Should this be my last post of 2019?

What i need to tell you; all my dear beloved followers and visitors. Thank you for a year of being all the way here by supporting , commenting and encouraging me to keep writing, even you may not noticed , your LIKE and support keep me inspired throughout the year 2019. Thank you it was a truly a year of God’s hands in our life. But God has not finished yet so do we. We keep inspire people. We keep loving them and no expect of return , we keep forgiving them and show them they belong to loving heavenly Father. 

What a year! Do you agree with me? I am sure you have like me many testimonies right into your packet. Do you want to keep having those old habits way in your heart or do you want to start this new year and decade with a fresh perspective about yours and others!

I have decided to have a complete surrender to Him – Put away all my bad habits and grab his goodness for 2020. I know saying it , is so easy! But let’s give it a try.

Let see first what God has done for this blog till now, look at the below stats :


This is your blog , your visiting , your loving , your caring , your viewing posts are blessed me and others so much , we have only  one goal , one mission to lift each other up.  That was/is the mission of this blog  to inspire and encourage individuals. Thank God for your presence , Thank God for his blessings. I am looking for more miracles in 2020. I am thanking Father in heaven for your life. Although it has been a good year but our nations needs touch of God in all area from economy to environment. We have sever drought right here in Australia where i am typing these words of mine to you. Our farmers are struggling, our firefighters are fighting , our animals are dying and our environment is literally crying… but these disasters must close us to God not  far. We need him in 2020 to actively be involved in our life. I am sure you can name it in your city many many things need God to be involved.  Look forward for more friends to join in to club.

2020 is here.

As you can see, Time is flying . Today is the last day of 2019 – can you believe it?

Okay , Let’s talk about my last encouragement post of 2019. Are you ready?

Can you take a paper and pen. I took mine.

Now take a moment and list down those desires and wishes and healing and working God has done in life of you and others. in 2019. And what is your desires and wishes and expectancy for 2020…

I got mine – look at the below , you can use this as a template and answer those questions ;


Look at above photo carefully again ! Did you answer them?

Okay , Great. Love your heart.

in 2019 : 

What God has done for me ? can you list them ?

What God has not done for me ? Can you list them? ( what was the wisdom of God for it?)

What i need to be thankful for ? Can you specify them ?

Which person encouraged me most ? Can you name it ?

What miracles God has done for me? Can i list two?  and thank God for them?

In the process of healing , did i forgive someone one? if not can i do it in 2020?

Where was God in 2019 in my life? in the pain? in the joy ?

in 2020 :

One of the question i brought here for 2020 : Am I expecting Jesus pass my town? Why do i need to expect Jesus pass my town. This is very important question ,  me and you need ask each other. In Luke 5 verse 12 we read it Jesus was passing a town. for sure If Lord of Lords , King of Kings – the master of all whom created heaven and earth wants to pass your town – what would be your reaction. In my most prayers in 2019 i always include this” Jesus please pass our town- see sick people in hospital , they need you” . That brings God’s attention to your circle that you are expecting see Jesus in your town.

True that , People will be healed. We read that in Luke 5: 12b : “When the sick man saw Jesus, he fell with his face to the ground and begged him, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” I pray it , God make us ready , that when you comes in our town i can worship you and recognise you, saying that you can heal me and cleanse me. That requires a level of courage and humbleness. Make me humble enough to ask you. The lapresy man above , acknowledged that he needs Jesus to clean him ,he was aware of his level of sickness. The poor man was years away from society and he needed a touch of Jesus – a one visit of jesus in town could’ve been enough to reach him. I pray that Jesus visit our town in 2020 and we have a kind of courage and boldness in us that we can ask him ” we need you Jesus ” . Am i expecting him to pass my town ? There are many sicks people – spiritually and physically. Opposite of our imaginations Jesus loves to reach and heal as we read in Luke 5 verse 13 ” Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” And immediately the leprosy left him.”  Many years of sickness immediately left the man. He was freed.  I need this kind of healing in my life , many years of me and your sickness will immediately leave us by Jesus’s hand reaching out to us. It is a good year – 2020 it is a year of Jesus passing our town and dwelling in our hearts forever. But this passing will bring our hearts to Him forever. I am expectant.

So my dear friend, how i love you! without seeing you  and i know God loves so much. you can go ahead through the list and elaborate it in your life. for another example have a short or long term goal. If you are continue going with the plan of 2019 then what would be the outcome for this year. create one.

Regardless of situation and feelings i need to TRUST God. This is one the very important element in 2020 i need to carry it with me wherever i go, this increases my Faith in him that i need God to be there for me. He prepares the way that i can see better. expecting the best out of worst in 2020. This new decade God will pour our his presence more if i only trust him and be ready , because i know his mercy are fresh and ready each morning.

There are many singles out there i pray for them , God , oh my Father , prepare the way of life for them. Let them first , we acknowledge that you are our love of our life .show them love of their life in a powerful way. Love them God. Let 2020 be a year of full of your wonders , passing our town , heal our wounds and untight their old problem, free them , do miracles, increase faith and love and hope in them. Amen

Happy New Year 2 0 2 0  to You and Your Family !


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh




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