Pray for Italy, US,China, Iran , Spain , Germany and 177 countries / Coronavirus Crisis

Hey friends , I am here to pray , praying over 177 countries as Coronovorus death toll raised.

We are praying for immediate stop spreading of this virus into the communities and cities in all over the globe. God hears the heart of you if we humbly ask the Lord and lift up our hands. Would you pray ?

In your private time cry out to the Lord and ask Him for forgiveness. He loves us. He doesn’t leave us alone here.

Oh Lord almighty, you are good and do good , Yes heavenly Father, please forgive us and let this diseas stop immediately. For those helping to find a vaccine please give them your knowledge that they can get the right answer from you. Comfort those they lost their loved ones. Your heart hurts when you see your people perish. We pray for each 177 countries has been affected by this virus. We pray for complete purity over all cities , we pray for families , we pray for government, we pray for people s job and economy. We pray for your presense. Oh Lord have mercy..

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



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