose and life to follow. That this life of mine not wasted anymore. I cam here to believe . I cam to trust that Life has been given to me . There is a reason for that. I did not come for nothing! I came for something significant. This is my frame of believe, which hold me fast on the track. Some days when I am weak. I pray to the Lord and say. “Remember what you promised me Lord, I know I broke mine many time , but where is your forgiveness, you are the Father , who am I to remind you this God?”

Then His light shines in the darkness and the darkness can not overcome it.

What I Believe?

To eternal life, To Jesus Christ son of men and son of God. To the Holy Spirit and The Father , To LOVE and forgiveness . To mend and compassion. To Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. To HOPE and Faith. To Pray and fasting. To being together as family. To PEACE and LIGHT. To YOU whom can carry the Light of Heaven. To walking on Heaven and not being in Hell. To restore and renew! To the CROSS and the Blood of the Lamb. To Angels whom are protecting us of evil things!


I am thanking God for this. Thanking God to strengths my believe and accelerate my faith in Him everyday. This prayer is for you too. I Pray touches your heart and fill you with His presence. Where , Others take notice and give their life to Jesus.



Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo : Pixabay.com

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