God won’t forget you

Precious friend , my dear loving reader. Just wanted to tell you , and may re-confirm it in your heart. That you are loved by Father , precious in every word. Even , no body knows your name or know who you are. But He knows. He does.

God won’t forget your repentance and your prayer and love toward others. People may forget your kind act or service. But God does not , and He remembers it-all , every details of. Of course, all your good act of love to yours and others.

Death of flesh is not the end of your spiritual life in Christ. It is a new blossom beginning of being in right place.

My friend, how much I love to tell this to you and myself : God won’t forget us , when we forget Him. He is still there. Even when the time of our departures arrive.

Sometimes, my blindness block all goodness of Him in Him. I’m praying for healing, that to know how can I love people more, forgetting all the human shyness by wearing heavenly culture.

Run , by trusting in him.

Stay , by hoping in him.

Go , by believing in him.

All for His Glory

Dariush Youkhaneh



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