Thanking God

Thanks be to our God and Lord Jesus Christ for each day. He has given us today to have joy and love.

I am thanking for his love. For his mercy upon us, without knowing that his hands are protecting us every single day and night.

I am overflow with this happy song of praise in my heart. He is here with us Emmanuel , God is with us. Thanking God for his light. I have joy in this. I have confidence that God almighty will bless us every day.

In this season , God’s promise covering us every moment.

Winter in Sydney is so different. It is a beautiful sunny cold winter here. It is been a while i have not seen any snow around! Which if I do not move to another place , I do not think I’ll be able to see it. But , seriously , I love this weather. So unpredictable and lovely.

My dear friend , my new ebook will be published tomorrow, Yep ! I believe in my heart that this new ebook will bless you and your family. I love to hear your comment on this. I love to hear your reviews here and other online platform.

I have not written this ebook to comfort myself rather to encourage all of us as we all in together. Hope is something we can not see but be trust there is there! God is there in the midst of our difficulties. Let us face it , Let us be brave , let us raise up and be strong in the Lord’s day.
God is good.

” Hope in Corona Time ” that all we need today . I need it , you need it , we all need it. A hope that will never perish but shines. Let us be there , Let us be light , let us be salt , I know we heard this many times, but truly it is now to lift up our hands and praise Jesus. Practice our faith in the community by helping someone out there.

Dear friends , read ” Hope in Corona Time ” and let me know how this impacted you.

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Much Love


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