Rain Fire War

Relief set upon me when a short heavy Rain came to a dry land of Sydney. The last two months were really tough for this land, for the people , for the farmers. Some people thinking is a consequences of the sins. Not actually my thoughts ! I am speechless although keep looking above and seeking His face. My inspiration is to look in a better line, everyone can be sceptical and negative. Personally , I believe there is enough those negative signals around. Me and you existed to know the better side of us! When our souls fly in a garden of freedom , there will be truly ‘known’ moments. Those moments gives you wings and it keeps you truly in the ‘presence’.

We ask for the Rain. God looks at us and sees his little ones asking for his mercy! But , this mercy freely given. Then, So , He gives double portion to us.

Fire consuming our trees and the lands. I am asking God to command fire to stop. Our people not only suffering of bushfire , also for the rain and water! From this corner of the world – around to other corner of the world. Smokey or non-Smokey days , however are passing , Spring coming to an end soon. We are going to a hotter season , SUMMER.

I am looking forward for a Christmas by a beach , although I’ve never had any Christmas by a beach , yet 🙂 . Hehe. these days my eyes are opened more to the grace of God. There is a bigger hope for all of us. One day we all going to be in His presence. Love of God. Love of His hands upon our life.
War, In another side. People are fired for their simple freedom. How can we distinguish these two fires ? Fires of Freedom and Fires of burning, Both are destroying and consuming! One brining a good result and other one not so good. I see God’s hand in both. I see his justice for both. Although , If his will higher than mine , it does not mean my desires are nothing. It means the prioritising is important. I am terrible in this. I can not recognise which one is which one. But I see I always want my desire be done. I am thinking I know better. I can control of everything. It sounds clear and fine. But , when dead ends arrives I am desperate for a help. How can I win this war? I need to ask better, How can He win the war? I f He is Almighty one , The God of all universe . Then I need to know He is in control . Not only overall control but in every details of my life. Indeed He is.

This Rain Fire War life are here to make me better. Each one of them has a purpose. To gives us a new view. This were exactly Nehemiah’s prayer can be embedded :
Lord, the God of heaven, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with those who love him and keep his commandments, let your ear be attentive and your eyes open to hear the prayer your servant is praying before you day and night for your servants..” ( Nehemiah 1 )

God will never leaves his covenant of love. Let me awake myself of this sleep. I can stand tall in the Rain of Life. I can stand alive in the Fire. I can be still in the War. I can be prepared for it. I can keep hope. I can have heart.

It’s okay when there are no rain come to my dry bones. It’s okay when fire comes upon. It’s okay when there is a war. Because In all those God’s hands are in work. I believe it. It will be turned good for me. I am the winner. I wish the wind can hear me and carry this word of mine to her. I wish the sun can see me and bring this good news to fire and I wish ‘freedom bird’ hears me that can tell this to the jungle.

Stand with me. Hold my hands into your heart.


Let’s look to the bright future.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


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