َ Come and say Hi

Hi my dear friends, How are you all? It is been a while to ask how are we doing all. As i am posting the verses during the week. I hope it helps us all. How is life? How are you doing. I am posting this intentionally come and say you are loved, we are loved by our heavenly Father. He is here with us. Emmanuel is with us.

As Sydney preparing for big days ahead. And our American friends going to a historical moment to vote. If you are American citizen , please vote. Go with a victory and prayer. I am sure you are aware how much is vital your vote , not only for your nation future also for all other countries. Australia coping these days , I think , we are doing well. The number of corona virus cases are going down here. People are more confident to go out for their every day life activity. Adult going for date night, the officers going to office and strangers are saying hi to each other. What a lovely sight to be witness, when love is moving around. When love make a way everything changes.

I love to know how is your city doing. How are your doing these days? What makes you busy? I am reading a book called ” the happiest man on earth” by Eddie Jaku. Whom survived the horrible situation in world war II. He is 100 years old now and lives in Sydney. He said ” when there is life , there is Hope. I survived .”

I do run a lot to be honest , may be 4 times a week. I play football (soccer) on the weekend , normally Sundays. Our Team did very well not only we kept the first spot in the table also we went to grand final which will be on Oct 25 at 2pm AEST. Who could have believed ? But we are on grand final and I can see our boys have ability of wining on grand final. I am proud of this, this is a very good result. Now, I am going back to office for work, at least not full week. Either way , I am grateful for every thing comes on my way. We come here to live in peace and we come here to mark and tell the next generation not that, we have been good people but we lived in harmony with each other, with our enemies. Love yours and others , no matter how painful would be your pain but keep the thankfulness heart alive.

oooofff! So many thing to tell, oh Precious Time… 🙂 😊✌

I can tell the weather in Sydney has changed , I think got better. It has been a while we didn’t see a good weather in Spring. I love❤ spring and I want to see it as it is , most of the time Spring season steals the hot temperature of summer.

Family , Friends , Foreigners …

All need to be loved.

Oh I almost to forget saying that i miss being in church although we are church but there is something different when we all together to worship in one place. Heyyyy👀 what the days..

The peace of loving God is with us, if we just turn our view to the Cross. We don’t need to focus of worthless things ,instead keep the concentration on what is right and noble.

I am the fan of Liverpool football team. You know in sport , at least football which i play and watch , there are always wining and losing side, You can’t expect your team be always in wining side. Sometimes a lose , helps a team to find what went wrong and how they can improve. I found that , this is same as us , human. Sometimes we are down. it is okay this is our nature , we can’t be always on up. The down time teach us how to rise up again. I think you are agreed in this with me😃

All are worthless except these threes :

Faith , Hope and Love

Keep Faith

Keep Hope

Keep Love

You’ll be good. Look forward to your comments.

Love you❤

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. This is an uplifting post, indeed! Your words made me think of a little bracelet I have. It says, “Find the good.” I try to do that every day, but this virus and the political/racial turmoil in the USA right now make it harder.
    God’s richest blessings to you.
    Oh, I am a runner too, and I love how it makes me feel. Endorphins!

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    1. Thanks David , Indeed keeping the balance in these days… , oh that’s great , How good is a run 🙂 keep it up. I’m glad this post inspired us . Be blessed and keep well

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