Real Hope never dies / 2 minutes reading

The lie is always a lie! It Does not matter how long will be covered, one that will be revealed one day. The truth stands forever.
The lie will die. It will not survive.
God‘s favour and love are with you when you see Jesus. May thousands fall around you, but you, only you stand firm wherever you are. Sometimes lie lay down between our own truth, the way we thought is right. Not truly! Repeating the same sin ever and ever and gain repenting back to the truth. I want to know his love in a deeper level if the distraction of our human nature allows.
Hope is not what you have but what you wait for.

When comes to my personal relationship with Jesus; I surrender all – my future life. Ordering my inner peace with Him. If the world making chaos in me, I open the door of “let it go” and free my self of being likeness of them. I am adopted to God’s family.I need to repeat this in my heart.
You can be a flame in the flood of tears.
Throwing out the knowledge of the world would be first step of growing in the wisdom of the kingdom. I will be happy If I only know these things and do them. Hope comes into my very bones and my wilderness will be green as planet earth. My thirsty heart won’t be filled with an empty jar, so I ask Jesus the source of hope and living water to fill me with his known glory. He said to me find it in “TRUST” River. I was near as one closed eyes to this river.

Hope to Jesus when the world falling down. Hope to Jesus when the chaos is crazy around. Hope to Jesus when there is no answer. Hope to Jesus when you are in dark (as you are passing the darkness) . Hope to whisper of the Holy Spirit within you. Don’t listen to lie. Be still my soul.
Hope Change your life, energise your level of confidence
God calls his people to come back to Him. He is knocking the door of you and me. If we just allow Him.If we only have Hope in Jesus.

What would be the world like?

-our world
Encouraged by
Dariush Youkhaneh

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