Ordering Your Private World by Gordon Macdonald/ Book Review

If a ( person) has not order within him, 

He cannot spread order about Him.

___Ezra Pound

The Book started with the above quote.

I’ve read the revised and updated version of this book. Hence this review is shorted. And I am not going to every details of the aspect of Gordon’s style. I wanted to know why this book has been sold over a million copies.

For the first few chapters , I felt disconnected , What i mean by that. Gordon talked about his personal experience. A busy high profile person who has not have a moment for himself. And How to order a chaos inside to a calm ocean. A family with the kids , A pastor whom only looking after others except himself and suddenly reached to a point of pointless. I liked the style of his words and the way he tried to communicate with the readers, Something kept me going to read and finish and know what Gordon wants me to do. After a few chapter it got better and better of what Gordon wants me to know!

It went to more practical in a better way of understanding for the reader. I am pretty amazed of so many things i have learnt in this book. Not in a sophisticated modern language of today but it was smooth, like a flowing river.

I highly recommend you to read this book, It is so enjoyable read and plus something related to our daily life. Ordering our inner life matters. When you pay attention the inner life your outer life will get in order.

We grow by becoming listeners .” ( page 108)

The mind must be trained to think, to analyze , to innovate.”  (page 92 )

” In the deserts one person learns dependence on God.” (page 59)

__ Gordon Macdonald

Why do i recommend this book? Insightful , mindfull , wisdom and self improvement. 



Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



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