Looking forward to 1000 followers! 1000 Blessings

Here , still the top news are Fire x Smoke , Bushfire. Hopefully you can send me a bit your rain and snow , hehe. This is our summer hot and fire. And peace and comfort for the family and friends of  those lost their lives in Iranian plane crash.

There is a lot happening around. Anyways, this will take another post.

Okay, okay Hi to my beautiful readers and followers , 11 days of 2020 has gone. How was it for you ?

what days we are living in? A new decade ahead of us. Me and you have no idea what would laying down on the journey. But we have choice to create it better, God has give us brain to think , heart to believe and eyes to see.

I hope we can use them all in the right way. I am feeling like a forecaster now , here in Sydney the Weather is cloudy and temperature is about 18 c today. Perfect , last night was so warm. Now , we back to normal.

When the temperature change from 30 to 18 c I was like :


Truly like that. Sometimes In 3 hours will down 20 degrees. I couldn’t believed it first but now i used to. Its been two years we don’t have rain enough.

Okay, lets come out of the weather topic. How are you all? Year 2020 ! I’ve got so many new friends here , hello to you from Sydney , thanks for following my blog. Together we are going have an amazing year ahead. Please feel free comment me on any post , If you want to encourage me or need a prayer don’t hesitate just leave a comment. We are in together. What an honour to be here with you and what a privilege God has given us to be alive in this century and see His beauty.

Hey, there is no one perfect. I am not perfect, perhaps i haven’t seen anyone Perfect except Jesus. If you know someone perfect please let all us know. For this very reason , it is okay to be vulnerable! Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness at all. That means we are humans and we need God to help us to overcome.

Throughout my posts this year, you will see i reveal my weaknesses and strengths , not because that i am going to admit it , nah , because to reminding me that I am imperfect. Thank God for that. Thank God that i have a place here to confess my humanness. Hopefully , you’ll be okay with it. I’ll celebrate my joy with you , I’ll be glad when you are glad and I’ll be mourning when you are at mourning season. My soul will rejoice every time you leave a comment or leave a like on posts, that is the sign of we are doing the journey together.

I am truly thankful for those beautiful people , regularly encouraging me with their visiting and comments. I am humble for this. Thank you.

Hey, we all are striving to be like Jesus. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh and other times we silent. This is the time of Love not hatred, the time of loving each other. Whatever is resolution for 2020 , set it to the best and go for it. Let’s be the people of Jesus not the System either in Church or your own. Let’s purposely have plan for this year , long or short!

With an expecting 1000 followers here , I hope I will be a blessing for each one of you. Would you please share this blog with your friends and family on social media or other ways.

Thank you.





Dariush Youkhaneh




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