Saturday devotion 28 March 2020/ that’s the Spirit


Do you find it hard to Pray these days? The Spirit helps you to say what you can not say. It is the Spirit helps you in your weakness. There are times we don’t know what to do , which way to go, what will happen , how to solve this and that. The Spirit of God is a great influence in our lives.

Surrendering to his will brings peace , an ocean of love and healing. He helps you to tell your hearts prayer to Father. If we want a better life , we need to turn to Him. He is alive in our dead bones. Whom is the master of changing us. That is the Spirit. Being and thriving be like the Son, Jesus.

The Spirit of God knows our situation today. He is the One who brought us back to the Father. In the pain and suffering of this unjust world God’s helping us by His Spirit. Lift your hands up and praise Him for the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will free us from all of our worries. He is fighting for us.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




    1. Thanks Dan, it’s great to see you Here. God bless you, stay Safe. Your comment is encouraging me , please comment more, I m going to keep posting 🙂


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