Calling the Authors to join

Are you a person of faith in Christ and have a spare time to write? Are you an Author ? or Do you have a passion for inspiring and encouraging others in Christ? Then Join me. In your time; post a message of hope and empowerment to everyone. It can be a short story. It can be your story. It can be a verse elaboration. Or a God-given revelation. Whatever it is – brings light and shine into others life.

Why not message me and we can talk and go from there. Let’s do together a platform of Hope and Encouragement for everyone right from heart of the Gospel!

Go to my contact page and send your interest!

Why wait?

Contact me or go to my contact page above this site:

Can not wait to see your posts and story here! As an Author and Blogger.

Somethings you need to know :

1- Time is yours , post when you can

2- Write from wherever you are ( train , bus , outside )

3- This is volunteer opportunity

4- Keep dreaming and writing

5- There are no obligation

Love / for the better , for the Christ

Dariush Youkhaneh



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