We can be Stronger , Better ..and Kinder

In all these days of uncertain we can be stronger and better ! Even it is not knowing, what is happening tomorrow. We are here to know Jesus as He is our God and savior. To focus on Jesus will ease our unsettle hearts from the burdens of the world. It is not because we want to be free from the things of the world , but because we want to know him better, This makes us stronger in the challenges of life. We are not here to be best only , but better! This better improves our quality of life. Better in Sport , Better in our works , Better version of ourselves , Better in prayer life, a better human being , a better God fearing person whom is not proud by its deeds but qualified by God.

Oh , There are so many out there, So many out there proud for their fame and rich. God does not look at what you have , or what you dont of the things in the life. Of course , He loves the details of our life and He cares about them . There is a mid-way . God loves US not the things belongs to us. He wants US not our Things. We are longing, our souls are shouting for a place to rest.

We can rest. we can take it easy. We can close our eyes and have a breathe of heaven onto our lungs. This temporal life can’t stop us from His marvellous grace. We are not made of steel. We are not made of Iron and we are not machine. We are a simple human being who needs a saviour. Although , we touched the surface of Moon and Mars. There are and millions of wonderful things are made by Him for His glory.

Let not our hearts be in troubled. Let the light goes through. God planned for our rescue. He still has the plan, to live with us , to be within us. Have faith , let not others or yours deceive you.

But even before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvelous grace. Then it pleased him.”
Galatians 1:15 NLT

He choose us to his endless love and grace. He choose you. You can be stronger. You can be better.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



    1. Thanks for you comment , I am glad this post lift you up and inspired you most. Your comment means a lot and encouraged me to post more. Thank you. Be safe and blessed .😀

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