Sunday devotion 29 march 2020 / God is with us


King David says in his book of Psalms “God is our shelter and strength, Always ready to help in times of trouble. ” He is always ready to pull us up and that is why He called Immanuel, God with us. Even if the earth shaken we will no be afraid. Even the way of our life changed, we will not be moved.

Think about that, even our physical world going to be shaken ,but He stays faithful and protect us. Because Our Father in Heaven , whom became flesh in Jesus , is Unshaken. Let not this time of trouble makes your heart fate. We do not need to fear as we believe in the Lord God. Replace fate with faith in your life.

Then , keep praising Him in this time, God is with us. There is a river that brings Joy to the children of God. The Lord Almighty is with us. The God of Jacob is our refuge. We will not be terrified may the nation does, God’s kingdom will never be shaken but this earth kingdom may. So we believe and trust a solid God.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

If this devotion spoken to us, why not share to someone today and bless them.

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