Heads Held High ebook

Another short book of mine which greatly impact you inside out.

Alone or in a crowd, in noise or in silence, in fire or in no fire, in heaven or on earth, in here or in everywhere, your love will follow me. Even in the depths of the earth or the highest heaven you will be with me. Your whisper tells me to start again. Your whisper tells me to go ahead. Your whisper tells me there is a future, there is unending life. Not leaning on the flesh, I keep my head held high, rescuing others, pressing toward the kingdom and waiting for the return of the heavenly groom.” – Heads Held High by Dariush Youkhaneh

Here is another great inspirational ebook. No doubt , it will empower you. No doubt it will bless you. What is your favorite quote from it ? If you haven’t had a chance to read here is the link to buy :

Looking forward to your comments.




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