Let God Take Over!

The sun comes through my window as God’s promise blinking into my heart. relax leaning back , thinking how God was faithful in my life. As my fingers hitting on my laptop’s keyboard, hurrying to share the joy it’s been given to me.  Lucky, our guest bird singing!  as a chill music echoing in the house. Loving a life of full experience. A choose of being here and present and enjoy what God has given to me.   How joyful is dance of a farmer after a heavy rain in a dry season? Love is passing with a kiss of wind in the air of confusion! Love is a hurt of forgiveness when there is no open door to see. Love is a street of Just , remembering who we are.


When God created Love , He didn’t make it half. He sealed it with compassion and delight. He coloured it with a colour of change and butterfly. There was no lie in it. He was not double-minded. He created with an intention of pursue and completeness.  

He grasped my heart again, relaxing me with an aroma of love and presence. Coating me with a delightful healing. That I am here for a reason. That I am here for a love. That I am here for changing me for a better love. God is faithful. God is love. Hammering my ‘hard skin’ , to know, God is here with me , in my broken world. Stepping out !  going boldly into unknown , knowing that , He’s got this.  Yes , He’s got this.

Scripture says “ But the greatest of these is LOVE “.

I am in this.

I am in this love.

I am in his beauty, witnessing God’s love on the earth.

It is not a big bang world- It is his world, his beauty , his love. Liking to be like Him.

Can you hear his love around? Can you hear the sound of Holy Spirit in your heart? Let God take over. Let Him take over.


Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh   



  1. Yes, He is the Creator of earth and sky, butterflies and mosquitoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, love and all blessings. You wrote, “Coating me with a delightful healing”… and I am feeling covered. Thank you for your positive reminder. Relax in Him. He is with us. Thank God!

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    1. Hi Akhila, if you mean I ask God every decision from God. The answer is Yes. Everything. But it didn’t guarantee I’m not going to have trouble, as a result we are living In a sinful world but He won’t left us alone. If I only can trust Him, If I only let Him be my everything? Imagine..

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