Daily Devotion till 14 April 2020

We have had 7 days till now daily devotion. I am determined this devotion continues till 14 April. I hope this blesses many as it blessing me. It is truly changing me , I am really enjoying the time with God. Two things are very important to me. Pray before Publish. Pray and Publish. People publish many things everyday, I have always tried to publish something meaningful , something that having a live content and could change someone s life out there. I am praying that God speaks to you through this devotions.

Yes , I am not a Pastor! Nah , I am not a known famous speaker and preacher around. This devotion comes from a humble ordinary person that his name is Dariush. I’ll keep it simple , personal and relevant. As I after prayed and receiving from God and then type whatever God putting my heart , I’ll do a quick edit , please forgive if the grammar is not the best. Hope God speaks you through it. The best is grab your bible and read your daily reading Bible with it.

And one more thing, If you found this blessed you , can you encourage somone with it. There are millions of people out there that we can reach and bless. Only by sharing this to your loved ones. Also, I am looking forward to your comments and encouragement. Let’s do this together with Love.

Here with you always Dariush Y 😀❤


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